Thank You… For Ending!

There will be spoilers below the cut so if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t wish to be spoiled, please don’t do the clickety click thing to get you there, mmkay? Great.

So I know I’ve talked about this before, how I found True Blood. It was all a matter of me being bored and having vaguely recalled hearing about the show winning awards. The first season was over already and the second was set to begin the following week. I watched the first episode and I was completely sucked in by it. I watched the entire first season in less than twenty-four hours. I stayed up pretty much all night watching episode after episode. I went looking for the books at the library and didn’t just read them; I devoured them. I made myself wait for two weeks when someone else had checked one of the books out of the library so I wouldn’t be missing something going into the book after. It was hard to wait, but I did it.

I didn’t put too much thought into the world I was visiting, I just read. I learned about Bill Compton and realized what a mistake it was to ship Sookie and Bill. It was easy, in the first season, to think he might not be such a bad guy. I mean, he’s a vampire after all. You can’t expect him to be as sweet as Hoyt is. It’s easy, on first glance, to think that he’s a great match for Sookie. But by the end of the first episode of season two I knew I had made a grave mistake by rooting for Sookie and Bill to end up together. We won’t even talk about the almost total lack of chemistry between Anna and Stephen on screen. I don’t know if that’s on purpose or if they really just don’t have that spark but I just don’t get it.

I’ve had my ups and downs with the show over the years. There have been plenty of frustrations but there have also been some really great moments.

That time Pam was cursed and her face started to die…

That time Eric ripped the guy’s heart out and drank straight from it like a goddamn Capri Sun…

Or that time that Jason finally told Bill to fuck off because Sookie didn’t have the balls to do it herself…

That time Sookie got stinking drunk on whatever was in her liquor cabinet…

The time Eric wore this blue sweater that ruined millions of panties…

The time Eric got all melancholy because no more sun…

The time Steve Newlin was expelled from Jason’s house before he could get frisky…

The time Russell went on an epic rant about what it means to be a vampire…

The time Eric got to play in the sun for the first time in more than a millennium…

The time Eric gave Lafayette his blood to heal him and Lafayette humped everything he could reach…

The time Jason found heaven…

The time Sookie staked Bill… to save Eric

The time Steve was like a tree in the wind…

Debbie. Fucking. Pelt.

That time Franklin showed off his mad texting skills…

The time Sookie wouldn’t shut up…

The time Eric wanted Sookie to trust him…

The time Sookie didn’t want Eric to go…

The time Eric got blood in his hair and Lafayette didn’t defend him…

I could keep going but you get the idea.

This show gave us all so much to hope for. There was a point in time when I actually thought that maybe, just maybe, Bill Compton would get his comeuppance for all the shit he’s done, but no, that wasn’t to be.

In the end, he dies the most selfish way he possibly can. As if Sookie hasn’t sacrificed enough for him in the time they have known each other, Bill wants her to use up the last of her Light in order to kill him off.


The only good thing I can see about the finale is that Sookie has finally come to terms with her Otherness. She doesn’t want to waste what is left of her Light, which is a far cry from where she was a few seasons ago when she was shooting it off in the front yard. Finally she’s realized that she can still be “normal” and still not be the average human. Life can go on for her without a vampire by her side. Of course we’re left wondering if her baby daddy is human or if he’s something “other” too. We don’t know and never will, and that is a little frustrating. After watching her struggle with one suitor or another for years, we don’t get to know much of anything about her “happy ending.” We’re merely led to believe that she live happily ever after because she has a baby on the way and a man in her life. Who that man is or what he stands for, we don’t know.

The fact that Bill Compton is finally dead is really nothing short of a miracle. I thought for sure that he would somehow magically resurrect before the episode was over. For all intents and purposes, he should have been dead after Lilith left his body since, according to Alan Ball, Bill Compton was dead once he imploded into that bloody puddle at the end of season 5. But this show likes to fuck its own canon up the ass, so…

I wanted the gif about but fucking a virgin with chalk, but this’ll do.

Bill selfishly pushed Jessica and Hoyt down the aisle because he knows absolutely nothing about love and doesn’t understand that it doesn’t, in fact, bloom overnight. Jessica and Hoyt also end up living Andy’s house. You know, the house with all those great memories of her draining his daughters. You all remember how easily that went down for Jessica, right? Nevermind the fact that Hoyt is still glamoured and doesn’t remember a fucking thing about his previous relationship with Jessica or Jason, for that matter.

True Blood, pro rape since always.

At least they kept that from book canon.

