Completed Stories Available For Downloading

Hello lovelies!

So thanks to Storiesforevy putting her stories up for download, I am now converting my stories to PDF and Mobi files so they can be downloaded. As of this post, I have only converted Over You and The Playground to Mobi format. I will take requests for others, so leave me a comment here on this post and I will get other stories formatted as time permits. I need to edit Hot For Teacher before anyone asks me for that, and it will take me a while to do since that story is 60 chapters long and I know it’s a hot mess.

This also applies to anything that I have written with Scribeninja, so if you’re interested in having any of the Brainmates stories, you can ask for those as well.

Get Over You here.

Get The Playground here.

I’ll be posting a new chapter of The Lengths either sometime later today or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


29 thoughts on “Completed Stories Available For Downloading

  1. Yay! I downloaded all of Storiesforevy’s fantastic stories. Would LOVE if you put all of yous in mobi as well. Thanks!

  2. I love your stories and hate that I am so far behind reading them. It would help me (others) if in listing the stories at the top of the page your used one color for complete works and another color for WIP. My favorites of the ones I’ve read are all of them, but especially Vampire’s Assistant, