Thoughts on TB Ep 6.04 “At Last”


I promise not to take up too much of your time but there are a few things from last night’s amazeballs episode that I want to discuss here because Scribe and I got into a discussion over it and we have very opposing points of view on the whole Eric/Willa situation. So I suppose I will start there.



Wait, sorry! *pulls brain out of the gutter & flicks unicorn poop off of it*

Alright so here’s the thing… Scribe thinks Eric turning Willa is gross and skeevy. At first glance, I can see that. I may have even had a knee jerk reaction of, “Bb, wtf are you doing with that child who looks so much like your sister but isn’t?” As a matter of fact, there is still something creepy about Eric’s first scenes with Willa but they’re supposed to be. Clearly Willa has this idea of what vampires are in her head. She’s romanticized them and sees all of these awesome things about being a vampire. She’s young and naive and doesn’t fully understand what she’s getting herself into.

To that end, I think I understand why Scribe feels this is rapey.


Willa’s poor decision making isn’t Eric’s fault. He’s using what advantages he still has left. Right now all he’s really got is his pretty face, his 1,000 years of experience and the fact that he’s  a vampire. He has the ability to destroy the one thing Governor Burrell truly loves and he does so with Willa’s consent. There are really only two ways for this situation to pan out. Either Burrell chooses to accept his daughter as a vampire and he pulls the plug on the evil shit he’s been doing OR he sends her off to camp like she’s any other vampire.

He chose what’s behind door number 2 and sent Willa to camp. Now Eric knows where the camp is because he’s got a bond with three someones inside it. Of course he doesn’t know they got Pam yet, but he will and once he does the shit will hit the fan. Contrary to Pam’s recent beliefs that Eric no longer gives a fuck about her, he just doesn’t have time for her bullshit. He doesn’t know that Nora has been captured either and you can bet he won’t be down with that.

My guess is that Eric knows being captured is inevitable. While he could, he inflicted the maximum amount of personal damage to the governor. The problem is, I don’t think Governor Burrell is the real bad guy here.

There is nothing rage and hatred in Sarah’s eyes in that last gif. She has zero tolerance for vampires, whereas the governor clearly still sees his daughter as his daughter. Methinks that she’s been pulling the governor’s strings for quite some time and is extremely unhappy that all of her hard work could be undone by his daughter being turned. We saw the governor have a little tantrum at Ginger’s house when it became obvious that Willa wasn’t there anymore. He’s like a toddler in a grown man’s body. He never anticipated that his daughter would be used as a pawn in all of this and that was a huge oversight on his part. Either that, or he was too arrogant to think some stupid vampire could ever get the better of him. Regardless, he’s not nearly as clever as he thinks he is.

It’s only when Willa attacks him that his opinion changes. That leaves me to wonder if Willa attacked him on purpose. Was it a command from her maker that she be sent to camp so that he would be able to find her? Or was she supposed to broker some sort of truce? Either way, Eric wins.

He didn’t turn Willa for nothing. There were purposes to his decision and believe that he didn’t make the decision lightly. It wasn’t like when he turned Pam and his hand was essentially forced. Eric is a pragmatist and an opportunist. Something fell into his lap that was just too good not to pass up, and at a time when his options are so limited, he played the hand he was dealt to the best of his ability.


My gut says this camp is going to end up a Trojan Horse. Yes, the humans running it have weapons at their disposal, but vampires don’t survive for thousands of years (mostly in secret) by being foolish creatures. In his human life Eric was a warrior. He knows something about war and even Pam recognizes that fact.

Which reminds me that I’m back to being tired of Tara running her mouth. She talks a tough game and I guess kudos to her for standing up to what she believes in, but she’s made a series of shit choices over the years without really having the knowledge to back up the shit she talks. Does she really think she can just put her hands over her ears and not hear a command from Pam? Maybe that shit works with Mommy but Daddy’s not having it.

One of these days Tara will figure out that Eric doesn’t give a single fuck about being popular. He cares about survival. He values life above all else, and I don’t think Tara feels the same way despite her misguided notion of doing a good deed by setting Willa free. We see how well that worked out for her anyway. Eric accepts Tara as part of the family but that doesn’t mean she’s on his level and Tara needs to learn her place in the pecking order.

It would help if Pam actually had a conversation with her about that, by the way.