Ultimately, I have a lot of issues with this series. It’s imperfect and it leaves a lot of room for improvement. I know it’s not a fan favorite, but my personal favorite season is season 5. There are so many great things to happen there and a lot of it revolves around revealing who Bill Compton is at his core. All of that hero worship that was built up is systematically stripped away until finally, in the last moments of the season finale, he really shows his true colors by arrogantly proclaiming Sookie to be an abomination. The love of his life, his “miracle” is nothing more than an abomination.

And people still ship that?


Except they do. And I will never understand it. Ever. Even if there wasn’t an Eric Northman, I wouldn’t be an Bill and Sookie shipper, because NO. Because I can’t root for a guy like Bill, unless it’s for who dies first. Truthfully, I liked Bill as Bilith and leading up to that. I feel like it was finally the real him coming out. When all of the politics are stripped away and the vampires are left  with nothing but themselves to depend on, we see who they truly are.

We saw Eric in season 4 mourning for the last time he would ever see the sun. We saw him still a fighter, even though he was confused about who he was. He was kind and mischievous… he was fun. He’s young at heart. Eric enjoys his immortality, even though there are moments of monotony. How could there not be every now and then?

But Bill… Bill is ruthless when he’s stripped down. He’ll kill anyone or anything that gets in his way and he does it with cruelty and viciousness. Eric could have drained Adelyn to get into fairy, but he didn’t. Likewise, Bill didn’t have to kill Nan but she got in his way. Could there have been moments in Eric’s past where he and Godric went around the world drinking the blood of whores and raping them? Sure, it’s possible, but we don’t ever see it, nor is it discussed so we have to assume that it never happened. Eric isn’t a superfluous killer. Bill is and he doesn’t make apologies for it.

All of his brooding over his vampire life is completely washed out, in my opinion, but his actions completely conflicting with his words. He loves Sookie but he lies to her. He abuses her because in his eyes, it’s for her own good. She’s afraid of him more than she’s turned on by him or feels loved by him.


I have a hard time pinning down where the show went wrong. Alan Ball made some brilliant changes by including Jessica. She became one of my favorite characters over the seasons. Watching her struggle to find her place in the vampire world was interesting and it was heartfelt. Her questions were understandable and unfortunately she was stuck with a maker who proclaimed he didn’t want to be a vampire, yet refused to die. He could have met the sun at any point, but no. When Marnie’s spell would have had vampires meeting the sun, Bill silvered himself. His actions and words just do not match.

I could blame the sixth season on the changing over hands halfway through the season. The beginning of the season and the end of it do not match. Sookie was being smart under Hudis’ watch. She was making clever choices and exhibiting a level of self-preservation we weren’t used to seeing for her. Apparently there’s some sort of show-wide memo going around that Sookie isn’t meant to be smart. She’s not meant to save herself when there are plenty of capable men around to save her in her own stead. It’s annoying. It takes away from her constitution. Sookie is capable of handling her business.

But in the end, her life boils down to a cliche happy ending. A man we presume she loves. A town full of bigots finally deciding they can accept her and eat at her table. She’s carrying a child that we don’t know if she’s happy to be carrying. Sarah is being raped on the daily in Fangtasia’s basement because suddenly Eric and Pam are pro-rape because rape is a fitting punishment for someone’s wrong doing.


So in the end, this is what I will choose to take with me until Wifey fixes this epic clusterfuck of a finale in a way that only she can.

35 thoughts on “Thank You… For Ending!

  1. You have beautifully summed up pretty much how I feel right now.

    I discovered True Blood three years ago. My house mate bought S4 on dvd and wanted to watch it so I thought, Why Not. I must admit that in the first ep, I originally gravitated toward Sam. I’m a bit of a sucker for lumberjack looking blokes and he looked rather lumberjackish. Then I got sick and had to spend a few days in bed. Bored out of my mind, I bundled myself in blankets and toddled down to the dvd store and rented the first three seasons. (That was a sight to behold I can tell you. Shivering in the middle of summer, wrapped in a fluffy blanket, lol). I went home and started watching. The second I laid eyes on Eric in that first season, I never bothered to look at another guy again. I watched the entire three seasons in two days. When the weekend came, I went down to Big W and bought book 4…….because by that stage I had googled the shit out of the books and show and discovered that this was the book which season 4 was based on and since it was Eric-heavy, that was the book for me. I read it in 4 hours. I went back down and bought the rest of the available books. The rest, they say, was history. I was not a full-blown Eric Northman fan. Since I had now exhausted all ‘official’ material, I turned to fanfiction. I devoured Terri Botta’s work. I read random one-off stories. I stuck with the supe stuff because I was unsure about AH. I then discovered All In. (Poor kjwrit probably still regrets this since I am now officially obsessed with that story and she became my #1 fave fanfic author). From there I pretty much devoured anything decent and have pretty much existed there since.

