True Blood Season 6 Wrapped Up

Beware the spoilers under the cut… to say nothing of my epic bitching and overwhelming usage of gifs.

I’ve been asked by several people where my recap is for the finale and to be honest, I’ve tried to wipe it from my mind because it was, hands down, the worst episode of the show I have seen. I haven’t been this disappointed in the show since the end of the third season. I really didn’t think it could get worse than Alan Ball going on air post show to apologize to the fans for the shitshow it was then.

I was wrong.






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By now I’m sure everyone has read just about every complaint there is that can be had with the finale and the way it all played out. I’m not going to bother rehashing all of my gripes here because it’s just going to piss me off all over again and I don’t need that shit. Suffice it to say my headcanon for season 7 is shaping up to be better than the crap Brian Buckner said in an interview. I want to hope that this is trolling a la Alan Ball, but my faith in these people is waning.


Ultimately, my biggest gripe is that the finale set us up for a triangle that makes zero fucking sense. I fail to see how Bill is going to be redeemed when for him, forgiveness isn’t something that is earned, but something he feels he’s owed and that’s not the way it works. Jessica got it right when she went to Andy and apologized for what she did to his daughters. She offered him her protection and when he rejected it, she told him he had it anyway.

That is how it’s done.

This could just be my shipper heart tainting my vision–I can admit that–but if I was watching the same version of the show everyone else was, it appeared to me that the door was left open for Eric and Sookie to find their way back to one another. There’s nothing sweet between Sookie and Bill. She said in the first half of season 6 that Bill was dead to her. In the second half she called him a motherfuckin’ monster. I fail to see how that sets them up for a reunion.

Yep, that’s love just waiting to happen, folks.

As I pointed out to Scribe today in conversation, it would be nice if Bill would stop making those same faces he always makes. I don’t trust him. He gets that pinched, constipated look and I just want to punch him because I know whatever is fixing to come out of his mouth is either going to be a lie or a bunch of manipulative bullshit. Either way, I don’t trust it, or him. How Sookie could even consider giving him another chance after all he’s put her through, I will never understand.


The other thing I want to address was the use of full frontal nudity as a distraction, because lets be honest, that’s exactly what that was. This entire episode was written as if the writers were smoking crack when they did it. Maybe they were, I don’t know. I’d like to know when Eric’s brain damage occurred, allowing him to think it was a brilliant plan to go hang out on a Swedish mountain, nude, in a fucking lounge chair, and just read a book like it’s no big deal. Really?

Kathy Griffin Fingers

Even if Eric did have a death wish, and I don’t believe that he did, this is clearly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. It completely goes against everything Eric has ever stood for, and he’s a vampire that loves life. His love for living was what had him consenting to being turned in the first place. He made sacrifices to continue living. You mean to tell me that losing his sister pushed him so far over the edge that he decided to just say fuck it, I wanna be a crispy critter?

I swear the only reason they decided to go full frontal was because they hoped it would somehow pacify all of the ASkars fans out there. Newsflash! Most of us already saw his junk. Anyone else remember this lovely piece of yumminess?

Granted this isn’t the same as some of the stuff that started floating around the likes of tumblr after the show aired but still. Been there, done that. I’m not watching the show hoping to see Eric’s dick. Unless it’s somewhere in the vicinity of Sookie and her fairy vagina. Then by all means, bombard us with as much Viking broadsword as you see fit.

It bothers me that nudity was used in attempts to distract from the awful shitshow we were witnessing. It bothers me that they don’t have enough confidence in the story they’re telling and have to resort to the lowest common denominator in order to find something they think might appease their fans. Well, guess what? It didn’t work. In fact, showing us Alex’s dick probably pissed more people off than it turned them on.


I’m bothered by the idea of Sookie being wedged between two rapists and having to pick one or die. I’m bothered by her very Stepford-ish attitude and the way she defers to Alcide. The point was made by OhioGirl over on tumblr that she’s in the recovery stages from an abusive relationship. I get it. At this point, hooking up with Alcide might seem like the safest option. He’s not quite human, she gets to experience a somewhat ‘normal’ human relationship and she gets to do the things with her boyfriend she couldn’t do with the vampires. Plus there’s no worries about him nearly draining her or trying to control her with his blood. If you can see what happened in season 5 with that hookup through Sookie’s eyes, then it’s just a hookup gone wrong.