It was said somewhere that this season is all about power and how it corrupts. We see what it’s done to Bill with him having Jessica kidnap the doctor that formulated TruBlood. What possessed Bill to have an essentially newborn vampire faebysit four young fairies, I will never understand. He had to have known that eventually their smell would get the better of Jessica. I felt terrible for her at the end of the episode, not just because she feels such crushing disappointment in herself but because for all of her talk, I really don’t think Jess wants to kill pe0ple.

Then we see Rikki, Alcide’s #1 bitch, as she so aptly named herself, and how she thinks being his woman gives her more power than she really has. Like it or not, she still has to bow to someone. She obviously thinks she should be able to call her own shots but that’s not the way it works. My worry is that in trying to reel in his bitch, Alcide will exert more force than necessary to get the rest of his pack to fall in line. Or will he be spending time cleaning up Rikki’s mess? I don’t know what she said to Emma to get her to shift (aside from the threatening and the glowing eyes) but that’s some fucked up shit. You don’t threaten a child like that, lady. Just no.

Okay so we’ll move on to the Warlow situation.



There are some pretty obvious Bill parallels with the Ben storyline. Bill played on Sookie’s good nature in order to get close to her. Sookie fell for it hook, line and sinker because she knew that the Ratts were drainers and it never occurred to her that Bill knew it too when he left Merlotte’s that night. I’m convinced he knew, by the way. Hell, for all we know Bill glamoured them into draining him. I find it hard to believe those two freakshows were able to take down a vampire with just that thin piece of silver they had draped over him. Then again, maybe Bill’s just a pussy.

Regardless of all that, Sookie is smartly and rightfully suspicious of Ben from the beginning. There is definitely something off about him and it’s good to see Sookie not only catching on to that fact but formulating a plan to deal with it. Even better? She does it on her own. She doesn’t wait to run it by anyone else and she doesn’t discuss it with her brother or Peepaw Baggins; she just does it.

It’s good to see Sookie being proactive and smart. I don’t know if this is the last we’ll be seeing of Warlow but at least now he knows he’s not nearly as clever as he thinks he is and Sookie’s not without some smarts or defenses. She’s not the same naive girl she was when she met Bill and she is determined not to fall for that bullshit ever again. Sookie has zero intention of going with Warlow of her own free will and I love that she figured it all out on her own. She used her intelligence to figure out what Ben really is and relied on no one to come and save her.

This is the Sookie we know from the books and it’s nice to see her present in the show once again. She’s been missing for quite some time.

18 thoughts on “Thoughts on TB Ep 6.04 “At Last”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with all of this!!! I think this episode was one of the best, if not the best ever. I love how things are coming together and all of the parallels we are seeing between the characters. I can not wait to see where this season takes us!!!

  2. I am so picking up what you are putting down. This had to be one of the best TB episodes ever. Characters acted like they should and we got answers to at least some of our questions. I am looking forward to what happens next. TB is at a delicate point here. If they follow through with the style they have shown so far this is all going to be fantastic. If they descend into the campiness or stupidity that has marred previous seasons at this now midpoint they are going to blow it so bad that there will be no hope of a season 7. Lots of stuff is happening and we still don’t know if there is ever going to be a chance for E/S. At least this season is very entertaining. :).

  3. Aside from comments about our characters, I actually regained the enthusiasm to watch True Blood- At Last (twice). I wanted to see what you analyzed. I feel that Eric was cunning and used Willa’s turning to do some good for vampire causes. I didn’t think about using Willa to track to the camp (good point) Nevertheless, Sookie was just as cunning as Eric. They both seem to react to situations without it blowing up in their faces (unlike Bill’s ideas). In the end, all these characters will reunite for one cause- saving supernaturals. I feel that Warlow will be the way to save the vampires and shifters; however, the price to pay will be Sookie. He may use her as a bargaining tool; thus, Sookie sacrificing herself for those vampires she loves-Tara, Eric, Jessica and shifters- Alcide, Sam. The sappy me would love for Eric and Sookie to finally find each other and realize how much they are alike and admit their love each other when she is about to head off with Warlow…but then again…it’s HBO.

  4. I love this Sookie!! She’s the badass I love and respect. Eric? Hmm, I have to say I am on Scribe’s camp right now. I don’t know if this is a good move for him or not, only time will tell. I think that TB likes to take Askars’ clothes off so we’ll be distracted from the storyline and they succeed to a point but… Willa? I’m not sure that was a smart move for him. And, she may just wind up as collateral damage or a Sookie replacement?

