It Never Ceases to Amaze…

Feel free to skip this since you’ll be seeing it in the next update for Just A Little Heat, but I’m all pissed off right now. I bet anyone that whoever is responsible for this little piece of anonymous bullshit won’t surface here because I can track his/her email and I.P. address. Fucking coward.

If you don’t feel like dealing with anons, then perhaps you should post this exclusively to your blog. You’ve been rather defensive when it concerns reviews in the past. I’s not exactly a good look on anyone, to be perfectly honest. You need to just accept the fact that not everyone is going to be 100% pleased with your stories. That’s the reality that every writer has to deal with. Abuse from anons is terrible. But not being able to swallow the less than flattering reviews is something else all together. Also calling reviewers ‘cunts’, ‘asshole’s and the like is rather disconcerting. Especially when you call out certain people on their misogynistic views regarding Sookie. Grow up.


I’ll post wherever the fuck I want to post.

I write author’s notes when I feel like there is a point that isn’t being understood by readers. I don’t write notes whining about people not liking what I write. I know I can’t please everyone all of the time. That said, there’s a way of sending a review to an author that is entertaining you FOR FREE without being a jerk about it. I can handle constructive criticism, sweetheart, don’t you worry about it. That’s how writers learn and evolve in their work. But it’s nice to know that you aren’t really reading the things I write in my author’s notes because if you were, you would already know all of this.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck I’m not calling it a kitten. I really don’t need a lecture on morality from someone who doesn’t have the guts to privately send me a message to address their concerns. If you don’t like what I write, please feel free to get the fuck away from my work.

Allow me to enlighten you about me just a little bit. I don’t give a single fuck what you think. Just ask Scribe and she’ll tell you all about that. Hell, ask Missy, kjwrit or Storiesforevy and they’ll tell you the same. You don’t know me. I don’t know you. You want me to be courteous to you? Then treat me the same way. Don’t be a complete shit and expect me to apologize for not writing to your standards. I don’t stand for people treating me like shit in my regular life so why in the fuck would I tolerate it here? I have every right to defend myself if I’m being attacked. Maybe you’re okay with people treating you like crap, but that’s really not my problem.

If it was possible to make anon reviews disabled, you bet your ass I’d do it because it cuts down on the number of people who think they’re bad ass. At least when I call someone a cunt or an asshole, I have the courage to sign my name to it. So really, which one of us needs to grow up here?

Get over yourself.

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48 thoughts on “It Never Ceases to Amaze…

  1. Agree here with you 100% Makesmyheadspin! Readers should fucking well remember that authors are writing – for absolutely nothng – and giving up their time for the fanfics. I myself am a fanfic writer of both SVM and TB fanfics and have come across this time and time again! I can take constructive criticism, but when it’s just pain rude – like this one you got sent – I get seriously pissed off! Also, nobody is being forced to read or to review the fanfics in the first place – nobody is holding a shotgun to their head and forccing them to do anything. It’s far easier to press the back icon on the browser than to type and post a review. I also agree that the reviewer shouldn’t hide behind anon reviews or post their review as a “guest” whereby – on at least – it doesn’t give the author a chance to reply to the review in private, instead forcing them to resort to posting their response in public!
    Lady Doughnuts

    • Absolutely. I would deal with this privately but whoever this person is left me with no other option than to respond this way. And of course, the response I received for it came in anonymously through FFN.


  2. Amen, girl! Amen!

    The gifs are exactly what I would say to someone who pisses me off. FLOVE them! Favorite one has to be Snow White….:)

  3. ss Hun. Anon reviewers are just one of the things FFn get wrong and why I refuse to read there anymore. Their un-author friendly policies and censorship are blatant reasons that they don’t give a darn about authors.

    • Seriously, it’s one of the main reasons I started shifting over to WordPress because then I don’t have to deal with this kind of shit. It’s not worth the time or frustration. People have to think about what they’re saying a little bit more when they can be reported, blocked or contacted directly by the blog owner.

      I’m perfectly nice to people who are nice to me, but if you act like a cunt I’m going to call you on it. Writing things anonymously is just begging to be responded to publicly. Don’t get pissy with me for defending myself. Own your shit.

      • Sigh. I think that believes that since we can stop “guest” reviews from appearing, they have solved the problem. What they fail to see is that authors still have to read them before they decide whether to manually get rid of them. They–in effect–transfer the problem to us. And by doing so, they give the authors an impossible choice: censor the occasional “guest” that is actually a troll or let the review post, giving the troll a forum (and probably a lot of self-satisfaction).

        Fear over my stories getting taken down led me to WordPress, which I love. It’s too bad that authors have to migrate elsewhere through.