My problem with that relationship is that we didn’t see the evolution from friends to lovers, and the last we knew of them when they talked about being in a relationship, Sookie made it clear she wasn’t interested in being Alcide’s girlfriend. Yet the first chance he gets when she’s drunk, vulnerable and looking for a way to take some control in her own life he magically shows up and is all in for hooking up with the drunk girl. That doesn’t look very good.

It came off as being skeevy, to say the least. I have a problem with it all the way around. On top of that, Alcide has proven through previous relationships that he likes being the alpha male. He needs his women to be dependent and deferring to him on things. He needs to be the shot caller. So he picks the weak one in the herd and as soon as she starts to show a little strength or independence, he’s outta there. It happened with Debbie Pelt and then with Rikki. What bothers me about that is both of those women were portrayed as ‘crazy’ so it was a good thing for Alcide to leave them. What about his role in their downward spiral into madness?

Alcide was emotionally cheating on Debbie, who he damn well knew was unstable. He flat out lied to her about Sookie on more than one occasion, forgetting that his girlfriend is a werewolf and has a keen a sense of smell as he’s got. Did he not think Debbie was going to be able to smell Sookie all over him before he got into bed at night? At least take a fucking shower, you arrogant shit.

Then with Rikki, the power of being Alcide’s number one bitch went to her head. She clearly had her own ideas about how the pack should be run and when Alcide didn’t do things to her satisfaction, she challenged him. He might have beaten her physically, but mentally they are on two very different planes.

Now there’s Sookie and I can’t imagine she’s going to remain this subservient forever. A time will come when she’s going to have to stand up, remember her Gran raised her to be an independent woman and not some meek, wallflower housewife who lets her big, strong man do all the thinking for her and reclaim control of her life.

Or maybe not.


Maybe True Blood’s version of Sookie is destined to go from one bad, abusive relationship forever. It’s obvious this Sookie doesn’t retain anything she’s learned for very long and this time I can’t even excuse it because of Bill’s blood.

If that’s the case, this is very, very disappointing to me. I suppose it shouldn’t be since book!Sookie learned fuck-all over the course of thirteen seasons. Maybe it will be the same for this girl.


Either way, I don’t have high hopes for season seven. I may not even watch. We’ll see what happens there. It’s a long way off and right now my headcanon is sounding better and better than what Buckner has suggested is in store for us next year. It’s disappointing because I came into this season with such high hopes. Not just as an Eric and Sookie shipper, but for the show in general. I really, really loved last season. For the first time in a long time it had that almost Whedon-esque feel where everyone was moving in the same direction, fighting the same big bad without really knowing it. It all seemed to make sense to me. Then they dumped Hudis, who clearly had a different plan in mind than Buckner and it all went to shit mid-season.

I want to hope that they’ll do something next year that makes sense but right now I just don’t know if I have it in me.


For anyone needing  a little salve to sooth the sting of the finale, I’ve started a story with Scribeninja called Just A Little Heat that picks up during the finale and goes beyond that point into what we’re envisioning for season 7. We’re sticking with the Hep-V outbreak idea and going our own way with it. This story delivers on several things that the show will not:

  • Eric and Sookie scenes.
  • Eric’s not dead.
  • Bill will get what’s coming to him.

That’s all I feel comfortable saying about the plot we have devised, but I think anyone feeling the same way we do right about now will appreciate what we came up with for this story, so please check it out.


