True Blood Ep 6.08 Dead Meat

It’s all under the cut my darlings, for those who don’t want the spoilery bits.

Okay, first of all there was this:

To this I say:

Okay so I didn’t say it as much as that was pretty much me when Sookie let him verbally have it with both barrels. As usual, the mendacious Mr. Compton shows essentially no concern for others. It’s good to know that all of that stuff about seeing Sookie as an abomination wasn’t just him ranting at the end of last season. Any affection he once had for her is clearly gone and I am so fucking thankful that Sookie has finally purged the last bit of her feelings for Bill from her system.


I really wasn’t sure this day was ever going to come, but I guess it had to eventually. That scene with Sookie and Sam at the bar was just painful to watch for so many reasons. First of all, I don’t believe for a single second what Sookie said about her thinking she and Sam could end up together. IMO that was a last ditch effort to find a reason not to agree to be Warlow’s. I don’t think I really need to comment on how crazy it is that after a grand total of what… three or four days together Sam thinks he’s in love with this new girl.


I refuse to learn her name since I’m sure she’ll be dead soon anyway. I’m just going to call her Curly. Seriously… does it even matter? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t generally have anything against Sam but come on now. Just ugh.

We have Sarah losing her damn mind and beating that TruBlood lady to death with a shoe. Right. Like no one is going to come looking for her and figure out that you’ve been corralling vampires and sticking them in a death camp? Barring the VRA having been repealed (and I don’t think it was), I’m pretty sure those are some grave rights violations that Sarah will have to answer for. You know, assuming the prisoners don’t exact a little justice/revenge on their jailer.

You know… like this here…

(A thousand bonus points to anyone who knows what the above picture is referencing!)

Warlow continues to be living in his own little world where the Sookie he’s been imaging for the last 6,000 years still exists. Dude’s got some stones on him to give Sookie an ultimatum like that. I’ll save your friends if you’ll give me the rest of your life. Why yes, fuckface, that does sound like true love and not an unhealthy obsession! Thank you, oh wise one, for showing this mere mortal the light. Or…



But mostly, and I posted about this on tumblr already, but how pissed off do you think Bill is that even with the blood of a vampire god running through him, Eric is still smarter than he is?

I really fail to understand Bill’s bizarre attempts at what I think in his mind pass for diplomacy. I suppose it could have something to do with wanting to smooth things over with the Bellefleurs so that they won’t pursue Jessica for killing Andy’s daughters, but it doesn’t really explain his halfassed attempts at brokering deals with Sookie. It has to chap his ass that even as a supreme being there are either places he can’t go alone, or is too big of a pussy to try and do it himself. He’s had Sookie’s blood and she’s had his. So it stands to reason that if Eric was able to sense the location of that fairy portal, then Bill should have been able to as well.

Clearly he hasn’t lost the ability to track Sookie down, wherever she might be. So Mr. Day Late and a Dollar Short Compton strikes again. There he goes, throwing his weight around only to discover that his posturing has been for nothing since Eric has beaten him to the punch, and potentially saved Sookie at the same time. We know the latter part of that doesn’t sting much since he’s ‘evolved’ from being so in love with her. You know, his miracle.

Family Guy_Puke

The kicker is that I doubt Bill’s lame ass plan would have even worked out. The great, master plan was to bring Benlow to Vamp Camp and let all of his vamp friends take a sip? That was the best he could come up with? Seriously. And he’s got the blood of a god running through him. That’s pathetic.

But then again, that’s Bill. Never taking responsibility for his actions and always, from what I can gather, waiting for someone else to solve his problems. He’s the king of finding scapegoats and nothing more.


In other news, because it’s funny… Steve Newlin running the hamster wheel? Huffing and puffing along… that is some of the weakest shit I have ever seen but I couldn’t stop laughing because it’s just so ridiculous. Talk about your failures as a vampire. Clearly the good reverend isn’t cut out for this lifestyle. I still want to know who turned him, dammit! My hope was that it was Russell, because how fitting would that have been, but no. I doubt we’ll ever know but damn, I want to.

