True Blood S6 Ep1

Alright, alright, alright… I’m not ashamed to admit that I watched the episode three times last night because I almost always miss something the first time around. I watched it three times because… well… reasons. Reasons that will be discussed below the cut so as not to spoil anyone outside the U.S. that hasn’t seen the episode, or even anyone inside the U.S. that hasn’t seen it yet.


So I’m not going to go in any particular order here so this is a real chop job on the episode. I’m going to start with what I thought was the creepiest fucking part of the episode. Any guesses on what I’m talking about here? I’ll give you hints…

This scene was, perhaps, the creepiest fucking thing I have seen in the entire series of the show and there has been some creepy fucking shit. Werepanther rape, anyone? This scene with Jess and Bill trumps it. Easily. I worry for Jessica here and in general. She’s still so young. She’s only had what? Maybe nineteen years on the planet? She’s a baby by anyone’s standards and she’s got to deal with the enormous change of being a vampire. It just so happens that she ended up with a bag of dicks maker that treats her like she’s just a helpless little girl most of the time (like he does with most women in his life)  and here he asks her to basically be his moral compass. Of course Bill would ask a child to tell him the difference between right and wrong.

You know, since Jessica isn’t still guided by her impulses and shit.

She has a hard time grasping the concept of how Sookie can love Bill in an almost compulsory manner because of the blood Sookie’s taken from him. It’s not a choice for her anymore; it just is. Yes, on some level, Sookie still cares for the Bill that was, for the Bill she fell in love with. The problem is that Sookie recognizes, at least I think she does, that her Bill is gone. Whatever he is now isn’t just Bill. There is something more to him, something unknown and fucking scary as hell.

There is so much that Jessica has yet to really understand about the world and it’s a lot to process all at once. She’s only going to be alone if she chooses to be, and I have a feeling she’s going to continue to defend Bill’s actions, at least for the time being. It probably goes back to the abusive father she had in her human life. She’s already excused Bill for hitting her the way he did in S5, and I’m sure she had to do that for her father as well.

And speaking of father/daughter drama…

Seems to me that our beloved Pammy is still dealing with the consequences of her decision to nearly blow Sookie up back in the fourth season. There’s a whole brigade of bloggers out there that feel Pam’s being mistreated and abused by Eric, but honestly, get the fuck outta my face with that shit. Is Eric being mean to her? Yes. Could he be kinder? Sure.

Here’s the thing… Pam seems to be having an issue accepting that she’s not Daddy’s number one girl anymore. I have sympathy for her on that, I really do. The thing is, they’re being chased by Billith and they have no idea what he’s capable of doing. There’s a war going on in the outside world that pits humans vs. vampires. Jason’s prepared to start popping caps in their pulseless asses and Pam’s more worried about whether or not she’s still part of the Cool Kids club? Come on.

Pam even goes off to pout about it in the middle of all this life or death shit going on. Like really, Pam? She’s got her priorities and I can understand that this is hard for her. Being exclusively with Eric for the last 100 years has no doubt taken its toll on her. They were a nest in their own little way. Perhaps she was just trying to do the mama lion thing and protect what was hers when she almost blew up Sookie. The problem is that Eric is her maker, her superior.

He specifically told her not to harm Sookie and she opted to fire a rocket launcher or whatever that thing was straight at her. Bad Pam. Her continued second guessing of Eric’s motives is only further serving to drive a wedge between them. Just because he’s not acting with Pam as his only priority any longer doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. He could have left her in the Authority to meet the true death, but he didn’t.

Pam has a history of forcing Eric’s hand to get her way and usually, it pays off in her favor. She was turned when she wanted to be. He released her last season after she demanded it, although I don’t really think that was what she wanted. Ultimately, Pam’s proven herself to be a rather petulant and selfish character. I still love the shit out of her, but I’m getting really tired of her whining where Eric is concerned. Rather than blaming Sookie for the cracks in their relationship she should start taking a closer look at her own actions, because those are the real root of the problem.