38 thoughts on “True Blood Season 6 Wrapped Up

  1. Once again, you’ve hit the nail on the head! I’ve stuck with this show through thick and thin (sometimes very, very thin), and defended it even when it looked like it was spinning out of control. I’ve held onto the belief that the writers HAD to realize that Sookie and Eric had so much more going for them than Sookie and anyone else. But the way they’ve abused and tortured Eric has made me lose all faith. The interview with Buckner, though he confirmed that at least Eric will be back, made me want to spit nails, with the mention of Bill’s redemption, and the Sookie-Bill-Alcide triangle. I feel sick. I don’t know whether or not I can stomach the next season. I can only hope that they come to their senses… but I’m not holding my breath. Thanks for putting all my feels into gifs… perfect! 🙂

  2. Excellent review!
    I’m just sick about Buckners comments. I’ll not comment on the finale – its dead to me. Re: Buckners comments, My shipper heart wants to think that no one in his position can be as dumb as he’s acting. Why would he give away all the plot for next year. But the why is E/S never mention on the show, in interviews or Inside the Episode? Why do they keep trying to make us believe Nora was his great love? None of it makes sense to me.
    I’m trying not to get my hopes up about E/S. if he was Alan Ball I might think he had something up his sleeve but I think that’s too much to hope for. I mean, he admitted that he thought up the lounge chair in the snow . Geez, I wouldn’t have told that! I was insulted by the use of Alex’s GP(even though I still want to pull the skin back, just to see the head ;))
    That scene is tied with Sookies late 1940’s, early 50’s outfit. They each had a WTF moment. That makes them soulmates, right?
    I just look so forward to good fanfiction and I appreciate all you great writers so much! Thank you! thank you!

  3. I don’t think Eric is dead and they left it ambiguously as a cliff-hanger. Still sucked and was absurd. When Nora and Warlow died, they dwelled on the puddles. With Eric, they had him fall to his knees in snow and then cut the scene. So, he’ll be back.
    I agree with the rest of what you said, altho I thought the idea of a personal donor was original and opened many plot doors. Only part you left out is a comment on how ridiculous Alcide’s huge hairpiece looked–they couldn’t get a better wig for that scene?!
    I’m enjoying your new story and looking forward to updates.

  4. damn you nailed most of my thoughts above. I can’t believe what Buckner said, the writers have screwed the pooch before and until the new seasons starts we will just have to wait and see what they have in store. I know it put our minds at ease that Eric is still alive but seriously get over the Bill thing, Bill and Sookie was ABALLS dream not the fans dreams. I don’t see the chemistry for them any more after season 1 and finding out all his lies is she seriously that pathetic to go crawling back to her abuser, i would hope not even after she staked him and called him a monster I don’t see how they can make that happen. I can see how they paired her with Alcide for some normalcy since that was what she was looking for but they could have at least told us how it all went down. I do believe they spent toooooo much time on the Terry funeral, yes he will be missed but damn there was better things we could have been told about……. I am hoping upon hope that somehow Eric saves her from the HepV vamps…. looking forward to the rest of your new story. Kristie

    PS. i love how Violet has Cockblocked Jason, he must be one horney motherfucker since he was used to getting like every night… LOL

  5. Good sum up of the f-up that was the S06 finale & all the stuff they’re saying about S07 makes it all even worse. Seeing the way the butchered Eric’s character with that dumbass trip to read on glacier scene (why the hell would he do that at all?), I’d be happier if they didn’t bring him back at all cause these TB writers can’t be trusted. I didn’t stop reading the books early enough but sure as hell I am happy I stopped watching TB after S05 though I’ve been dipping in to watch some scenes and read recaps (like a good little addict).

    What I am most in awe of is that Scribe & you immediately get on with writing and posting a proper S07 with ‘Just a little heat’ – Kudos to you ladies for being so awesome! I’ll say it again MIRACLE WORKERS!!!

  6. I love you so hard! ITA with everything you said.

    Buckner seems surprised that people got pissed off about Eric. Pretty peen does not make up for a really ugly script, sorry dude. What an arrogant dickhead move.

    You know, I thought AB was bad…I didnt think it could get any worse and it did!! I’m going to hold on to my ship because it has puppies and Skarsicorns and stick to fanfiction. Thank God and all the angels for you, Scribe, KJWrit, Ericizmine and all of my other favorite fanfic writers who love the characters. Honestly, you all should be writing season seven scripts out there in L.A. You’re a 1000 percent better than those folks.

  7. OK I am more glad than ever that I have never watched True Blood. I just couldn’t take it. It’s bad enough with the books. I can’t be sorry I read the books because I love the characters in the beginning and because of the people in the fandom, but sometimes it breaks my brain. Well said Meg and Keri. And others.

