Missy’s Birthday & Free Update!


Taken from that time Missy was here in the Windy City getting her Giordano’s and 312 beer on. *sigh* Those were the days, weren’t they, dearest? Someday we’ll reunite! Maybe next time I’ll come see you and Stinky dog. And Stinky Roommate. We can laugh at the heads that don’t match bodies and I’ll bring earplugs so we can block out the screaming of those Hot Topic leggings that are three sizes too small.

You know who what I’m talking about.

We can go to the wine trails and I’ll get bombed on two glasses of wine because I’m a classy broad with a low tolerance for alcohol and then I’ll get the munchies like a stoner (and we can make pumpkin/maple scones and like 3 pounds of bacon) because that’s how I roll when I’m drunk. Seriously. It’s actually pretty funny.

So go wish Missy a super awesome birthday because she’s super awesome and she can’t have Chicago pizza. That makes her sad. No one should be sad on their birthday.

For the rest of you I have the new chapter of Free. It’s a day late but meh. At least you’re getting it, right? Oh and Scribe deserves a shout out for writing Stan in this story because he’s pretty rad.

Chapter 7: Animal Kingdom

3 thoughts on “Missy’s Birthday & Free Update!

  1. Welcome back, Meg! It’s great to “hear” from you again now that you’re back home & survived the babysitting! Your pictures looked as if you had a fantastic time. Sunny beaches & cute little kids, what’s not to love? Great pic of you & Missy too! You’re a wonderful friend!

    Don’t know how I missed yours & Scribe’s new story, but I’ll be checking it out right away! Take care!

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