I feel for Tara here, in some regards. She sees that it’s time for Pam to evolve and move on with her life but Pam isn’t quite ready to cut the cord yet. In the meantime she’s stringing Tara along. How ironic that Pam was put into the position of making a child she didn’t really want when she thrust herself on Eric. Of course Tara can’t replace Eric. They’re two very different people but this speaks to Tara’s comment about love not being a competition. If Pam allows it, there could be a great partnership between her and Tara but she has to actually let it happen. She and Eric weren’t BFFs when she was first turned, I’m sure. It took time for them to develop the closeness they had previously. But it’s on Pam’s shoulders to take a step back and see a world beyond Eric.

Which brings me to Nora…

Okay, so Scribe hates Nora with a passion for various reasons but I think she’s interesting. She’s also a rather unpredictable character here and only time will tell if Eric is making a mistake by trusting his sister.

Nora has the potential to be Eric’s greatest ally or his greatest enemy. This scene makes us all wonder if she might be working her own agenda in solving their Billith problem, and I’m also convinced that she knows more about Warlow than she’s letting on. I’m curious as to why his name appears in the vampire Bible. Even curiouser is his connection to fairies as well, since vampires and fairies are natural enemies. Godric turned Nora because, as Eric tells us, she’s a political genius. We all know how cunning and capable of scheming one has to be in order to be a successful politician. Nora is also easily swayed, it seems, since she so easily has fallen in and out of her religious beliefs. Her loyalties are questionable at best, and could potentially be deadly for several people at worst. But I’m curious to see where the road leads for her.

If nothing else Nora is a far more interesting character than Alcide. That threesome in the woods?


That’s all I’m going to say about that shit.

Luna dying was sad. I actually liked her quite a bit. I’m curious to see what’s going to happen with Emma, seeing as how Luna was pretty clear about not wanting Martha to have too much time with her. But since Emma’s a werewolf I’m sure there’ll be some serious drama there.

Where the fuck is Steve Newlin, by the way? He disappeared after Russell was staked and he seems to be AWOL at this point since he can’t be reached for comment. Hmm…

I’m a little worried about Jason and the knock on the head he took when he was blasted into the tree last season.  He’s been having hallucinations of his parents and clearly they are not doing a very good job of guiding him in a direction that will keep him alive. He might be a great shot and all that, but vampires are speedy little fuckers. All it takes is for one to sneak up on him and snap his neck and it’s a picture wrap on ole Jase. Not all vampires are going to be as restrained as Eric has been.

His initial run-in with Warlow is interesting but I’m not really sure of what to make of it. We’ll see how that goes, but at least now we see what Warlow looks like.

*cough* Peepaw Baggins *cough*

Also, I’m just going to leave these here because Arlene just made me lol like a boss last night.

Now here’s a stumper and something I have to wonder about. According to Claude, Sookie is half fae. Andy’s quadruplets are obviously half fae. They matured into toddlers in just a few hours. Assuming their growth rate is different than the average human child because of the fae in them, I’m wondering if Sookie grew up faster as well. Or is this just a continuity glitch with the writers because they, for some strange reason, haven’t figured out yet that we catch this shit? Either way… Arlene needed to give Andy that kick in the ass to take care of his daughters.

I got a little pissed off at Andy in the beginning there because he’s whining about how unfair it is to be stuck with a baby. Well welcome to the plight of single mothers everywhere! It’s not fair for women to be stuck with a child they don’t want either and for us there are serious emotional repercussions if we opt not to raise the child we get pregnant with. So boohoo, Andy. I almost feel sorry for you. Almost.

Okay, so there are only two more stops on this post before it’s over. Let’s start with Bill/Billith whatever you want to call him.

First of all, way to recognize after the fact that drinking Lillith’s blood might not have been such a great idea. But, we all know that Bill hates women that are in a position of power over him and Lillith certainly had power over him. Let’s see how he manages to kill her off, too. He’s clearly invincible since this happened.

(We’ll get to the part about her saving Eric in a minute, baby birds, I promise!)

We know he’s got walrus fangs now, that he’s having creepy as fuck visions and that Lillith can essentially possess him. Trailers suggest he can also daywalk, which is fucking scary. Asking Jessica to be his guide is… I don’t even have words. This is why people shouldn’t go diving head first into a pool if they aren’t sure there’s water in it. He talked in the finale last season about Salome and her need for power, but Bill’s not really any better. He was craftier than she was by sneaking silver into the blood he gave her to drink, but in the end, he wanted the same thing she did. People who seek power are rarely the ones that should be in a position to have it. It does things to them, taints their soul (assuming they ever had one). Bill is no exception to this.