    What CH and the writers of TB have done to us fans is nothing short of criminal. George Martin has admitted that some fans have guessed his ending and that he toyed with the idea of changing it so it could still be a surprise. But he isn’t going to. Why? Because he respects the fans and said this would be unfair to them. He knows where his pay-cheque comes from. CH allowed herself to be persuaded to change elements of her books which I am fairly certain left her bitter and angry so she took it out on us. What the hell BB was thinking I will never know but I personally think Anna and Stevo had way to much say in a show which had SEVERAL main characters. So what if they were married in real life? Are they not getting enough off camera that they need to get it on camera? Are they insecure with their off-screen romance so need the on-screen romance to keep them going?

    The ONLY good thing about that finale was that Bill died. That’s it. It was the ending CH originally intended for him so it was good to see TB at least kept to that. (Though I wonder how pissed off she is with this since she changed her books to suit AB after he begged her to not kill Bill off).

    And Speaking of CH: anyone else find it tacky that she was in the scene with Eric considering the fact she hates his character so much and couldn’t understand why people liked him so much? And blames Alex for the love Eric has and therefore blames him for the reaction her final book got?

    • I think it’s laughable that she hates Eric Northman so much, seeing as he came from her imagination. She’s his creator. Unfortunately, her view of him and what is actually in the books don’t seem to coincide. She sees him as this fiendish asshole, which he certainly can be, but he’s not without his redemptive qualities. You can’t tell me that it’s simply his sexual prowess that won over so many fans. Unlike Bill – and many of Sookie’s other suitors – Eric was as honest with her as her safety allowed. He has a sense of humor. Despite having lived for as long as he has, he’s not bored with life. At all turns, Eric Northman has accepted Sookie for exactly who she is, which is something she has been lacking her entire life. She could let her guard down and be a pain in the ass with him because it only seemed to make him more determined to sway her his way. She was a challenge and Eric liked having to work for it, for a change.

      But hey, if Charlaine Harris can’t stand a couple with chemistry then I guess I can see why she can’t stand Eric.

      I don’t know how much input Stephen and Anna had in the show. I’m pretty sure Stephen went on record somewhere acknowledging that he didn’t understand how Sookie could take Bill back after everything he’d done to her, but I could be wrong about that. I don’t think it’s a case of two actors needing their characters together in order to make their relationship work. It’s pretty obvious to me that Stephen is nothing like Bill and Anna is nothing like Sookie. Whether or not their personal relationship was legitimately stanned by the showrunners, I have no I idea. It’s definitely possible but that’s on Alan Ball and/or Brian Buckner, not Anna and Stephen.

      And Charlaine should be kissing Alex’s ass for bringing so much to a character that she left so severely underdeveloped. We know so little about Eric considering how long his life was and how intense/intimate his relationship with Sookie became. We didn’t find out until what, like the 11th or 12th book that he had another child? Where the hell did Karin come from? So many flaws in the SVM universe. Maybe Alex is a little too “pretty” for what CH had in mind but I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone else playing that role. He was perfect for it and in my mind, he will always be Eric. It’s all in the eyes with that one. Mmmm….

  2. TRUE. When my mom and I where watching the show last night we both though that if Sookie did the ‘kill bill’ with the last fairy light ‘bullet’ she would have die. I mean did you see how they showed the light in the palm of her heart, it was like a heart beat and the color was completely different.

    If you love someone let them go… Bill was not letting go he was ‘asking’ to be put down like and animal because he ‘loved’ Sookie so much he wouldn’t let her be. And he wanted her to do it. With the last of her light. That way she wouldn’t be such temptation…. 0.o

    So what he felt the Sookie love him so d a m n much that she have to kill him and sacrifice her heritage and birthright because he would be dead therefor no other ‘vampire’ could feel, marvel or maybe love her light. STFU William Compton.

    Sorry, it just what a bunch of crap that story line was.

    • You know, not to sound like a victim blamer or anything, but there comes a certain point when you get what you deserve. Sookie walked into everything with Bill this time around knowing exactly what he was capable of. She knew all the terrible things he had done to her in the past and yet she was willing to give up the last of her Light to save his sorry ass. It’s no surprise to me that Bill would think he’s worthy of such a thing. I mean, it’s Bill. He thinks he’s entitled to everything that’s Sookie’s and that she’s sacrificing it for “her own good” which really just means it serves his purposes. He was a douche and the fact that he ended up dying by a stake in the heart serves him right, whether he was going to die eventually anyway or not.