  4. I’m sorry you had to read and deal with that. Just know that I think your stories are fabulous. I’m a huge fan. Much love xoxo, Mindy

  5. Amen Sister. My phone sTill Sucks (See Weird Caps), But You Know I’m WithYou 100%. Mmmwah FromAll Of Us Who Know How To *Gasp* StopReading When We Don’t Like Where A Story Is Going And From The Fearless Bitch (Compliment, I Swear) WhoDoesn’tLet ANYONE PushHer Around! You Are Awesome, Hon!

    • Thanks Ali! It gets better because Anon just replied with this over on FFN… as a guest.

      Y’know I have to say that I think calling a reviewer a cunt and broadcasting
      it using a gif on your WordPress site is truly uncalled for.

      Some reviews are good, some are bad. I think how you handle the bad ones
      define your character.

      Maybe you should scrap your fanfic writing and try publishing an original fic
      since you love to berate your reviewers and shame them. I know fanfic is FREE,
      and I also know how much time you spend writing. But you do this by CHOICE. No
      one is forcing you to write for FREE.

      Maybe it’s time for you to try your hand at self publishing. Then the CUNTS
      can go to amazon and goodreads to review your work.

      How about this? If you don’t want someone to call you a cunt then don’t act like one. Problem solved.

      • And finally, i just got this: You are truly vile. I’m done with your stories.

        Also, giving constructive criticism/calling you out on your bullshit /
        trolling. The fact that you even need to say that you ‘don’t give a fuck’ and
        write paragraphs upon paragraphs to make that point post a shitload of
        pointless gifs speaks volumes.

        Promise? God, what was even the point. I hope you got it out of your system. Now be gone before someone drops a house on you!

  6. I recently had an email exchange with Virala re: anon trolls who flame our stories. Once in a while I’ll decide to post a negative guest review for one of my stories on IF I think there is a legitimate, respectful, and constructive point to the criticism, but I usually just delete most of them.

    It’s hard not to be defensive when someone is slamming your work-it feels very personal and is often obviously meant to be hurtful and not constructive. This is especially true when you take the time to explain yourself in the AN and it is completely ignored. I know of one author who has stopped writing all together because of negative reviews. It had taken all the joy out of writing for her, which is sad…

    I’m not really sure why the anon reviewer has a problem with your comments/rebuttals. I feel like it’s your work, ergo your right to say what you want and how you want. I suspect she is probably not a writer and doesn’t understand the urge to push back after swallowing bite after bite of shit sandwich “reviews.”

    PS: BTW, I love the Snow White gif. ; )

  7. brava! *applauds and cheers loudly*

    m, you always consider feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE crits. but honestly, you do not need or have to as this is your story and your creation. you put so much time and energy into your writing, and this stuff is the bitter that comes with the sweetness of fanfic and fandumb. wish you did not have to expose yourself to it, but I know you spit not swallow in this matter 😉 stay true to you. (yeah, I get to use swallow in a hostile way too, anon bish)

    even with a name, this commentary would be irrelevant. you offer yourself openly and without expectation, and there is no need for anyone, anon bish or otherwise, to visit or stay if not enjoying it. go away, fuck off, leave us happy campers alone in our bubble of joy and occasional angst. you were never invited but if you need permission to exit, I offer it to you- gratis. *rubs anon bish’s throat lightly while encouraging her to swallow*

  8. I hate people that choose to do this and they see nothing wrong with their actions! Instead they in their minds think their helping you out by saying these crude things their really twisted. I don’t under

  9. As an “unofficial” beta, I cannot express the disgust I feel when I read the reviews for my writers’ stories – mainly because they come from “Anons” such as the one whose been ever so critical of you, Meg! The thing that really pisses me off is there no way to rebut these incredibly derogatory, rude, and uncalled for comments. Not only can they be detrimental to the writers, but they are useless in the way of any constructive criticism – they’re just plain mean! I wish I was able to respond in order to tell their chicken shit asses to write their own material. Obviously they are able to come up with some quite creative nasty reviews, therefore they must have some talent. Perhaps they should channel it in the form of writing their own fics, leaving us with the chance to openly criticize their work. This will never happen, but I can dream! Furthermore, if the FF writers were to use some of the language & terms posted by the Anons, we would be banned from the site; I don’t understand why the same criterion does not apply to these folks who write such awful things, and why the writers are not permitted to disable this feature on the site. I can certainly understand the mass exodus from FF to the various blog sites. FF is a lousy site, but still has some great writers posting their work there. It’s a damn shame you have to tolerate this behavior or have your story removed because of an idiot. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. Free will & all.