  8. Wow. Eric/Sookie fans are really having a rough time of it, eh? There’s no winning, it seems. Every form of ‘canon’ or whatever is giving people a big ‘FUCK YOU’ and laughing at certain fans’ expense. It’s a damn shame. I mean, when you consider how many years, months, hours people have spent on this fandom as a whole. It’s just incredibly fucked up. Personally, I don’t see it as a complete waste, but still. Damn.

  9. I agree with everything you said and the reactionary gifs are priceless.
    I can’t stop laughing at the damage control Buckner is trying to do to persuade people to tune into Season 7. How he thinks a Bill/Sookie/Alcide love triangle will be of interest to us when one is a boring plank of wood with a 6 pack and the other is a manipulative lying asshole who told the supposed love of his life that she was dead to him.

    I almost wish Eric flying off in previous episode had been last of what we saw of him this season. Selling Eric burning to death, naked and in agony as a sexy scene? The writers must be smoking crack….

    Erics’ character deserves better in the show after the shitfest that was Charlaine Harris’ sex slave vision of him in the novels. Plus ASkars deserves better, he better be asking for a decent payrise if he has to act out anymore crap scenes like that. He’s bender in Sweden is making so much more sense now!

    • My problem with all the shit Buckner has been saying lies in the fact that it comes off as sounding very condescending when he has admitted that they don’t know where they’re going with the show. Like really? So all the things YOU have put out there for us to analyze, we should just ignore because you’ve decided you want a do over?


      Just admit that the finale was an epic failure that didn’t deliver in any of the ways it should have. There were so many missed opportunities and plot points that were completely ignored. What was the point of Sookie’s supernova if she wasn’t going to use it? Why make Bill die at the end of season five only to make him a temporary demigod and then return him to his former, self-loathing, assface of a character? What was the point? Why have Sookie call Bill a motherfuckin’ monster if she’s just going to forgive him and take him back?

      I don’t understand it and my patience is running thin with all of this nonsense.

      • Yeah, the 1st few episodes were decent enough. The Hudis as showrunner ones funnily enough. I wonder what exacty happened? Was he forced out?

        Let’s just pretend Buckner went the Dallas dream route as that would actually make sense. He’s gonna lose more viewers feeding us condescending billcrap!

  10. All you said, Meg, and I won’t rehash. I fired my source; may my source burn naked on a snowy mountaintop in Sweden while being filmed so I can watch – for misleading me, then having me mislead others – about E/S this season. My apologies to all, and when said source finishes burning on Earth, may source continue to burn in Purgatory – forever. I have other, more informed sources now. According to Buckner, he was never a fan of the Bill/Sookie thing, and wants the characters to develop…Really? Really? REALLY? Then what the fuck is this shit he’s been talking since Sunday’s fiasco…oops…fiasco…did it again! Fin-a-le. I purposely reserved my judgment of him until after the fiasco. He has been judged and found wanting. His comments previous to the fiasco were encouraging (source not withstanding – burn, you bitch!), and I was excited about character development, etc. Doing the same fucking thing as Alan Ball is NOT character development! It’s going backward – and you lied through your fucking teeth by saying you weren’t into the B/S thing. That relationship makes me ill. About the full frontal nudity, I could care less. Honestly, I’m not at all impressed with male or female genitalia. I have a theory that God made it intentionally as funny looking as possible just to get back at Adam & Eve for fucking in the Garden of Eden. So, no big deal, as long as it works. Will I watch the show next season? Yeah, I will. I’ll stay for the last season, and I’ll throw popcorn at the screen (won’t hit it though – it’s hubby’s newest toy!) as I watch Beehl try to “redeem” himself, and I’ll just laugh every Sunday night. I suspended all belief to watch this show; now I’ll suspend everything else as well & just laugh. Sookeh & Beehl can live on TV immortality. I just canceled my order for the first 5 seasons. After next season, I’m canceling HBO. I much prefer yours & Scribe’s stories as well as others’ FF. Hey, thanks for the Spike .gif!! I miss him!

