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Lovers! I need your help! If you can contribute to this project, please do. It won’t cost you anything more than a few seconds of your time, I promise! Thanks a bunch!

Meg In Chicago

My cousin is working on a project for her psychology class in college and needs to know the myths people have heard about where babies come from and who told them. If any of you have heard a myth, we’d love to hear it to help my little Stinkerbell with her research.



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9 thoughts on “Quick Question…

  1. Hi love your work! The least we can do is help you out.
    I told my kids the truth from a young age. My girlfriend told her that ” kissing would lead to babies” , so her son thought that was how you make a baby. So at the age of 10 he told my son that. My son told him he was wrong. So his friend asked him how many many times. My kid was to embarrassed to say how, so he said ” by sitting on the washing machine”. As you can guess my girlfriend call me. LOL.
    Thanks for yyour lemony stories.

  2. Not really a myth, but when I was younger, I believed that to “make” a baby, you needed flour, sugar, salt….like making a pie! LOL. I can clearly remember playing Barbies with my best friend at the time and my male/female barbies just got married and the ‘grandmother’ barbie came to the newlyweds home with baking ingredients to “make” a baby. LOL. I think it’s totally hilarious looking back, but I also am left wondering if my friend thought I was insane! I don’t think anyone told me that’s how babies were ‘made’, but in my head, if you were going to ‘make’ something, you whipped it up in the kitchen. haha. Oh to be young and naive again…..

  3. The movies I saw told me that they were brought by a stork, grown in the garden, and brought solely to distract people from their pets.

    My dad told me that two people made a baby when they had a combined household income of over 50k.

    My mom told me that babies were made by two people who loved each other and were ready to be teachers.

    My older sister told me the truth, but I had no idea what the hell she was talking about. She was sixteen and I was seven.

    Good luck!

  4. My pop pop always told me they found me under a rock in the park one day. That caused me to truly identify with cabbage patch kids when they came out because supposedly they grew in a garden. Lol. I don’t recall being told anything else but the stork story seemed to be everywhere, I remember seeing it in a commercial.

  5. My mom told me that i was dropped off by the milk man one day as he was delivering the milk. She also told me that one of my older brothers was found outside by the mud cause his has more Indian blood in him then the rest of us did.

    • I was 10 when my sister was born so I understood. I had already been molested so unfortunately I understood the mechanics of it too.

  6. When my son was five he asked my pregnant friend how the baby got in her belly. She told him that god decided she needed a baby and put it there. At the time, he was going through a Percy Jackson phase. He preceded to inform everyone he was a Demigod. As the child of a single mom, he was thoroughly convinced that Zeus was his dad. A couple years later a friend told him where babies really come from. He came running down the stairs with a look of horror on his face. He looked at me and said, “Did I really come out of your….. VAGINA?” My friends and all laughed hysterically. I told him that he had, at which he ran into the bathroom screaming “I FEEL SO DIRTY!!!”. He jumped into the shower. I told him that if it hadn’t come off in eight years there was no hope for him. Oh the therapy he will need!

  7. I was told by my grandma the oldie but goodie that the stork dropped us all off on the front stoop, but always joked that she thought the stork had dropped my uncle (her son) on his head.

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