Resurrection Chapter 2

Hello lovelies!

I’m psyched that you all seem to be digging this vampire Sookie thing. I’ve nailed down a general direction for the plot with a few little requests thrown in here and there from Scribe, so I hope you all enjoy where this story takes us.

Happy reading!


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April 21, 2012

I can admit that my kissing experience is limited, but not one of the few boys I’ve kissed has come close to making me feel what Eric does. There’s no room for my moral code here. This isn’t just simple lust; it’s need. I want him for his handsome face and outrageously toned body, but I need him to make these feelings go away, or at least tell me how to make them stop.

Eric pins my body to the wall with his and rips away the new shirt I’ve only been wearing for a few hours. The feelings running through me only intensify and his shirt gets the same treatment mine did. He growls at me and pulls me away from the wall. My desire and need is pooling in the delicate lace panties Pam selected for me. Eric tosses me on the enormous bed and strips off his pants.

I get a good look at him and if I was still alive I’m sure I would be blushing. My maker is a perfect male specimen. Broad shoulders, long lines, defined muscles, long limbs… perfection.

He reaches out and pulls my pants off with just a tug. I don’t even have to lift myself up for him. I’m left with just the scrap of black lace that’s barely covering my lady parts.

“Your first lesson in feeding from a person is to know the places to bite,” Eric says as he climbs up onto the bed.

“You’re going to give me an anatomy lesson?” I ask incredulously. This isn’t what I had in mind.

Resurrection: First Feeding

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