    I don’t see Eric and Sookie ever getting together now. Tell me I am wrong and being a debbie downer but (sigh) my little shipper heart keeps getting broken.

    • I don’t think it’s over between Eric and Sookie at all right now. They’re each on their own journey at the moment and I think when they meet up again it’ll be something like…

      Sookie: So, how’ve you been?
      Eric: Tortured by a crazy governor and Sarah Newlin, but they’re dead now. You?
      Sookie: A fairy vampire tried to suck me into his web but he’s a puddle… you know… the average week in my life.
      Eric: The more things change, the more they stay the same.
      Me: NOW KISS!

      And I agree that Eric is taking a big chance with Willa but at this point, what does he really have to lose? This was his best chance at making something happen so he had to take it. Eric’s not comfortable with life on the run and he definitely doesn’t like his family being threatened. The governor pick the wrong vampire to fuck with.

  5. Agree, Agree, Agree!!! I love that “Sookie” is back & being her proactive self! As for the “Ratts” thing, Bill did admit to having engineered all that – Season 3 Finale, forced confession by a concrete-covered Eric (still so fucking sexy). Who of us did not know all along that “Ben” was Warlow? What would an ancient vampire want with a female-bearing Fae? It’s not like he can procreate with her; who is he going to get TO procreate with her? That would be the whole idea being her being a Fae who’s able to bear children, right? Unless he plans to use her as a juice box for eternity or however long Fae hybrids last… So, the simplest conclusion was Warlow himself had to be a hybrid, and a hybrid Fae at that. Now, how is Billith going to be able to stop him? And Sookie’s blood is in demand again because all of Andy’s daughters have been drained by Jessica – poor Andy! Sookie, once again, will be in the middle of two Big-Bads; one is controlling Bill (not really though – Bill’s dead) & the other, Warlow, is controlled by Billith. Talk about your family squabbles.

    Then there’s the other family squabble with Eric in the middle. He’s taking it upon himself to end the Gov.’s Nazi-esque State of Anarchy & methinks he’ll need help from a certain telepath. Strangely enough, Billith seems to be on the same side – exception being the demand of Fae blood to be used in the same way TB was used…not real sure of that. Anyway, they do seem to be working toward a common goal – that of not ending the vampires in the “camps”, however; there is more to Billith than meets the eye. The rapey thng? What’s that? Willa is an adult – a college graduate – a grown woman. She didn’t want just Eric’s blood; I think we all know what she wanted as well, virgin or not. You can’t rape the willing, scribe! It doesn’t happen that way. I honestly think that prior to Willa showing up at the Gov’s that Sarah was about to tell Truman that she’s pregnant. This would mean she REALLY is IN politics now.

    So, yes. This season is about power, and how power corrupts, especially in families. It should be interesting throughout the next 6 episodes – Brian Buckner took over at Episode 5 & I wonder what direction we’ll see now. Episode 4 of every season is always pivotal, always excellent – I think this season’s went above par. Mr. Buckner is a little different in his vision of TB…he’s not the tow-the-line Bill-lover that many others working for AB are so things may go a bit differently for the cast. He likes to change things up so characters aren’t or don’t become stagnant…rumour has it that there may be a reconciliation between the Viking & the telepath in the last 2 episodes… I don’t usually put any stock in or repeat rumours, but this comes from one of my most reliable sources, so…I’m crossing everything I possibly can because I want to see this happen!!! PLEASE!!!

  6. I am with Scribe. It was icky. I think Eric was out for revenge. Remember he held a grudge for a thousand years. And he didn’t take in much if her blood. He let her bleed out. And let her drink from a small hole rather than his wrist. To me this smells of weak maker link so he doesn’t have to feel her.

    Then we have a conundrum. Sookie is about to blow up Warlow who is the only one who can kill Lillith. But she doesn’t know this. And Niall said she is the future of the Fae but if she offs Warlow she is human.

    Then Nora who can save the Fae and vamps is locked up. Before saying how to get rid of Billith, who btw has just pissed of the locals finally.

    I don’t agree the governor changed his mind. I think Sara just took charge and is the one in charge. She is mad at Steve for how he made her look when he human (recall their conversation, she never asked how he got that way wonder why?) she just wants to grind his balls with extreme prejudice.

    I also wonder if Niall will be back. After all he did go to the other dimension and come back on his on. I think he was playing possum.