I have zero speculations for how this season is going to end because the only thing I have been right about so far is Benlow pulling Sookie out of the pond when her father tried to drown her. Otherwise, I’ve been way off base on things so I would just as soon sit back and enjoy the final two episodes. In either of which Eric better not die or I’m fucking done with this show.

For realz.

28 thoughts on “True Blood Ep 6.08 Dead Meat

  1. I’ve been waiting for you to review the episodes and this one was choice. I loved the GIFs.

    I keep hoping for a Sookie/Eric reunion at the finale but…my hopes are dying quickly.

    • I haven’t given up on it. There’s no doubt that their paths are about to cross in a major way seeing as how it looks like Sookie will be following Useless to vamp camp where Eric has already started to slaughter everything in his path to get to his precious babies… and Tara.

      Yes, that’s right. Tara has gone back to being annoying, imo. But, she’s part of the family so I’m sure there will be an attempt on Eric’s part to get her out as well. I won’t be at all sorry if she doesn’t make it, however.

  2. Perfect review and reactions!

    I loved the contrast between Bill and Eric in regards obtaining Warlows’ blood. 5 minute planning versus how many episodes trying to come up with a plan? You know if Bill was stuck in the vamp camp he’d be level 4. Worst vampire messiah/prophet ever!

    Alex has really been bringing it the last few episodes. His Peter Pan moment at the beginning was so funny. If Eric dies I too will be done with the show as it wouldn’t be True Blood without him. I have a feeling Warlow will die unless he actually develps a personality outside of Dibs on Sookie 4eva! I’m still waiting for an epic meltdown temper tantrum from him.

    • You know if Bill was stuck in the vamp camp he’d be level 4. Worst vampire messiah/prophet ever!

      YES! Holy shit that is the most accurate description of Useless I’ve seen in a while. He’s the one that should be on the shrink’s couch because my God the therapist would have a field day with this fuckface of a vampire. Can you imagine Useless in vamp camp? I mean seriously. There he is in gen pop, a level 4 (hell, they’d probably have to make a level 5 for his gifted ass), trying to order other vampires around? That legit needs to be a parody fanfic because omfg…

      Eric’s mockery of Useless was funny but to me it was also sad because he really did have hope that somehow Nora could be saved. Personally, I was fairly indifferent to Nora’s character. She had her purpose and whatnot, but her death only bothers me because of how it affects Eric. She was his last ‘living’ link to Godric–the only thing he loved for centuries before Sookie came along and she’s recently rejected him. Again. With his relationship with Pam still on the rocks and his shiny new child trapped in vamp camp, it’s got to be a lonely time for Eric. Losing Nora just rubbed salt in the wound and Useless mocking him for his loss? Well that just pissed Eric off at a time when it is not wise to piss Eric off.

      And I just found this on tumblr:

      OP is here.

      • That was just too fucking funny, Meg! I’m now wearing my coffee because of it, but it’s worth the stains I’ll have to soak out! Not so sure Sookie really rejected Eric as much as they came to an understanding of why she wanted to retreat from the Supe life, but as usual, that ain’t gonna happen. Now she’s accepted & knows for certain she’s one of them things may be different. “Useless” – Love it!

      • That picture is perfect. I’m laughing at Erics’ face in the OP. He looks like he’s mid dance to Tragedy.

        I’m glad that through his lose he hasn’t lost his sense of humour. I was worried about what he was going to say about Sookie after last weeks’ teaser but as I’ve come to learn things aren’t always what they seem to be in the teasers.

        As for Bill in vamp camp If I was any good at writing fanfic I would definitely write that scene but unfortunately I’m not/ I’m gonna call him Level 5 from now on…

      • OOH!! Just thought of something! Perhaps you & wifey need to write that parody – just to get us all through the week (ya know, cause you 2 don’t have enough to write!)

  3. Hi, I don’t normally get in to reading these posts, but since i like reading the stories and i have had some really negative thoughts on TB of late, i figured, why not? To hell with it, lets read.

    So i did…

    I see it is season 6, you refer to, pity. Unless we subscribe to pay TV, i am unable to see it until it is released on DVD. If anyone knows how i can see the episodes otherwise, then, do tell.