  10. It’s tough. On one hand you don’t want to not approve the anons altogether, but if you moderate and delete some of the hateful ones then you get criticized for it. I feel for you.

  11. I hate people that choose to do this and they see nothing wrong with their actions! Instead they in their minds think their helping you out by saying these crude things their really twisted. I don’t understand why some people just can’t stop reading something if they don’t like it? Why be an asshole and harshly criticize a writers creativity especially when you don’t have to share your stories but you do so other fans can enjoy! Thank you for that cause I suck at writing and without you and other FF writers we’d be screwed 10x over by the likes of AB & CH! Was this on your writing in general or a particular story??

    I’m sorry this happened to you Meg you don’t deserve it. I’ve enjoyed your stories for years now and you don’t disappoint the only disappointment I’ve experienced is coming to the end of a story or something on hiatus. 😛

  12. If this person is so proud of their criticism, and not just looking to wind someone up, they would have posted with their name. Why the need for anonymity? The comments regarding what you’ve posted on your own wordpress account suggests they are following you over here too – just a troll or someone jealous of your support? Constructive criticism doesn’t come from someone who won’t leave their name!

    As for not liking your reply? If they don’t like being called a cunt don’t provoke people. Strange how they feel your assessment of them wasn’t constructive criticism!!

  13. Ugh. Trolls. They do not deserve the attention they get.
    If its constructive send a pm and put your name on it. Otherwise, useless trolls.

  14. I don’t personally read True Blood fanfics or watch the show, but I can totally relate to you with this post. The same happened with a load of my fanfics for Big Bang Theory, so I had to pull them down and move them to another site. I got hateful ‘Anon’ reviews telling me to go kill myself, my writing “sucked” and why am I on there etc? They think that by being rude and so-called “critiquing” as they so laughably call it (more like being rude and insulting cowardly little C**TS as you so rightly called them!) that we will change our entire stories or quit writing? I mean…CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is fine. I’ve always said that and always agreed with them, but then there are the people who literally just pick on tiny things, or bash your writing as a whole. In my case, it was because I was optimistic and wrote fanfiction about my characters progressing faster than usual. What is so wrong with that? These trolls need to realize it’s FAN FICTION. Not real life. If they want to read realistic stuff, then why can’t they just quietly leave and read something else to their liking? Are they that incapable of keeping their opinions to themselves? Other people like it. They don’t need to post their negative bullsh*t. There is literally no need to put someone down IMHO. Then they say that your attitude is bad? Well no; you take time out of your busy day to write for those fans who do love your stories and probably research certain things online…That takes time and effort, and then these assholes come along and tear you down for it. People have different preferences to what they read, anyway. As the saying goes: “One person’s ‘trash’ is another person’s treasure!” Just because they don’t like your stuff doesn’t make you a bad writer or anything. Fanfiction.Net is full of f**king trolling b**tards and I don’t blame you for writing this or reacting how you did AT ALL. They’re bullies, pure and simple, no matter how they try and describe it or justify their words. There’s nothing wrong with defending yourself; you write how you write for a reason. YOU know where it’s going and you owe nobody an explanation to be honest. Nobody has any right to bash your writing or creativity! It’s YOUR WORK, NOT THEIRS. They need to get down off their Goddamn pedestals and stop thinking they are so much better than everyone else. They are driving innocent people off the site…And they can’t handle people sticking up for themselves can they LOL? Pathetic. They don’t need to do it in the first place…Correction; they don’t need to READ IT in the first place lol. Apologies for this insanely long rant on your blog, but I was sent this link by a friend and I 100% agree with you! Well said and thank you for having the guts to stand up to these lowlives! xox

  15. Wow!!!! anyone that does anything negative from an anon point of view is a coward. I get on blogs like TV Line and Wet Paint and receive private emails from butts (Bill Fans) trying to call me out daily for my posts. I have to kindly tell them if you don’t like what I have to say take it up with the writers, producers, and show runners of the show on how they portray his character. You have our support.

  16. You tell it, lady! You don’t deserve such nastiness. I think if someone doesn’t have the balls to sign their name to their critique then it isn’t worth reading or considering. Hundreds of your fanfic fans can’t be wrong!

  17. Wow! I’m totally digging your stories. I don’t know how anyone would have anything ba to say. Kuddos to you for standing up for yourself. I’m the type of person who lives by the, “I don’t talk shit about people behind their back if i have something to say, bitch, I’ll say it to your face.” Just keep fighting the good fight, beause I enjoy your work. 🙂

  18. It’s your story, so you can write or say anything to readers that you WANT to!!! They do not have to read your story!!!!! You are an amazing writer and we are lucky that you do it for free!!! So, THANK YOU!!!!! And to the anon reviewers, well they can SUCK IT! if they don’t like something and are mean! Keep doing what you are doing!!!

