What A Week…

So after all my raging earlier this week, I got an urgent message from my sister in London, telling me that she was assaulted by some douchebag in a park. Apparently homeboy couldn’t take no for an answer and decided that it was okay for him to try to put his hand down my sister’s shirt as she tried to get away from him. The old “I have a boyfriend” thing didn’t work and he proceeded to follow her out of the park she was in. Ultimately, my sister punched the guy and ran but she was pretty shaken up and pissed off the by incident.

Sadly, I am more relieved than anything else. Relieved that she wasn’t raped, beaten up, stabbed, shot, set on fire, thrown into oncoming traffic or had acid/bleach thrown on her for saying no and standing her ground. #ReasonsWeNeedFeminism. I’m proud of her for standing up for herself and fighting back. I seriously hope that she disfigured the douche in some way so every time he looks in the mirror he remembers that not every woman will be his victim. I’m sure that wasn’t the first or last time the guy will do something like that.

My sister is okay and she made it back to her hostel safely after seeing a movie. She’s back at York now and she made it there just fine. I talked to her this morning and she’s doing okay. She’s still pissed off about what happened, but I can’t say that I blame her. I’m still pissed off about it too. It angers the shit out of me that I’m thankful nothing worse happened because it somehow lessens what did happen. I’m not okay with how deeply it’s ingrained in us to pretty much expect to be treated like this just because we’re women.

That said, as I was reading over this new chapter of Free I realized how Sookie is judged based solely on her looks in a part here. See how deep it goes? I wasn’t even thinking about it when I wrote it, but it’s there. *sigh* Anyway… I think you’ll still enjoy the chapter. Stan’s mom is a trip, to say the least…


9 thoughts on “What A Week…

  1. Horrible…I am glad she punched him. I would have done the same and a swift kick in the $%^& if I wasn’t in shock. Many women aren’t that lucky.

  2. So relieved to know that your sister came out of that unharmed, and angry. I hope she uses that anger for the greater good; speaking to others of how they do not have to allow themselves to become victims. Good for her that she didn’t just take it!

  3. Hi Meg! I was trying to locate your story “Free” but have been unable to. I really enjoyed Eric and Sookie in this story. Could you help me, please?

    Thank you for amazing stories!

    • I removed the story because I didn’t know when or if I was ever going to work on it. I have the chapters saved so I may put them back up at some point but I didn’t want to leave everyone waiting for an update that might never come.

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