      • I understand and share your opinion of Sookie. At the end she knew everythinng…. well almost everything because I don’t buy that Bill didn’t keep at least one or two secrets in the end… and yet this season she was all ”I love Alcide but not as much as I love YOU” #celinedionsongmoment 😉

        And two/three DAYS after her partner/lover whatever dies she’s over it and all over the man that has deceived, lie to, almost rape, almost killed and used her in unforgiven ways because he was her first love and she loves him. 0.o

        That is just been stupid, ignorant and honestly a mockery of the women watched the show…. That’s saying he beat you but out a love, so get back to him, you deserve it.

        I loved the show from season 1 to 4 after that I just watch just because it was ‘true blood’, Thank God for fanfiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Rec.: Move Like You Want It by Redhood79 – Major AU. What if Sookie had been a little smarter and luckier when she first met Vampire Bill? An alternate True Blood from the beginning. Main focus on Sookie/Eric. Just as much blood and sex as the real show, with a bit of twisted humor thrown in.

  3. I didn’t watch it and I probably never will. Didn’t read the last two books either. I’ll stick to fanfic where Eric and Sook get their HEA.

    From what I’ve heard from friends, you summed it up perfectly.

    • I quit halfway through book 11 when Sookie came home to find Alcide lying naked in her bed. I just couldn’t even anymore after that. I sincerely doubt I’ll read 12 or 13 either. That coda that’s coming out? Fuck it. Nope. Not giving that cow anymore of my money. Not when I know I can always get a bootleg copy from someone on the internet haha.

  4. I can’t even. I promised myself last night that I will never ever get so invested in a book or tv seriies like i did with SVM and True Blood that, in the end, I am left feeling not only disgusted but surprisingly empty. I’m glad it’s over.

    • You know, it’s tricky when it comes to endings because it’s impossible to please an entire fan base when you have triangle relationships. Someone is going to be left out in the cold. I tried for years to approach this show from the perspective of a writer, to try and see the bigger picture. Unfortunately the bigger picture was a sloppy, knockoff Picasso. Everything is abstract and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The things that do make sense aren’t really all that pretty or don’t belong with the rest of the painting.

      With the books I never expected Eric and Sookie to end up together. I knew that wasn’t going to be the way it ended. I didn’t however, expect Eric to be sold off to sex slavery or for Sookie to settle for Sam. Much like I didn’t expect Eric and Sookie to end up together here either, if I’m being honest. The groundwork was laid for the possibility but of course, following up on something like that would actually mean checking their continuity and well, we couldn’t have that.

      It’s inconceivable that Sookie might actually continue to not give a single fuck about the vampire that nearly let her get beat to death just so he could get his blood in her. You know, the same one who cheated on her and then used her to kill his maker in his stead. The same one he used as a personal drinking fountain and used his blood to subjugate under the misguided notion that he loved her. Yeah, that one. Fuck him. Up the ass.

      Meanwhile the one Sookie actually had a shot with is quite possibly accepting proceeds from the nightly rape of a human. That is so far away from Eric’s character that I just don’t even know what to say to that. What is it with this show and using sexual violence as a punishment? Jason got what was coming to him in S4 when he was gang raped by those whackadoo females in the werepanther community. I bet Tara got what was coming to her too by going home with a stranger (Franklin). We all know Lorena should have seen it coming since she and Bill used to get their kicks by raping and draining whores, so she deserved it too. It’s disgusting.

      That attitude, that pro-rape attitude pisses me off more than anything else about this series. The fact that they think that message is an okay one to send? That sickens me. Their laziness and lack of creativity is a disappointment, but sadly not a surprise.

  5. You’ve pretty much summed up everything that I was feeling. The finale wasn’t bad because Sookie killed Bill, which is one of the bright spots of the whole show honestly; it was bad because everyone was retconned and stuck with unbelievable endings. Eric has never been greedy, so for them to illustrate that he & Pam are so money hungry that they’re willing to pimp out another human being is appalling. Sarah wasn’t innocent, but she didn’t deserve what she got. I wanted to vomit when I watched that scene. I really did. Another reviewer used the term ‘sex slave’, and I completely agree. Fortunately, that same reviewer berated the writers for going down that road. Jessica and Hoyt getting married when Hoyt is technically still glamoured is gross. Honestly, I don’t think anyone was okay with that. Hoyt essentially married a girl he just met. Yeah, Jessica told him their story but that’s not enough. They didn’t even work through their problems before getting hitched, which makes their story unrealistic and unbelievable as a whole.

