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I promised a while ago that I would make downloadable versions of stories for you all. The versions I’m putting up are in Word format. If you want to convert them for your e-reader go ahead but there are too many different formats out there for me to do it all for you so I’m leaving that part in your competent hands. These stories are all complete and I have yet to decide if I’m going to pull them from FFN. Regardless of that, they’re all here, complete with Author’s Notes for those of you who get a laugh out of them. Happy reading!

Buried Alive By Love

Can’t Stop This Thing We Started

Can’t Stop This Thing We Started Outtakes

Full of Grace

Help Me Remember

Hot For Teacher

Love With A Stranger

Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’

20 thoughts on “More Downloads

  1. Thanks, I’m running out of ff to read so these will keep me busy re-reading. Not to mention I will have material for my kindle when I’m in hospital at the end of the month! All I have to do is figure out how to get them on my kindle lol. x

    • You can convert them to Mobi for free on the internet once you’ve downloaded the word documents. This way you can go through the documents and remove author’s notes or change the formatting if you want. It’s totally up to you what you do with them.

  2. I haven’t commented on your stories before but I wanted you to know I absolutely adore them! You’re a very talented writer. I really appreciate you putting these on here for us to enjoy them again and again!

      • You’re welcome! I don’t mean to complain but I just downloaded Full of Grace (a beautiful story and one of my favorites of yours!) and it’s only 5 chapters 😦 I know you only have the first 5 chapters on FFN so that’s probably why but I just wanted you to know!

      • Oh shoot! That’s right. I removed most of the chapters from FFN. They’re all here and I have all of those saved on my computer. I can email the rest of them to you if you like. I automatically get your email address every time you submit a comment so just let me know if you want them and if that’s the email address you’d like them to go to.

  3. Thank you dear heart! Already scarfed them up! There was one story you started that had me enthralled –it was one of your first; it was about Sookie being forced to sign a contract with Eric after Bill was snatched at the end of S2. Forgot the name….did you ever finish that one? Now THAT ONE is one I really want in my stack of stuff…truly!

    • That hot mess of a story is Breaking the Girl. It’s still on Livejournal. I don’t even know if I have the word documents for it anymore. I think I wrote that one 3 computers ago lol. If I can get all of the chapters from livejournal and into a doc for you, I’ll be happy to email it your way 😉

      • It was NOT a hot mess; it was fantastic! I found it on your old LiveJournal. I’m gonna attempt to put it in Word –just a lot of cut and pasting, I guess. Any chance you can do a “wind up” chapter for that? A HEA..blah…blah… I loved it!

      • Ha! It’s been so long since I even thought about it that I’d have to go back and read it all (trying not to cringe in the process) just to remember where I left off. It’s a shame too since I know I was maybe 5 chapters away from finishing it and the muse just up and disappeared on me.

      • I sort of recall that one. If someone can put it into a format that will download I would like to investigate again. Downloading stuff like this is new to me so things get interesting for me and my computer.

  4. Like rainbows and butterflies, your stories are little pieces of heaven. Retirement is pretty good with gifts like this. Doing my happy dance! Thanks bunches!

  5. thanks for these 🙂 I just wondering if you would be adding the playground into a download format as it only goes up to chapter 10 on FFn


  6. Thank you so much for making downloadable versions of your storys!! I love every single one!!! I was wondering about a story you wrote a long time ago on FFn called Ready to Start, and I was wondering if you had any plans to continue it, or do you plan to move it over here? I absolutely adored it.. Thank you!

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