My Last Days in Florida…

This trip has been so much more than I ever could have imagined it would be. It has been a great break from my mother. I didn’t realize just how much I needed that time away from her. I love my mom, I really do, but being her daughter isn’t without its challenges. If only those challenges were as comical as Wifey’s with her mom. Seriously though, I laugh my ass off every time I get a text with screen captures about this. Hilarious.

That’s not to say that this trip wasn’t without its challenges, because it absolutely was. I have never been a caregiver to a child with ADHD before and it isn’t until recently that it has really been much of a factor, but in the last few weeks it has become obvious that Sassy isn’t like the average 7 year old. Based on everything I heard prior to meeting Scribe’s sister, I was expecting the oldest child (her nickname is seriously Beaners, shortened from Gillybean) to be a complete nightmare but she was actually extremely helpful to me. I didn’t realize how busy she kept Sassy until she was gone. Beaners had to go home at the start of July for a gymnastics competition. Since then, Sassy has tried to put me in Beaners’ place as her playmate but I can’t always take on that role for her. It’s obvious she’s bored and as of lately, she’s been dealing with anxiety about her new school. The ADHD definitely isn’t helping with that at all, so the last few weeks have been a challenge for all of us.

I can’t believe seven weeks have gone by so quickly, but they have. This has been a wonderful experience and I have absolutely enjoyed my time here in Florida. Word is I’m getting in one more beach trip tomorrow.


So I plan on taking some video of the ocean. Hopefully it will motivate me to follow through on some plans that I’m starting to make. As much as I love my mom, this trip has shown me that I’m definitely better off (and much happier) when I’m not living with her. I’ve missed her, but I’m also sad to be going home. I truly love it here.

So because music is essentially my time machine, I put together a playlist on Youtube that will definitely bring me back to this summer. It’s primarily country music with a little Jimmy Buffett thrown in because yeah… you can’t go anywhere in this state without hearing Jimmy Buffett at least once. At least that’s been my experience.

I look forward to getting back to posting chapters of Free for you. I’m sorry you’ve had to wait so long for it. I promise it will be worth your while when I get back.

Smooches to all!


3 thoughts on “My Last Days in Florida…

  1. Great to hear you had such a good time – a break can be very refreshing indeed and sounds like you need it? I guess we all do…

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