    It sounds like i would be agreeing with you on many things. From what i read on an interview online, AS said they just finished filming the last episodes and he is still here. So i gather he must live. I certainly do hope so.
    I also do not want the show to do what Harris did and dump Sam on Sookie. Eric has gone through so much shit for her too, not just the other way around. What i get told is, ‘he is deceitful, dangerous. wouldn’t Sam be better. I near enough choke on my tongue from trying to bite back my retort to that type of shit.

    Eric deserves something good to come of this. OOPS! I best hop off my soap box now.

  4. I was so excited to see this post. I real enjoy your commentary. I’m very curious as to what will happen in the next 2 shows. If was so fun to see Bill lose.

  5. Ah, Meg! You know I always love your “Letters to the Editor” commentaries, and oh my, how I love this one! May I just say how I was there, a little after 9:00 EST jumping off our sofa, fist-pumping into the air, and yelling at the top of my lungs, “Go, Sookie!” I’ve been waiting for that moment for 5 fucking years! My husband looked at me as if I was crazy (I am; why bother with “the look?”); the deaf dog raised her head so I just ignored them to watch Sookie storm away having cleansed herself from all things Bill Compton/Billith. If I never get anymore satisfaction from watching this series that’s been truly slowly swirling blood down the drain, I’ll have that scene to live on & fondly remember. Well, that & Eric’s Peter Pan scene – “I can fly!” Loved. Every. Second. Of. Both. Scenes. Each of them were such a great “Fuck You!” to Bill – not Billith – a long time in coming. If Sookie & Eric only knew they were on the same page…hmm…I wonder how they will discover this?

    Apparently the “god” who inhabits, or whom Bill has become [snickers], is just as stupid as Mr. Bill has always been. Did Bill not get to the Fae dimension through the cemetery? Did Sookie not go with Claudine to NeverNever Land through a portal in the cemetery? That’s where he & Eric both lost her scent…however many silly seasons ago it was. Seems to me it would occur not just to Bill, but whatever’s possessed him & the tiny bit of Bill remaining, the freakin’ cemetery is the first place to look for a portal, idiot! Jason could figure this out! Naturally Eric did, then found a way in to Cemefaery & to screw with Bill’s plans yet again. How? Well, he is Eric & millions of times smarter than the most minute particle of BC, he knows Sookie better than him as well. All he had to do was watch & wait for her, he knew just where to go. Mr. Pragmatism wins again! He finds a way to get there, and the best part – he doesn’t drain Warlow – he leaves him there for Bill to find! LMFAO! Sookie left him there tied to the headstone all served up for an Eric Happy Meal even if it wasn’t her intention – why couldn’t a 6,000 yr-old-being get out of those ties? Even with Fae-lit knots? GAH! I could rip apart many things…like, why was Nora’s blood warm? Vampires blood gets warm & steamy when they die? Since when? And Eric! Hello! Were you being facetious, or did you forget you already COULD fly? Season 2, Sam comes to see you for help with the Maenad, has Arlene’s teacup humans with him, and you fly away to see QSA?

    I digress.

    Now Eric will be a daywalker & from the looks of the preview, all Billith will do now is follow the body trail with that constipated look on his face saying “Eric!” through his clenched fangs. Beat ya again, Bill! nanananana! As for Benlow, has no one – ever – in the last 6,000 years ever explained the concept of ultimatums to him? Simply, one who issues an ultimatum – ultimately loses? And of course, I agree it’s ever so romantic to be proposed to in such a way! Breathtaking, but Sookie, darling! You’re a telepath & should have seen it coming. Just sayin’.

    OK, one last thing. How exactly did the Governor think he was going to get away with all this shit he imposed upon the vampires of LA anyway? You know, tramping on constitutional rights – entitled to them because of the VRA – imposing martial law with his Star Wars Stormtroopers, encouraging humans of LA to arm themselves in order to murder vampires, etc.? Did I miss the episode where LA annexed themselves from the US? I suspend imagination when I watch this show and laugh as much as possible. Sometimes it’s just too…impossible. Really though, best episode EVER since Sept. 2008 with those words: “How about that you motherfucking monster?”