  11. Sarcasm can be deadly and you wield it like a razor sharp sword. I was really enjoying this season, then they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with that insulting final episode. And what a waste of a potentially terrifying bad guy in Warlow. He spent most of the season sitting or tied up in the classy cemetery. But I did enjoy him smacking Sookie upside the head. She deserved it for all her stupidity. Loved her in episode one, and then it was all downhill. The writers have a real challenge if they are going to try to resurrect the Bill/Sookie thing. He’s annoying as hell when he’s not a villain (I loved him being bad, much more interesting than dull old Bill). Sookie is so unlikeable at this point, it’s hard to imagine how they’re going to get the fans to care. And the ratings for the finale were not good either, the spoiler on the internet about Eric “dying” apparently hurt the viewership a lot. Thanks for the gif’s so funny. We all need a good laugh..First we were Harrised, and then BB channeled CH and fucked with Eric…

    • Well, first off I can’t say I advocate for Sookie being slapped around. She made some bad choices, yes, but that doesn’t mean she deserves to be in another abusive relationship. What she needs to do is start listening to her instincts more. Back in season one her instincts told her that Bill was a bad guy and to stay away. Had Gran not died, I have no doubt that things could have gone very differently for her. It was Gran’s death that led to her throwing herself at Bill the way she did because she needed comfort and to feel loved. Unfortunately, she picked the worst possible person to throw herself at. Of course she had no way of knowing just how horrible a decision it was at the time.

      But there were such obvious parallels between Bill and Warlow, and despite all of that, Sookie permitted her path to cross with Warlow’s. At first, she was smart about it. She caught on to what was happening and she knew something was off with him. She even went so far as to poison his dinner with silver. She was listening to her gut there and making smart decisions.

      The Buckner took over and turned her back into that simpering wimp who behaves like she doesn’t have a thought of her own and no option other than to be led around by a man. You can say it’s her sense of honor and Sookie wanting to keep her word but it doesn’t necessarily come off that way. Her track record indicates that she’s not very good at making decisions, with or without vampire blood in her system.

      Regardless of all that, I don’t think it means she deserves to be trapped for all eternity with a man that is going to abuse her for speaking her mind. Warlow didn’t love SOOKIE, he loved the idea of her. He loved the idea of getting the prize he had hung around for thousands of years to get. She was supposed to be his redemption, I suppose, the closing of his circle. But Warlow didn’t love HER and at her core, Sookie is a girl that wants to be loved for who she is and not what she can do for someone else.

      What makes me sad is that I have very little faith that she’s going to come out of this getting the kind of relationship she so desperately wants. The closest she’s come is with Eric. Like it or not, that was the only time where she was strong and able to think somewhat clearly. Eric never tried to shut down her independence or darken her light, as Claudine suggested Bill was trying to do. Eric made her burn brighter and it’s a shame that it seems that’s the one relationship that has no hope of being resurrected.

      And all so that Bill Useless Compton can get another go.

      No. Nuh uh. Not buying it.

      • Thank you! All you said, and how do we reward you? May I just add a little something? Was anyone else as insulted or offended as me when Sookie & others began referring to her as a “Danger Whore?” WTF? Where’s that coming from? I had this discussion on another blog site with a friend who ran down all the times through all the seasons when Sookie was in trouble or danger & needed to be rescued. I countered this with these same times by pointing out the reasons these things were happening, the why’s, hows, etc., & Sookie’s not blameless, but she’s not the catalyst either, and she’s not with the man or the vampire for those reasons. She’s with them for the very reasons you pointed out, Meg. I pointed out the same, but apparently I was wrong, and Sookie’s a “Danger Whore.” I don’t even get what that means.

      • I think labeling Sookie as a danger whore completely disregards the abuse that she’s suffered over the course of the series and it demeans her right to feel like she’s had her power taken away from her. At this point even Sookie acknowledges that Bill’s blood heavily influenced her decision making process. How many of these dangerous situations did she get thrown into not because she just couldn’t leave well enough alone but because she didn’t really have a choice?

        Calling Sookie a Danger Whore is a way of blaming her solely for the situations she’s found herself in and it’s not fair.