He’s a sociopath, at best, and using Jessica’s fear of being left alone in the world to manipulate her into thinking he’s got her back when Bill has shown time and again that he only wants Jessica around when she’s useful to him or his cause. He hasn’t put in the time a maker should to really teach his progeny about life as a vampire. Everything crucial she’s needed to know, she’s had to learn from someone other than Bill.

Of course he’s right back to whining about his condition. Apparently being a possible deity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be after all. Sucks that he didn’t have a choice about whether or not to drink that blood, huh?

*hands you a tissue to wipe the sarcasm off your screen* I have to do that all the time for Scribe.

Epic. Bag. Of. Dicks.

Okay, so finally let’s do a few paragraphs on Eric and Sookie, shall we?

So let me start by saying that I had up and down moments with my OTP. Over all, I feel good about the two of them. First of all, Sookie staked Bill to save Eric. That is enormous growth for her. Sookie acknowledging that her love for Bill is essentially compulsory because of his blood is also a huge milestone for her to reach, and one that a majority of viewers have been waiting for her to get to for quite some time now. It’s good to see Sookie recognizing these things, and that she accepts that Bill Compton is gone. Whatever is inhabiting Bill’s body now isn’t just him; he’s something more. Sookie gets it and accepts it.

There were plenty of folks whining on tumblr about Sookie rescinding Eric’s invitation to her house.

The thing that I liked about this scene was how Anna and Alex played it. It was quiet and there was this unspoken respect between their characters. There were no emotional goodbyes, no pleas for her to change her mind, no feeble attempts to manipulate Sookie’s emotions. Eric has accepted her decision and understands her need for space. He gets her in a way that none of her other suitors ever have. He gives her back her house as he promised he would and there are no toddler-like tantrums as he floats out her door. There is still love there between them, which I think is obvious. It’s just not their style as a couple to go shouting it from the mountain tops or make grandiose declarations to everyone who will listen.

Eric doesn’t need to piss on her leg or feed her his blood in order for everyone else (including Sookie) to know she’s his. It’s what’s in her heart the same as it’s in his. She just needs the time to really get her head on straight. I can’t blame the girl for needed a break or for wanting to take the time to make sure of what she really wants without the influence of vampire blood clouding her judgement.

A time will come when she will invite him back; I’m sure of it. When she does, it’s going to be epic, and because it’s what she truly wants.

In the meantime it seems that both Eric and Sookie have some soul searching they need to do. There are a lot of balls in the air and things aren’t going to get any easier, judging from the little bits of future episodes HBO has given to us. (I don’t really do spoilers because I like to be surprised, just ask Scribe. It killed her that I didn’t want to know things after she saw the first three eps.) If the season continues to be as good as the first episode was, I have a feeling it’s going to be great.

Until next week, kiddies!


35 thoughts on “True Blood S6 Ep1

  1. You are right on about Bill’s manipulation of Jessica. I thought it extremely slimy and an underhanded way to pull her strings and keep her under his thumb. The whole scene in her bedroom felt contrived on Bill’s part, and I doubted his sincerity the entire time. Hell, I kept expecting him to make moves on her! Also, I agree, Sookie and Eric shared a very tender moment in her house, and I hope to hell the writers build upon their connection (I was so proud of Sookie for staking Bill when he threatened Eric!!). But I don’t like Nora. I don’t trust her and I think she will ultimately use Eric’s love of Sookie to manipulate him…we’ll see I guess. I want him to stop porking her, if nothing else!

    • I would hope that Bill never makes a move on Jessica sexually speaking because like Tara, I did not sign up for that shit. Unfortunately for Jessica, she doesn’t have the cunning to experience to be able to really deal with a master manipulator like Bill. On top of that, she’s also his progeny so I think she’s pretty effectively screwed. Even if she rebels against him he clearly has some pretty extreme power over her that he can exert anytime he chooses. Bill calling Jessica isn’t anything like when Eric calls Pam, that’s for dang sure.

      I think the moments between Eric and Sookie are different by design. There has to be a difference in their relationship or it’s not special and it’s obvious that despite their talk of Sookie and Bill being the “it” couple on the show, that isn’t what the narrative is telling us. Everything has been building toward Eric and Sookie having their shot and because the series has strayed so far from the books I am sincerely doubting they’re going to take some oddball left turn and have Sookie hook up with Sam from out of nowhere or become cuddly besties with her ex who has now died twice and is still around.

      Then there’s Nora. What I love about that character is that I don’t know what to make of her. My inner angst whore is hoping she tries some shit because it will mean she ends up going up against her brother. Eric was able to get the best of Russell Edgington, someone three times his age. Nora may let her intelligence get the better of her and that’s all the opening Eric will need to defeat her as well in order to save the girl (if it comes to that). But yes, less sexy times with her would also be nice.

    • I’m with you on Nora. From the very beginning I didn’t trust her and I still don’t. I too would really LOVE it if they would stop with Eric and Nora having sex. It’s disturbing somehow to not only see Eric with someone other than Sookie, but she’s supposed to be his sister. On some level that just seems wrong even though they are not true siblings. That’s just me though.

  2. Thank you!! This is exactly what I was thinking, for all of it! I didn’t understand the volatility over Sookie rescinding Eric’s invitation either. He completely understood why she needed it, just like she knew HE understood. There wads so much that went unspoken between them, it was very well played by Alex and Anna.

    As for the “Pam and her issues” business… I did love her, a lot, but the way her character has turned into an immature, whiny child is very off-putting. To me, it’s as though she doesn’t respect her maker enough anymore to follow his decisions, and of course it’s going to grate on Eric’s nerves. Not the time and place, darling, so please shut it. She didn’t seem to freak out as much when she found out Russell killed Eric’s human family. So why is it a big deal now? Questions, questions… 😉

    Thanks, my lady! 🙂

    • The shippers just get all rabid fangirl. Internally, I had that moment too because I just want to put my babies in a room together so they can play kissyface without Billith, Pam, Nora, Warlow, Alcide, Ben or anyone else trying to fuck it up for them. My inner fangirl just wants them to be happy and in love and is always screaming, “I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP, GODDAMNIT!”

      The realist in me knows it can’t be that way. The writer in me knows that growth is pivotal for characters and Sookie needs this time to grow into a woman that’s READY to be with a man like Eric. The time will come and my inner shipper says it shall be glorious.

      Then there’s our beloved Pammy… off-putting is a very nice way to put it. Yes she’s still funny. Yes, she still handles her business. However, as you said, time and place. She chose the absolute wrong moment to get in Eric’s face about Nora and unfortunately for Pam, she isn’t educated enough about Lillith, Billith or Warlow to be of much help to Eric. Because she’s clearly not willing to fall in line and do what she’s told, what good is she really to Eric right now? She, of all people, should know how his mind works. He’s trying to strategize a way to not only save Sookie’s life, but Pam’s and everyone elses. There are some pretty troubling things happening all at once and for Eric, his relationship with Pam isn’t at the top of his list of priorities. For Pam, it’s another story.

      Hopefully Pam will pull her head out of her ass and start to see what Eric is seeing now that Fangtasia has been effectively shutdown at gunpoint.

  3. Thanks for that post, it sucks having to wait til Autumn in England! Have to say I don’t like Nora’s character either, I was hoping she’d be gone this season.

    • From a speculation standpoint, I think it’s entirely possible she could be one of the vamps that gets 86’d before the season is over, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. All of her political maneuvering could maneuver her into the true death. I’m hoping by Eric ripping her head off to save Sookie, tbh.

  4. For us over the pond , there’s always a way to beat the 6 month delay ( waiting sucks hehe ) I have to say that it was a lot better than I thought it was going to go , I loved the way Eric handled Pam, yip I agree with you that Pam really don’t like sharing her daddy and now she’s not only got Sookie to whine about but also a new aunty (hehe )

  5. Did you watch the “inside the episode” interview with Stephen Moyer who directed the episode? I thought his comments were insightful, especially the part about Sookie rescinding Eric’s invitation. SM’s comment was something to the effect that the “intent” of the person who rescinds the invitation effects how the vampire is “evicted”. Because Sookie was caring and not angry or fearful, Eric’s floated gently out the door. He compared that to some of the very dramatic exits he was forced to make in previous seasons when Sookie rescinded his invitation. I plan to watch this episode over a couple of times for the same reason you did. I am stoked about season 6, and can only hope the writers come through for the other 9 episodes.

    • I did watch it. That was all over tumblr like WHOA. Still is, actually lol. He did a fantastic job directing the episode, and it sounds to me like SMoyer is an Eric and Sookie shipper. It is fascinating to know that intent matters in that universe, and it definitely shows in the way the scenes have played out. Regardless of that, I couldn’t see Eric doing what Bill did, hanging onto to the door while making his pleas to stay with bloody tears rolling down his face. That just isn’t Eric’s style.

  6. My husband and I got into the “why didn’t Sookie do the crazy fast-forward aging thing as a kid” conversation. (Who the hell knew he was even paying attention for the past 5 seasons??!) Anyway, the only thing I can come up with is that Sookie is much less than 1/2 fairy. Between the SVM, TrueBlood and the virtual mountain of fanfic I have read I can’t recall, anymore, how big the fraction is supposed to be on TB. Anyone remember? Thanks XO

    • Sookie is only 1/8 fae. Her grandfather was I/2 fae, her father 1/4, making her 1/8. The continuity error came from last season when Claude told her she was I/2 fae.

      • That’s what I thought but then Claude said she was half fae so I wasn’t sure. I was basing my comments off of what Claude said when Sookie went to the fairy club and they light tested her. Even so, it begs the question of whether or not she physically matured at a different rate than the average child and if that was something anyone ever paid much attention to. I’m just curious, but I doubt that’s a question they’ll ever answer for me.

  7. this honestly may have been the most coherent episode i’ve seen in ages. Did younotice that Stephen Moyer directedit? i wonder if its justa one-off.

    so he’s reallyWarlow? He didnt really outright say, didhe? I thought for sure he’d beNiall…oh who thefuck knows…lol

      • What really confuses this issue is that have been articles regarding the casting (before the season started) that stated that he was going to portray Niall.

      • Hi switbo! Don’t believe everything you see…the man driving the car; where did he go? Rutger Hauer’s character is one named Marlow, not Warlow; in the “spoiler” notes we receive, he’s listed as a very distant relative of the Stackhouses. It’s not indicated anywhere that his character is named Niall, but… The fun part is the name being so close to that of the named enemy. Is Marlow friend or foe? Is he Fae or is he Vampire? Is he Niall, or isn’t he? Tune in to TB to find out! (only cause meg doesn’t like spoilers!)

      • I was basing that off a post on True Blood’s facebook page located here:

        This was a collection of pictures of characters in the upcoming season.and it has a pic of Rutger Hauer with “Niall Brigant” following his name.

        I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

  8. Great commentary on the first episode, meg! I agree with all you’ve had to say! I just have to point out one thing – Jason didn’t shoot Warlow. It appears as if he shot the person driving the car, but where did he go? And was it Warlow? I know you don’t like spoilers (neither do I, but I can’t help from seeing them), so I won’t reveal anything except to say that Jason didn’t shoot Warlow. As I was typing up the recap for the TB Wiki today, I was also thinking about Sookie’s reaction to Bill & how for the first time she wasn’t running off crying, “Beel”, and thanking the Writing Gods for writing some sense into TV Sookie. With only 4 episodes done by one producer, then the last 6 by new producer, Brian Buckner, I think we’re going to see some very much needed character growth in some of our favorites. The stagnation period may be over! This brings me hope for a 7th season, which of course will only depend upon the ratings of this season! I’d love to see the show go out on a great note, but please, not with Bill as our hero. Great article in Rolling Stone about the show too, in case you’re a reader. Final note, I hope you’re still as happy with Sookie in a few weeks. I’m just sayin’.

    • You know what I loved about Sookie staking Bill?

      Check out that little smile on her face after Eric says what he says. She fucking smiles!

      This is a huge, enormous, wonderful, fantastic, great-for-my-shipper-heart moment! Sookie is smiling and even better, she’s not apologizing for what she did. Not so long ago she would have been begging Bill for forgiveness and trying to pack pedal with Eric. Not anymore. Her desire to get back to being the girl in the white dress? It’s guiding some of her decisions and if she wants to be that girl it means not being a Bill drone and defending him at all costs the way she has in the past. It’s time for her to truly let go of him and let him find his own fate. The first step to that is to stop apologizing for worrying about herself first, IMO.

      Also, the hysteria over this being the final season was ridiculous. If this was the final season of True Blood, they would have been promoting the shit out of it and they didn’t do that. So bitches got all up in a tizzy for nothing. It is, however, a little frustrating that Hudis was given the boot because he wanted to do away with so many of the unnecessary storylines that have been floating around. We’ll see if Buckner taking the reins is a huge mistake or not. If the rest of the season manages to stay as tight as this first episode was, we have nothing to worry about.

      • I know! I loved that scene! I loved it when he stabbed himself with the pen & she gasped, so concerned for him! Sook, c’mon! He’s a vampire; it’s not like it’s gonna hurt him! The concern was touching & all the scenes were meant to show that there are clearly sparks remaining to be kindled. I read a recent article where Brian Buckner (not a Bill & Sookie shipper) stated it was time for the characters to move on…there would be character growth this season (so glad no one was home to see my doing my happy dance) for the main ones because otherwise they were beginning to stagnate. I didn’t expect to see this right out of the gate though! Sookie’s shown major growth already & makes me like her as much as I did S1 Sookie.

        As for this being the last season, I still say it’s up in the air. Ratings mean everything, especially to a cable premium channel. HBO hasn’t spent much money promoting TB for the past 2 season (S5 & current). They’ve got “Game of Thrones,” along with a group of other new shows to promote, so putting a bulk of money into a 6th season show isn’t their idea of great accounting. They need to put the money into the newer shows that will have the audiences once TB has finally ended. I really hope it’s not because I want another season of TB & I want to see it go out with BANG! The title of the last episode for the season doesn’t bode well though…

        One last note, speaking of HBO, my deepest sympathies & condolences to the family of James Gandolfini, who excellently portrayed Tony Soprano in HBO’s “The Sopranos” for many years. His performance as the head of the mobster family will not soon be forgotten, and his presence in his many other roles were as spectacular. An actor’s actor is gone, but not soon forgotten. May he rest in peace.

      • Well, I’ll just say this. I know someone that knows someone (as we all seem to these days thanks to the internet) that told me the writers at True Blood weren’t told by the brass to write a series finale. Could that mean nothing? Sure. But I think it means we’ll get at least a 7th season. And can you blame the network for promoting the series less? Alan Ball issued a public apology ON TV after the S3 finale because even HE knew how bad the season was. Like really? The show held such amazing promise the first season and because they decided to run away with the sex and violence it seems like everything got off course. There was so much that feels like it was done purely for shock value and it tanked their show. After a while, people get sick of seeing it. Then you throw in all the superfluous storylines we’ve all been forced to sit through to get to the good stuff and of course the ratings are going to go in the crapper. ABalls not coming back may be the best thing that ever happens to this show.

      • Amen to AB not returning, and can I get some Lafayette “Hallelujahs!” His vision of TB was straight out of an acid trip of the 70’s. Hello, Mr. Ball, the 70’s called & want their bad trips back! S2 was something I hope I never see again, especially in my nightmares! Great quote from the character of Kevin this season to Mike Spencer, “TMI, Mr. Spencer, TMI!” The black-eyed peas were just too over the top as was the S3 revenge fucking & twisting of Lorena’s head during the act. I know these are supposed to be vampires, but Gumby vamps? Honestly? Where the hell was Pokey? I fully expected something on that level. I have to give some sort of credit to AB for S4, even if it wasn’t completely what most of us wanted; we still got AE & Sookie in a torrid affair for a short time, so it was better than nothing at all. She loves him & it’s clearly evident in her avoidance of his presence. I have faith in Brian Buckner to make BIG changes to storylines that should go more with the pace of things that have been established – such as Sookie & Beel’s relationship being dead & gone!