    • I’ve always had a hard time taking much of anything Useless says very seriously, but I will say that his personality (aside from being annoying as fuck and sometimes very difficult to stomach) is a little fascinating. Bill seems to have a bit of a hero complex but it’s also mixed in with a tendency to procrastinate so we get things like last night where he thinks he’s come up with this grand plan to take Benlow to vamp camp to use him as a drinking fountain but Eric’s already beat him to the punch. I wonder if Bill realizes how close he is to having his moment of reckoning?

      The only ‘believer’ he might have at this point is Jessica and I’m not sure even she believes anymore in whatever it is that Bill has become. Lilith, for all intents and purposes, told him to fuck off with his whining a few episodes back. Sookie told him to fuck off in this last episode. What does he have left? I find it fascinating that for all of his hate toward women–and there’s plenty of it to go around– he always seems to end up dependent on them for his survival. Lorena, Sophie-Anne, Nan, Sookie, Salome and now Lilith have all lorded over him in some fashion at some point in this story. The trend seems to be that they all end up his victim at some point because Bill will do anything to save his own ass, despite hating what he is. What I’m most interested in now is to see if Sookie will be the one to buck the trend and finally let Bill Useless Compton get what’s coming to him.

      He drank Lilith’s blood without knowing what it would do to him. He wanted the power and he got it. Only he’s not really qualified to have it. He was merely clever enough to beat out the others for the gig. It must have been a real slap in the face to know that he’s a disappointment to Lilith. His reaction to her was typical and fell right in line with his always-blame-someone-else persona. It’s never his fault. There’s always a reason why he failed that has nothing to do with him or his lack of planning, attention to detail or ability to see beyond the scope of his own goals. He never has a contingency plan for outside influences or actions and that is why Eric will best him every time. Eric may lose a battle but he doesn’t lose the war.

      I don’t think the same can be said for Bill.

      His ‘cleverness’ will only get him so far.

      As for the governor… I think he was thinking with his dick. He had a hot piece of ass pulling his strings and Sarah, being as crazy as she is, had a way of selling him things. She made it sound possible for them to get away with all of the things she proposed they institute, and so far, she’s been right. Unfortunately, she took it a step too far with this Hep V in the TruBlood idea. Obviously she knows this plan would be foiled by the government or she wouldn’t have killed the rep from the company.

      If Sarah doesn’t think she’s already lost her mind I just don’t even know what to say to that. My guess would be that it’s hinting at her intention to open the roof to kill off the vampires she’s got held captive. I’m wondering if she’s a Hitler sympathizer as well. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch considering the genocide she’s prepared to commit here to ‘preserve her race’.

      • Well, the blonde hair & blue eyes could be a clue to her Third Reich hero worship. Loved your comments on Bill belonging on the shrink’s couch! Maybe then we’d find out about his women-hating issues! To me, Bill’s like the eternal con man except he never really wins at the art of the game. He’s a shrink’s dream with his mommy issues, lack of responsibility taking; everything you’ve said. Maybe he’ll do something noble – like meet the sun instead of those currently in the white room – since he’s always tried to be the hero. I’d love to watch him melt; on the other hand I’d hate to see him glorified.

  6. How I love your wonderful wit! We’ll have to wait til September/October I suppose in England but from the bits I’ve seen on You Tube I’m losing patience with the writers. I thought after they got rid of Alan Ball it would cease to be the Stephen Moyer show. I just can’t believe how quickly Sookie moved on from Eric – it makes no sense at all! If Alex Skarsgard looked like Stephen Moyer people might buy it but Alex is just sooooooo hot that I can’t understand how the writers expect people to find it believable. Even my hubby says a woman wouldn’t step over him to go to anyone else lol.