        That said, now that she’s aware of what Bill is capable of and what his blood does to her, if she CHOOSES to go back to him she has no one to blame but herself for whatever comes her way. It’s one thing to naively walk into a situation, thinking everything will turn up rosy and quite another to be aware of the risk involved and disregard it.

      • Now that I understand & completely agree with – it makes no sense to have her character even remotely considering reuniting with the Bill character. CH’s ending made more sense to me than what BB is essentially telling everyone is what they’ll be seeing in Season 7. I guess I was correct in calling the character a “Sookie-bot” instead of the demeaning “danger whore” others were using. Thanks for the response & clarification. Could not agree more. The more I read, the more I don’t even want to think about Season 7. I was thrilled with Episode 8 & the prospect of never having to hear “Beehl” & “Sookeh” ever again. So much for that.

  12. Thank you. This season held so much promise at the beginning but by the end I was so flipping happy I was spoiled because I probably would have thrown something my television. And it bothers me to no end that that asshat BB used Askar’s naked body as a ploy to draw in the EL’s. Dude. If he had come out and said the same thing about any of the women on the show everybody would be up in arms, but no it’s okay to sexually harass Askars cuz he’s a man. Grrrr Arrrrgh.

    But your series of gifs and rant helped! So thanks for sharing! I’ll stay in FF land as the storylines here make sense and don’t require me to watch roasted penis.

  13. I’m onboard with everything you said…and I loooooove the GIFs! I too was insulted by the use of ASkars’ “full monty” as a distraction from them (apparently) killing him off in such a ridiculous way. (ASkars should be insulted, too, even if he is Swedish and they’re all about being naked.) Eric didn’t survive over 1000 years by being stupid, but that’s exactly how they’ve portrayed him. Having had 2 other daywalking experiences — one lasting a few minutes after drinking from Sookie and the other lasting a few hours after draining Claudine — he would never have counted on the daywalking ability being permanent and left himself out in the sun with no reachable shelter…he just wouldn’t!

    With this season, the TB writers have accomplished something I never thought they would…making me not care about Sookie. I don’t care if she picks Bill or Alcide…or both. She’s clearly not going to pick Eric, so I hope he gets his own kick-ass storyline with Pam, Willa and Tara, and that’s the only part of each episode I’ll be interested in at all.

    It’s obvious now why Hudis didn’t last…he wasn’t drinking the AB Koolaid and someone at HBO (or perhaps Stephen and Anna) didn’t like it. So in with Brian Buckner, a.k.a. Alan Ball, Jr.!

    All I can say is thank god there are wonderful fanfic writers like you to give me something worth reading/watching…’cause TB sure isn’t doing it lately!

      • Right… so um, where exactly did I blame the actors for not getting what I want? I don’t see that anywhere in anything I had to say about this fucking catastrophe of an episode.

        Additionally, I never commented about why Hudis was selected to run the show. That may be all well and good that he was chosen to continue ABall’s vision. Okay, fine. At least he was presenting it in a way that made FUCKING SENSE. I don’t know what Buckner was smoking thinking that finale made a single lick of sense. Everything in that finale negates the previous two seasons and all of the character growth that has taken place.

        You can’t just reset a show and pretend like two years of your canon don’t exist. That would be like me deciding 2/3 of the way through The Playground that Eric’s not a vampire after all and fuck everything I just wrote.

        I’m sorry, but no. That’s not the way it works. But hey, if you’re into fucked up storytelling that negates its own canon, that’s your business. You just wanna roll with the punches and see how that shitshow plays out, you go right ahead. Be my guest.

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  15. Have to say I was a little floored with Season 6. Being a book girl I long ago resigned myself to the fact that TB was now a completely new puppy. But then again considering the fiasco of DEA, thats not a bad thing. And when i heard that Mr Bill-and-Sookie-are-Soulmates was leaving, i was jumping for joy!

    When Sookie said goodbye to Eric in such a peaceful manner at the beginning of S6, i felt a great deal of hope. Now i pretty much feel like you.

    So thankyou for giving us a great new ending to TB, cos an Alicide-Sookie-Bill triangle … *shudder* Just thinking about it makes me nauseous!

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