    Pam was so sick of being a madame in her human life that she forced Eric to turn her. But all of a sudden, she’s okay with being back to where she started. Essentially, Pam has her human job back. She’s still a madame who’s prostituting other women. Eric sitting on the throne in Fangtasia wasn’t a happy ending either. He looked downright miserable if you ask me. Both of those characters regressed to their S1 personas, and that saddens me. P.S. The writers are idiots if they think the audience couldn’t tell that they recycled an old S3 clip of Eric to place in this scene. If you look closely, the stripper is definitely Yvetta. She just has different colored stockings. Another thing: if Eric & Pam were so filthy rich, why were they still at Fangtasia? Why didn’t they leave Louisiana altogether? They were never poor to begin with, so that’s just another thing that doesn’t make sense.

    The thing that angers me the most is that Sookie never expressed wanting to be married with a family. They never showed the audience that Sookie desired that; so for them to force this onto her is a travesty. Sookie didn’t want children because she was afraid that she would pass down her Fae genes, but I guess the writers forgot about all of that while trying to take us back to the 1950s where happiness is predicated on marriage & children. It’s so sexist and misogynistic that I want to punch something. Did you catch that Jessica line? She said something along the lines of ‘I’m a girl, I’ve always dreamed of my wedding day’. Or something to that extent. Anyway, that’s when the levy started to break.

    Sookie’s relationships with human men never worked out before because she could hear their thoughts. If this guy is a human or at least a supernatural that’s not a vamp, she’s gonna hear him. I don’t know how well that would work out, especially in the long term. If that was the endgame all along, they should have just stuck her with Alcide. They should have never killed him off. Even though I never cared for Alcide, it would have been the same result. She would never really have peace. I’m glad she embraced her Fae side, but she will never have a normal life. She’s still a fairy, and she still hangs around vampires so she will always be a target. Hell, she didn’t even leave Bon Temps. How much do you want to bet that vamps across the country know of the telepath from Bon Temps? That whole ‘normal human life’ is a crock of shit. If she would have given up her powers, the ending would have fit much better. I wanted better for Sookie; the writers didn’t even think the audience deserved to get a glimpse into her ‘happy ending’. She’s the protagonist and main character of this show; the audience deserved to see more of Sookie’s happy ending. They should have shown us ALL facets of her life, because this show has always been about her and her story. Including her romantic personal life. The least they could have done was show his face, but no. All he is is a faceless, nameless human.

    Anyway, great review! I’m in the same boat as you: I think everyone is. We’re all waiting for fanfiction to clean up this mess of a finale.

    • I agree with just about everything you said, particularly the Pam stuff. She’s come full circle in regards to being a madame. I think they meant for us to see the final act as one of vengeance mixed with business savvy, whereas in her human life, Pam probably didn’t have too many other options. Now she has the world at her feet and she’s CHOOSING to be a madame. I’m not sure why we’re supposed to root for that, other than they don’t see what she’s doing as rape.

      Even though it is.

      As for Sookie, it’s a little odd to think of her in terms of being a mother. Not because she doesn’t have the qualities that would make her a good mother, but because she’s never seemed to keen on it. Of course we don’t know if she’s happy about this pregnancy All we know is she’s pregnant. We don’t even know if the man she kisses on the cheek at the end is the child’s father. We can assume so, but we don’t know. For all we know she got knocked up on a frisky one nighter in Mexico and that dude is just a buddy of hers. It’s such a generic, stock ending that could happen to anyone. No thought was put into it whatsoever. It reeks of laziness and lack of creativity.

  6. You have summed up my experiance with trueblood like yourself I discovered it right before season 2 when my mom gave me the first book which she referred to as “The Dirty Vampire Book” lol. On the front of the book was a sticker for HBO’S Trueblood when I mentioned it to my son he told me it was a show and that I could watch it on demand because season 2 was getting ready to start so me and his girlfriend had a Marathon and watched every episode ordering out only pausing for bathroom breaks, and like yourself I was a Bill and Sookie fan until I saw Eric Northman and then that was it I have been a fan ever since I started looking up movies with Alexander in them and watching them he is so amazing as an actor. I think it was around the end of season 3 that I started to feel dissappointed in the show but like so many others I kept watching I haven’t watched season 7 yet I have it recorded and saved on my DVR but with all the updates I’ve been getting not sure if I’m going to watch it. Like yourself I’m going to be waiting on “wifey” and some of our other Amazing writers to fix this F###up that was the ending of what once was a GREAT show.

    • I did some more work on Just A Little Heat today. I feel even better about the ending that I have planned now knowing the way the series ended. Hopefully everyone else reading it will agree.

  7. I agree with everything you said. Bill was selfish. Him wanting Sookie to get rid of her light was all about him and nothing to do with her since she has demonstrated that she could go onto live a normal human life. He just didn’t want anyone else having her blood.
    It’s a travesty what they did to Eric Northman after the timejump. He went back to being the same unfeeling vampire (at least to the audiences eyes) that he was in the beginning looking bored on his throne using recycled footage from season 3 ffs. I hope that the reason Eric is back in Shreveport is that he is watching Sookie from afar and protecting her in the shadows to ensure she gets to live the normal life she craves with her family.

    • I think this show is the perfect example of what happens when you turn it over to someone unqualified of running it. Buckner’s comments about not knowing what to do with characters? Laughable. Then again, there’s a reason why there weren’t so many “main characters” in the books. The show insisted on giving all these characters a story line and you have to figure out a way to tie up the loose ends. Killing Tara or Alcide off because you’re not creative enough to find a use for them? Lame. To me that means all they ever really were was filler. They didn’t add much of anything valuable to the show. They were there simply to take up screen time.

      Speaking from the perspective of a writer, if you don’t give a flying fuck about a character, don’t waste time developing them. I’m not going to go out of my way to give a character a big part of my story if I don’t like them or don’t see any grander purpose for their presence, other than to fill pages. There better be a reason why they’re there, whether it be as support to the protagonist or an ally to my villain, there has to be something. So what was Tara’s purpose? Who was affected by her loss? Who was affected by Alcide’s? They’re a waste of time and that’s pathetic.

      Shame on the writers for misusing their characters in such heinous ways.

  8. Well said, my dear!! I think I got as far as episode 2, season 1, before I ran out and bought all of the paperbacks in the series that had been written up to that point. Before TB aired, my absolute favorite show had been “Six Feet Under” – another AB creation.

    I think, like many of us, my love of Eric Northman’s character was set in stone by season 2. I had already “on demanded” all of Generation Kill by that point, because my ASkars obsession was fully underway!! But I was full-on swooning for The Viking by S2, without a doubt. And, oh girl, that “trust me” gif you posted up there?? Still makes my heart skip a beat!

    I can’t help thinking about two other phrases that held much promise once upon a time:

    “This is the beginning.” and “We will be one.”

    Too bad they became:

    “This is the beginning of several seasons of a slow, downward spiral into dissapointmentville.”

    and …

    “We will be one of many opportunities for TV greatness that sadly fades into the abyss of lost potential.”

    All I can say, at this point, is thank God for fan fiction!! That is all. XO

  9. Great review! I started watching TB halfway through season one and immediately picked up the books as well, reading them all as soon as they came out. I never liked Bill from day one, and I don’t know why. I did not hate him but I never found him to be interesting or someone I wanted Sookie with. I was just neutral, but luckily I loved the rest of the show and cast.

    As time went by I quickly realized book and show Bill were boring and not worth my time. From the books I grew to love Eric and on the show it only got worse once Alex was cast in the role!

    TB also allowed me to discover you, scribe, and MissyDee’s amazing fanfics! I will always be thankful for that since you folks write better than HBO and create the Sooric moments I always wished for!

    All I can say is, I will miss Pam and Eric! One thing TB always did well was give Kristin Bauer amazing lines. I will miss watching her snarky delivery of them each summer.

    • As I said on tumblr Sunday night, the best thing to come from this clusterfuck of a show is the awesome chicks I’ve met because of it. I’ve made some great friends as a result of this fandom and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

      CH and the True Blood team can suck it.

      • I was actually in the minority in the finale. I liked it. I was going in with the mindset that they were going to put Sookie and Bill together. I think they did ok with what they had as far as tying up loose ends. I understood not showing Sookie’s mans face it made sense to me that he was someone we hadn’t met. If it would of been anyone we knew we would of pulled them apart. I liked she got her happy ending as far as friends and family go. Gone were the days she was the black eye to the community of Bon Temps. It didn’t matter your species or sexual orientation or if you were blood relation they were a family. The show went about as far as you can go from the book series. I also never read the last book. I couldn’t bring myself to pay the money for something that was just going to tick me off. I will not buy anything else by the author either. I felt jilted by her, I invested alot of time on her series for it to just be written off in the blink of an eye. If the author knew all along how her books were going to end she should of written some books leading up to this point. I feel you cannot change the direction of an entire book series in one book and expect me to buy it. I do not understand the authors disdain for a charactor she created. Why is it such a bad thing he was loved by fans? I was also in the minority that I actually liked Alicide, both on show and books. I would of been ok with her and Alicide not getting together till the end with him just being her friend since they both had so much baggage. In the book series, I will say I did not like him showing up naked in her bed but I got a good laugh out of it. I thought when she went to the pack meeting and was the shaman that was a way for her to be included into his pack. Also when Sookie used the cluvical door I would of liked it to have been on Alicide instead of Sam. I never got anything other than friend feelings from Sam. They had one scene at Merlottes that Bill walks in early in book seres where they kiss but it was never addressed again. Thats not to say I didn’t like Sam I did but I always saw him as the big brother Jason never was. I will be gratefull to both the author and HBO you have both provided me with hours of enertainment. I have become a ASkars stalker I watch everything he is in, and you can bet your life on it that I will catch Joe in Magic Mike 2.

      • I don’t understand her disdain for the character either. The only thing I can think is that the Eric/Sookie ship took on a life of its own and because that wasn’t the ending she intended, it screwed with her. She allowed herself to be swayed by others. Rather than staying true to her work the whole way through (i.e. killing off Bill at the end of Dead and Gone as originally planned) she made changes. She chose to be stubborn about ending with Sookie and Sam, but unfortunately that feels like a disingenuous ending because there was essentially no buildup to it. All roads were leading to Eric and Sookie finding a way to make it work. She had to quickly destroy what it had taken NINE BOOKS to build up. I think it pissed her off that she allowed herself to get off track and I think she probably has a lot of regret about letting too many cooks into her kitchen and persuade her to change the recipe. That’s her fault, but the fans are the ones who ultimately paid for her greed.

        As for Alcide… I liked him in the books for a while but the longer it went on, the longer it became obvious to me that he was only interested in being in Sookie’s life when it was to his advantage. When it comes to the show version, I had high hopes for him at first. I liked Joe before Magic Mike. I was a One Tree Hill fan and I loved his character on that show. He was great there. Then Magic Mike happened. I haven’t seen the movie, have no interest in seeing it, personally. I feel like after that movie happened all the folks at True Blood wanted to do was get Joe naked every chance they could. His character became all about getting naked or showing off his body and really, that’s not very interesting. Call me a snob, but I like characters with substance more than I like eyecandy.

        By all rights, Debbie Pelt isn’t a character I shouldn’t have felt sorry for but in the end I did. She tried to get her life together. She tried to make things work with Alcide. He lied to her about being with Sookie and it was obvious he had feelings for someone else. Does that excuse Debbie’s actions? No, of course not, but I can sympathize with her. She’s clean, sober and doing everything “right,” yet it’s not enough to keep her man. I can understand why that would lead her to desperate acts. Again, it doesn’t justify it, but I get it. Alcide bears some responsibility ultimately, but he’ll be damned if he’s going to accept it because Debbie was just a crazy V addict he shouldn’t have gotten involved with. Much like Bill, Alcide only seems interested in what the women in his life can do for him. When they are no longer useful to him, he disappears. Remember Rikki? As soon as she was no longer useful, he was outta there.

        Then there’s the date rape issue. He can say he was drunk but he sure as shit didn’t look drunk to me. He wasn’t acting like he was drunk. He was acting like a guy sniffing around an intoxicated, vulnerable woman who just wanted to feel wanted for a little while. Even though she had previously told Alcide she wasn’t interested in him romantically. She had clearly labeled him as just a friend and it was quite obvious that Sookie was drunk. Yet, rather than telling Sookie that it was a bad idea to be getting frisky when she wasn’t in her right mind, Alcide was all up on that until she narfed on him. And thank God she did.

        To me, Alcide was a slightly polished up version of Bill, minus the fangs. Maybe there was a major shift in his character in the last season that I missed, but going on what I know of him, I vote no on Alcide too.

        In both instances I would have preferred seeing Sookie on her own, being the strong, unkept woman she always made a big fuss about being. Instead, in both cases, she settled with a man that didn’t make much sense and leaves the majority of readers feeling unsatisfied and confused– which, coincidentally — probably sums up the remainder of Sookie’s sex life thanks to that seal sex image that will never die.

        Both CH and True Blood screwed the pooch, imo. There was so much promise with this universe and it was systematically screwed up by idiots.

      • I haven’t seen the last episode, and I’m not sure if I want to watch it. I also haven’t picked up the last two books, because I was so grossed out by the ending she chose.
        Maybe I’m thinking about this the wrong way, but I’m not even really concerned with what the writers feel about the characters and how they should have ended up. As a viewer and fan, I feel cheated. For seven years, I let you into my house for three months at a time. The hours I’ve spent reading the SVM books and fanfic are probably somewhere in the thousands. I am a hard-working, well educated woman who chose to spend my free time supporting the show and books. With that said, why wouldn’t you give the fans what they want and deserve? I’m not even necessarily talking about Sookie/Eric, but why bother spending all that time trying to convince me that Sookie is a character who breaks the mold only to try to smush her back in at the very end? Why try to convince me that Eric is worthy of leadership only to turn him into a pimp? I’m so let down and disappointed.

        For real though, thank God for fanfic. I usually remain anonymous (I’m a teacher with students who read fanfiction so I get a little nervous!), but, seriously, thank you for your writing. It validates the expectations I hold for the characters! Keep it up!

