The Lengths Chapter 6

Sam was able to confirm for me that he did smell someone unfamiliar when he was at the house earlier. That wasn’t surprising. What was surprising was finding out that the person he smelled was completely human. We barely had time to digest that information before Agent Weiss came inside to introduce herself to Eric and get him caught up on the investigation so far. It didn’t take too long since there wasn’t a whole lot to report.

A rush had been put on the fingerprints that had been taken from the house when the CSI team came through. Eric’s fingerprints were already on file because of the paperwork he had to file after vampires came out of the coffin. It was going to take a while for the DNA hits to come back. I learned that it didn’t happen as quickly in real life as it did on TV where it seemed they were able to extract and analyze blood within an hour or two.

“I can have the blood made first priority at a reputable firm,” Eric told Agent Weiss. “There’s no need for the samples to sit in a backlog that will take months for it to be processed.”

“Mr. Northman, there are procedures—”

Fuck your procedures, Agent Weiss. My daughter is missing. I don’t give a fuck about your procedures!” Eric barked, and I reached for his arm, even though I felt the exact same way.

To Agent Weiss’ credit, she didn’t back down and cower in front of Eric. That being said my husband wasn’t dicking around, and did what all vampires do when they want to get their way… he glamoured her.

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  1. That is so bizarre! I don’t even know how that’s possible since I didn’t have that page open. That’s a WP malfunction of the century. However, I fixed it so you should be able to access the proper chapter now. Sorry about that!

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