  7. love your take on the episode. lots of what you said is how i felt. there are so many things happening that some of them need to finalize soon. i feel that at the end Sookie and Eric will get together because of Eric’s fear like in the book when Siegbert had him and DeCastro ,but only time will tell.

  8. AGAIN I love every word you wrote!! I don’t feel Eric was being rapey, he didn’t fuck her. I do remember last season when Pam was dreaming about when Eric changed her and he said making a new vampire was a great responsibility and would you leave a human baby in the gutter, or something like that LOL… anyhow he has to know what he’s done but has not choice in the matter and like you said Willa did it willingly so it wasn’t like Eric did it against her will, she’s just a baby in both human years and now vamp years… I love your comments, absolutely on my same page.. and yeah Sarah is fucking pissed….LOL… I hope Steve drains her resting bitch face..

  9. I agree with the above that Sarah was just about to drop the baby bomb on the Guv. She’ll tell him that he can forget about Willa because he will have a new child to give his love to. What hogwash….. Also, I agree that Eric had his own agenda in the turning of Willa. After all, as has been said so many times, Eric ALWAYS has a plan, then a backup plan, and then another backup plan. He absolutely was running out of options, and what better way to get at your enemy but by what they love most. He proved that when he killed Talbot. Rapey? Not to me. She is an adult woman, naive for sure, but still a grown woman. She agreed all the way with the plan. He didn’t glamour her or force her. I never believed that she would get the Governor to change his mind. Eric is not foolish enough to believe that either. He sent a newborn in with a bunch of humans. He certainly had to know the likely outcome was that she would lose herself to bloodlust. So, he killed two birds with one stone. Hit back below the belt to your enemy, and find a way in to the camp. Crafty, cunning and plain old playing dirty. But, Eric is a survivor, and he had to use what was available. I agree that this was a great episode. I still can’t figure out what major character is going to meet the true death in episode six/seven. Any guesses?

  10. Aghhh….personally I couldn’t believe it when he turned her. (The only thing it really brought to the show was some much needed heat this season.) So supposedly Eric saw something in her that made him think she would be a good vampire…well that obviously happened pretty darn quick as they’ve known each other for what a couple days during which he kidnapped her! She was totally willing – almost too much so. And yes, an adult, but she is so young…she has no idea what she really wants except to get away from her dad. I get that Eric is in survival mode, but really this is the best he can come up with? TB has totally butchered the seriousness of making a vampire. Eric has just tied this young lady to him for all eternity after having known her for a day or two…. (BTW – Pam is so going to be pissed, which should be entertaining to watch) If this was really his mindset I think he would have a lot more children than just two (as of Sunday).

    The only thing that saved it for me was that they didn’t have sex. But then again that does just make it seem like he’s using her. And really, sending a new vamp off to confront her human father that quickly…..he had to know what would happen. It will be interesting to see how the whole thing plays out. And I agree – the fact that she looks exactly like Nora creeps me out! Hello casting, can we find someone who doesn’t exactly resemble a current cast member???

    I love Sarah Newlin this season – she is a great villain. The governor is all worried about vamps glamouring humans but he’s falling for the oldest glamour around….a woman’s wiles. (And we need more Steve!)

    Tara, Alcide and all the pack can go away…far away as far as I’m concerned.

    And Go Sookie! I hope we see more of this Sookie!

  11. I have to agree. It was one of the best episodes in a couple of seasons. Maybe it will continue to be one of the best seasons since season one. However I am still worried about who will die. Maybe it will be Bill? One can only hope!

  12. Just wondering what you are thinking since this week’s episode after Eric’s look of disbelief that Willa is in there with them? I had been thinking that was the plan to get him out, but now that Willa is also stuck? I’m a bit excited about the whole ‘i see you in their steve newlin’ bit in the preview for next week. My other question is that I agree that it is finally a decent Sookie (now that the woman hater is gone) and I know that she has her hands full with the Warlow situation right now, but I can never imagine a universe where Sookie doesn’t help out her friends that are all being unfairly persecuted, tortured and imprisoned with threat of final death right now. Doesn’t anyone find it strange? I know she keeps saying she wants a ‘normal’ life. Which, apparently that can happen now that she is going to use her fairy light to kill Warlow (or is she), but still I cannot imagine her ignoring what is happening with vamps in the state right now. Also, why not just leave Louisiana if your a vampire? They already took away their property etc…. so … anyways. On another note, Warlow was friggin’ hot this week and with the revelation about her parents why not just give in at this point?

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