  19. damn, I’m sorry you were given so much shit from the Anon, i hate when they sign in and review as guest on FFN without a way to contact them, at least when i do it I leave my name in case you want to get back to me via PM… I love your rants and your gifs, they make my day and i hope you continue to do them…. you are doing a great job and I love your stories. If anon can’t handle reading your stories then maybe they should stop, no one has told them what they have to read and what they don’t , i swear such idiots. Eat shit Anon
    thank you MMHS for letting us vent along with you Kristie

  20. I agree with you 100% personally I have LOVED everything you have written and if someone dosen’t like what your writing then they don’t have to read it and if they do write a negative comment like you said have ass enough to sign it!!!!! You keep doing what your doing your AWESOME!!!!!

  21. You know I have some trolls on my FB fan page cause I spoke my mind. So minions have been showing up with new accounts with 2 friends telling me to shut up or going away or fuck off. I have never censored. I know who they are with. I am deleting and banning. Fuck them. I write. Decades now. People also don’t realize their “voice” comes through. Stupid shows. If you are English trust me it shows. I can call the bitches out by name if I wanted.

    I used to years ago, yes that long, to shut them up. To tired. Delete is easier.

    Cowards. Hate cowards and liars. So fucking insecure they pick on people who can do what they can’t or are to afraid to try.

    BTW Danish for Cunt is kusse. Always expand your vocab. Lol

  22. This really made me smile:) you are 100% in the right to get pissed at the cowards who trash talk you! Good for you for putting a stand. Im kinda sad now though because i dont know how to use WordPress very well, and i really Love reading your works of art.

  23. See what happens when I’m busy going thru a move from hell? I miss all the drama.


    I’m sorry my sweet, little Megster you had to deal with this ridiculous, unnecessary nonsense. You of all people shouldn’t have to deal with any of it. Not only do you write freely and share your amazing talent with us, but you are generous with your time and have always been willing to lend a helping hand to so many others, including myself.

    I hope you can ignore it all because you are better than it. People who are at peace with themselves do NOT pull crap like that.

    You are talented, kind and beautiful – both inside and out. Sadly that makes you a target for jealous, shallow people.

    You know I’m in your corner and that I adore you!!!!

  24. Sorry it took so long to work my way back to find this email. So first things first. As far as the Anon is concerned…

    Is she dense? Cos seriously i have no idea how she thinks you dont accept criticism. Oh no, unless.. I think i get it, you dont let yourself be a doormat for others to stomp ‘their’ issues all over you. I mean well, of course, how completely inconsiderate of you not to consent to being someone else’s door mat.. Puleeease!

    Girl, i thoroughly enjoy your writing and your blogs cos you dont deal with Bull$hit, either giving or taking. You are completely upfront. Which is awesome, and mostly a rare thing. I remember a story where some reviews were commenting on not enjoying the story as they used to. I certainly didnt see you flaming up. From everything i have seen, you gracefully accept comments of all kinds, except the personal flaming ones… Which goes back to what i said before… You are no-one’s doormat!

    So just to add to the wave of support from your other avid followers…

    I thoroughly enjoy your stories, either solo or co-authored. Each email is like openning a christmas present from Santa. I never know what I’m going to find. It could be funny, heart-breaking, lemony, angsty, disturbing, heart-warming, thought provoking, or any other variety or combination. But no matter what immediate response i get when i first read your writing, without fail eventually each chapter provokes a predictable response…

    The need to re-read!

    So thankyou for sticking around and continuing to gift us with writing from your beautiful (and sometimes deliciously twisted) mind!

    • No worries, I’m alive! I’ve been posting on the Brainmates blog (chapter updates mostly) and I’ve been busy writing with Scribe and Missy. Plus I haven’t had much to rant about, although I suspect that may change with Dexter coming to an end tomorrow night. I do plan to write something up about the Eric in the Fire Diaries series because Missy and I finally finished the third installment in that series after Eric went AWOL in my brain for about two months. Hopefully we’ll get on a more frequent posting schedule with that. Thanks for checking in with me!

  25. I’ve been MIA on for the past few months and just spotted and reviewed ‘Just a little heat’ and the drama that unfolded over there. Again, sorry to see someone bashing you or your writing. People can be productive in their criticism and kind, but many of the guest reviews tend to say it in a rude way. You can’t help but be annoyed by that when you spent hours working on a chapter to post for FREE.

    Keep on writing! I already follow the Brainmates wordpress but I will be adding this one to my list as well!

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