Attention Dexter Watchers!

Anyone else get the feeling that the one coercing Sussman is Dr. Vogel? I’m fairly certain she’s the mastermind behind all of this and she’s manipulating Dexter into being her own personal killing machine. She certainly has the intelligence to be able to pull this off. Her life’s work is studying psychopaths and what makes them tick. She even makes a comment about how they both chose murder so maybe that makes them both a little crazy. I think that comment is a little foretelling about her character. It’s awfully convenient that someone broke into her house just to leave that video there so it could be proven that she was right about Sussman. She knows how to dissect a brain and the fact that she’s been given the cerebral cortex of a victim’s brain but hasn’t turned it over to the police is very telling as well. Something smells fishy right now. I don’t trust her and I’m afraid that with Dex being so lost at the moment that he’s not going to see the manipulation until it’s too late.


4 thoughts on “Attention Dexter Watchers!

  1. I am also watching how Deb is losing her empathy and Dex gaining it. This is also upsetting Dr. Vogel since she believes all pyschopaths don’t have that ability. Would Dex have been a murderer if she had not push Harry into “Harrys code” or would Harrys love, support and morals have changed Dex to see the light since it appears he is capable of feelings and determing right vs wrong. Has the good Doc gone off her rockers because her theories are incorrect and is now “pulling the plug” on the cortex?

  2. I think Dexter always had that sense of empathy in him. If he didn’t I don’t think he would have so fastidiously held onto Harry’s code. He’s almost without exception needed to have the right man on the table. He’s taken great care to ensure that he’s taking out the right person. He’s not a spree killer that kills just for the sake of killing. He’s not the usual psychopath.

    That said, I think your point about whether or not Dexter would have been a killer if not for Dr. Vogel is an interesting thought. It’s very possible that a loving family environment could have changed Dexter’s path. However, he was exhibiting trademark signs of a serial killer in the making. I think with the code it made his dark passenger feel like it was almost a calling instead of a cross to bear. As long as Dexter is operating by Harry’s code he’s just taking out the trash. Without the code, however, he’s learned that chaos ensues.

    Dexter needs that moral checkpoint, which is what is so fascinating about him.

    It’s also what makes Deb’s current state so sad to watch. She’s spiraling out and I fear that she feels like she’s so far down the rabbit hole there’s no way to get above ground again. She’s punishing herself for what she’s done to LaGuerta, which is no surprise. It’s interesting that both Deb and Dexter have basically followed a code that was put into place by Harry. Deb has always wanted to prove that she as AS GOOD of a cop as Harry, and she exceeded him on the force. Whether she deserved it or it was just Matthews giving Maria the finger for thinking she could get the better of him doesn’t really matter.

    Now Deb’s stuck in this downward spiral and it’s all because she doesn’t feel like she should be forgiven for what she’s done. What I’d be interested to know is why she killed El Sappo. Was it because she wanted the jewels to make that extra commission or was it because she knew he was a bad guy and would just go on to kill other people if she didn’t take the shot while she had it? Right now only Deb knows the answer to that but I’m curious to find out if she ever shares it with the rest the class.

    • Oh you make so much sense, we are so on the same page!! I hate that this is the last season, that’ll mean either Dexter is going to die or going to prison…. It would be nice for him to get away but the Bay Harbor butcher’s M.O. is too telling… This is one of my favorite show OMG, I love it!!
      I thought the same thing about Dr Vogel when she called him from her porch. Shit if I seen my door open and felt that one of my patients was out to get me I defiantly wouldn’t have called Dexter from right by the door… I’d be the fuck up outta there LOL… She’s a sneaky one I’ll say that much!
      And Deb….. it looks like she may try to confess to something this coming up week. I feel so bad for her because you can tell she is STILL in love with Dexter by the way she was talking to him when he woke her up from her couch…. There’s a thin line between love and hate and Deb’s sitting on the fence ready to fall off…. So sad…
      And ahhh… I’m glad she shot LaGuerta… I couldn’t stand that fake bitch. Oooooohhhhh your last paragraph about Deb killing El Sapo is interesting. She told Dex she was all fuzzy on that and she didn’t really remember what/how it happened, plus Deb is a good cop and she left her gun, so she is out of it but she’s not stupid… so yeah, I want to know too!
      Thanks for your thoughts you are so right in what you wrote!!

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