I Made it to Florida!







The last picture is my favorite. That’s the view from the back deck overlooking the bayou behind the house. At some point today we’re going down to the beach. The internet isn’t hooked up yet so I’m posting from my phone. We drove from southern Indiana through Kentucky and then Tennessee and Alabama to get here. Not easy with three kids and a dog, but we arrived in one piece. I also started an Instagram account so if you want to see more photos from my trip you can look for makesmyheadspin and send a follow request.

I’ll get you a new chapter when the internet is working. Until then,  enjoy the pictures.


21 thoughts on “I Made it to Florida!

  1. Oh and all cotton clothes are your friends. Lol. Blends are for up north. I learned this moving south to the coldest winter in Missouri in 40 years. Hahaha. In winter. And get mechanical sunblock lasts longer isn’t poison. It should say. Yeah mom mode. I have a lot of central nervous system and have to watch liver so I am cautious. Sorry. Just trying to help. Tree frogs will sing you to sleep at night. Big big Mosquitos aren’t they are hawks that prey Om real ones. Don’t swat. Lol

    • I saw a pair of hawks yesterday and it didn’t occur to me until I read this that they were hawks. I don’t see too many of them in Chicago. I’ll have to pop over to one of the surf shops and see if I can find a gauzy cover-up to wear out in the sun so I’m not popping benadryl like candy. Lucky for me mosquitos usually leave me alone but the kids got bit pretty bad last night.

  2. Welcome to my state!! I lived in Chicago and now Miami ( Chicago was too cold..if I could only combine the two cities it would be perfect). Enjoy your stay….creepy thunderstorms so far..uhh. Let me know if you need anything.

  3. More power to you for being stuck in a car that long with kids….I would have pulled my hair out, while seriously contemplating murder or suicide, joking….glad that you made it there safe

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