    • Honestly, I don’t think this has been the Bill show, at least not this season. Bill’s had his screen time but really, his arc has been rather lackluster. It’s more of the same weak bullshit we saw when he was just Bill. A lot of talk but not a lot of action and it’s nice to see the other characters mocking him for his ineffectiveness in his new position of power. I really don’t know what anyone is so afraid of anymore. He’s a joke, in my opinion. To me he’s about as harmless as a spring rain. He talks a lot of shit but that’s about all he’s done up to this point. If he thinks his plan to synthesize fairy blood is going to work, he’s sorely mistaken. Plus he pretty much ruined that possibility when he selfishly drank Benlow’s blood so he could daywalk. If only he had known that Burrell wasn’t the real power at vamp camp. Killing Sarah would have been a much more effective way to go but of course, Bill likes to act without having all of the facts. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  7. Little Megster,
    I watched late last night so I am just reading this now. Did you catch what Sookie was asking Sam to do concerning her light? I wasn’t interested enough to rewind since it was so late. I caught the idiotic part about her thinking they might end up together but how could ending up with Sam fix her fairy problems? Thanks for another hysterical recap. 🙂

  8. This post was hilarious. I loved last night’s episode for four reasons:
    1. It made fun of CH ending in Dead Ever After; even if Nicole wasn’t pregnant I don’t think Sam would have subjected himself to be anyone’s plan Z. The scene finally gave us closure to the Sam and Sookie hookup, thank god.

    2. It gave the viewers a glance of new improved Sookie not holding her tongue and telling Bill how she really feels, that was refreshing.

    3. She finally got a glimpse of Benlow when he savagely fed from her wrist and didn’t offer to heal the wound.

    4. I’m excited to see the Eric and Benlow showdown and whose side Sookie will really be on.

    I hope this gives her an indication of her true feelings for the Viking!

  9. As always you give an insightful and honest review of TB. Since no one in my family wishes to engage in conversation about this episode and others, I will share my thoughts with you. Nora’s death was sad and has had obvious effects on Eric. He is devastated and I believe his reaction to her death in this episode speaks volumes. His last connection to Godric is gone. One person (or vampire I should say) that he allowed himself to be close to is gone and the circle of those he values and holds important is even smaller than it was before. Along with this, I don’t think he will be killed this season. However, if he is (which the writers would be fuckers to do), I believe it would be by his own hands. Eric is still too proud to have another kill him or defeat him. It would be great to see Sookie help Eric. Secondly, I was very disturbed by Sarah Newlin’s killing the true blood lady. The scene was terrifying for several reasons. Namely, the level of crazy and deprivation Sarah has descended to. The brutal murder, along with the idea God is pleased, almost made me sick. It was one of the best scenes, along with one of the most disturbing true blood has ever had. Thirdly, Bill is a fucking idiot. He is no God. He is a selfish, masochistic, psychopath. I am glad Sookie has finally come to her senses and sees Bill for who he really is. Bill doesn’t love Sookie, alone with anyone else. Next, Sookie shouldn’t trust Warlow and if she doesn’t then she’s also a moron. I love her character, but previous to this episode, I started to dislike her. It felt like her spark and personality went out the window. It seems she is back and in full force. Hopefully enough to admit her love to Eric. Warlow is not to be trusted.

    The vamp camp reminds me of the Holocaust. Obviously, it is not, but the concept of erasing a whole race, due to hatred and warped thought reminds me of that.

    Alright, I think I’ve probably bored everyone at this point.


    • Kat, you didn’t bore me. Sookie feelings were hurt that Bill didn’t care about Warlow wanting to turn her. I think when Sookie side with Eric against Warlow stuff is going to hit the fan. Eric is going to tell her what that blood exchange in season 4 meant and Sookie is going to spit bricks or will she?

    • Kat,
      You’re not boring anyone! Speak your piece! You make a very good point about the scene where Sarah murdered Ms. Suzuki. It was awful, disturbing, and really did showcase the level to which Sarah will go to bring her plans to fruition. I agree with you that the genocide represented is much like the Holocast and this is deeply disturbing. Bill is a fucking idiot, and yes, Sookie’s back, finally free of Bill’s blood, seemingly unaffected by Benlow’s thus far. I think we’ll get to see Sookie & Eric working together in these next 2 episodes to save their loved ones. There is love there. They bonded, and it’s so obvious – the scene from the 1st episode where she rescinded his invitation? Yeah, it’s there.

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