  9. okay i have a qestion. Sookie had Bill’s blood not Billith. So does that mean she is now cleansed of his influence since Lillith’s blood transformed him and he is no longer himself. does that mean that they only blood she still has in her is Eric’s? Hmmmm or are the writers changing that one up too, since they never really spoke about bonding except during Eric’s short amnesia stint and it really wasn’t mentioned again except for Bill getting his blood back into Sookie after the gunshot? just thinking out loud …Kristie

    • No, she still has Bill’s blood in her as well as that first step in the blood bond with Eric. So, she’s got the blood tie with Bill, but the beginning of a blood bond with Eric. I don’t think they’re going to make a big deal out of it considering the mess it made with the books, but it’s easy enough. Eric’s blood tie & bond with Sookie should supersede any tie she has with Bill simply due to Eric’s age & power of his blood. However, due to the amount of Bill’s blood Sookie has had, she was pretty much of a blood slave to Bill prior to Eric. That’s why it was so important to Bill that he get more of his blood back into her after she was shot in S4 – he needed to be able to control her again. Didn’t work so well though, did it? Good old Viking blood did its magic!

  10. Andy’s babies are literally half fae: fae mother, human father. My understanding of Sookie’s background is that while the fae use the term “halfling” to refer to human-fae hybrids, she most likely has a much smaller percentage of fae blood, even if the genes are manifesting in her now. She may have some fae powers, but I think she’d have to have a much higher percentage of fae blood to grow faster, if that makes sense.

    And while I enjoy Pam’s snarky mouth, she needs to grow the hell up. She has always been blatant about being selfish — and unapologetic — but there comes a time when that character trait is going to stop being entertaining in a sarcastic way and just becomes annoying. She’s now finding that out and she needs to grow up and adapt.

  11. I agree with everything you had to say I LOVED this episode!!! I thought the man that picked up Jason was Niall not Warlow I thought from the promo’s Warlow was the guy in Black with the long hair I could be wrong though can’t wait to watch and find out.

    • I think Niall and Warlow are the same person but only time will tell. And if Warlow is fae AND a vampire who’s to say that he can’t change his form when it suits him? PeePaw Baggins certainly doesn’t seem as threatening, just like he’s a little old man out for a drive. I doubt even Jason would be dumb enough to get in a car with a shadowy figure that looked menacing. Then again, he also thinks his parents are talking to him, sooooo….

  12. Nice Recap!

    I totally agree – the Billith and Jessica bedtime scene was disturbing. She’s so young and she’s supposed to be his moral compass….yeah right! Not to mention how he treated her last season. I also thought that the moment was going to take a sick passionate turn and held my breath until he walked away. They all need to figure out how to kill him and totally get rid of Lillith.

    The Pam and Eric dynamic will be very interesting to watch. I totally wanted to slap her whinyass! And Tara…she just can’t have a normal relationship can she?

    I was glad they seemed to focus on the vamps and Sookie with minimal time spent with Andy and his growing family, Alcide and his harem and Sam with his new wolf daughter. This show needs more focus…

    Nora…friend or foe? Hmmm…I think she could be a very interesting player this season. She is so going to use Sookie when push comes to shove. Personally I’m hoping that Pam decides that Sookie is the lesser evil and sides with her as they take on Nora and whoop her ass!

    Eric and Sookie totally stole the episode. The reconnection was nicely done and meaningful. Although the E/S shipper in me so wanted her to hug him and not let go as he turned to leave her house….but I can be patient and it will be better when they come together later (they will, right?!?!?!) Sookie’s seems a little wiser…but will it stick? Or will she fall back into Beel-love when he decides to fight back Lillith?!?

    The beautiful thing about Sookie’s rescinding of Eric is that at some point she will invite him back in….and it will be so worth it!

    So are you going to continue recapping the rest of the season? I hope you do! Thanks!

  13. It’s interesting that you (and so many others apparently) took Sookie’s statement about loving Bill being in “her blood” now to mean that she understood that her love for Bill was compulsory because of his feeding her his blood. That wasn’t my take on that statement at all. I thought at the time that she was just making a whiny, overly dramatic “he was my first….I can’t help but always love him” statement.

    And it pissed me off so much that I had to pause the dvr and rant at my husband about what a load of bullsh&* that was. There is no law that says you have to “always love” your first. I wouldn’t give my “first everything” the time of day and all he did was cheat on me. Bill glamored the Ratts into beating the crap out of her so that he could trick her into taking his blood so that he could control her and give her to his queen as a chew toy. If I were her, I wouldn’t pi$$ on him if he was on fire. Ugh.

    Anyhoo, My point is that I much prefer your take on that statement and will be praying to the TB gods that you’re right!

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