  10. One thing that strikes me upon some reflection, is the contrast between Godric who also chose to die and Bill. Godric sent his Child away to protect him and marvelled at a human’s (Sookie) compassion for him and was open enough, after 2,000 years, to still be open to her views on God and so on. Instead, Bill inflicts his inability to go on (I personally don’t dispute his choice as such) on Sookie pretty much blackmailing her into killing him with no regard for the added trauma he leaves behind. And as the petulant ‘Southern gentleman’ he still tries to decide for Sookie that she would be better off without her fairyness… Showing that Bill never loved Sookie for what she truly was but for what he wanted her to be.

    I can’t really fathom what the writers were thinking as what is the point to build up Bill’s character so much over the seasons and esp. the last one, to then make him into such a selfish coward and ultimately abusive character.

  11. You said everything I was thinking. I thought that because it was a finale and it’s such a big show that the writers would have it go out with one helluva bang but all what we got was schpluh. It says a lot about the cast when they say they loved it. THEY. FUCKING. LOVED. THE. ENDING! What in the hell? I just wondered after the show if it was written into the contract that the ending wouldn’t be better than the books. It’s almost a conspiracy that they suck together and apart;)

  12. I agree, and I’m honestly so glad this show is over now. I haven’t really liked it in years, and I didn’t even watch the last season. I mostly just watched the Eric scenes, and while some were awesome, others were completely out of character. I just could not stomach the B/S and would never understand how Sookie could continue choosing that douche after all the shit he’s done, whether he was dying or not. It’s like she makes somewhat sense, until she gets more of his blood in her system, then she’s a complete idiot. I actually came to hate her character and think Eric deserved better. I’m so glad Bill died, even though it proved even more what a selfish prick he was. He could have just easily walked out in the sun instead of having the supposed love of his life do it for him, but if you ask me, it was never love with those two. He can finally join his wife now, we know that’s what he’s always wanted. To prove even more how lazy these writers are, Sookie’s new love was one of the stunt men, and it was so lame how they used footage of Eric on his throne in season 3 at the end, but I guess Eric was done filming at that point. Overall, I really can’t say I’m going to miss this show. Just like the books, it was a huge let down. It’s a good thing for fan fiction.

      • I read in a interview that he finished filming True Blood before the rest of the cast because he had to London to star filming “Tarzan” (that’s where he is right now) and that he lift so fast he didn’t even thing of taking something the set Kristin took his fangs with her for him.

        …However, he didn’t think of taking a memento home with him. “But then I was talking to Kristin Bauer van Straten a couple of weeks ago,” Skarsgård said. “I was already in London, because I wrapped before the other guys to start Tarzan, and she said that she took her fangs. I thought, ‘That would probably be fun to have,’ so she’s got my fangs waiting for me in L.A.”…. Alexander Skarsgård – E!Online

  13. I stopped watching True Blood after “King Bill” came to being, ’cause it was stupid, plain and simple.
    Personally, I believe/know the only reason Bill stayed on in the series is ’cause Stephen and Anna hooked up. Plain and simple. I’m pretty sure there were meetings with the producers and the now “super couple” where Anna refused to continue unless Stephen were included.

  14. I agree with most of what you said here.
    And, like you, I was horrified by Bill’s “final” acts of supposed “unselfishness.” I couldn’t have imagined more selfish acts–to be honest. Use your light to kill me so you become the “normal” person I think you should be? Bill is so self-loathing that he seems to hate all supernatural people.

    When Bill called Andy to perform the wedding, I was horrified. I think it’s healthy that Andy “forgave” Jessica, but to ask him to perform the wedding of this children’s murderer in the home where they were murdered? Um–no. That’s wrong, but another clear indication that Bill can only think of what he wants.

    Still an asshole, Bill….

  15. Awww that would have been awesome if all of those pretty gifs worked. 😦 and when the email came from Californiakat1564 re-blogging it some of the gifs were so tiny in the email I couldn’t make them out…

      • Well they’re not working on Chrome browser, or IE…or Firefox for that matter with Windows 7 pc….. Its not all of them that don’t work just a few scattered throughout.. Chrome and IE just show a couple of them with Squares and x’s in the corner or some cute tiny little icon and Firefox just flat out doesn’t show anything if they don’t load.

  16. Well I can understand if you don’t know how to fix it. I was just FYI-ing you in any case. I’m sure there aren’t too many fan’s out there who are having the same troubles viewing them.

    I’m on a computer with Vista now and its still the same deal but, if anyone else out there is having trouble viewing those cool gifs on your page they can right click on the ones that don’t open and open those in another page or tab I’ve just discovered, and they can see the Gifs that way at least.

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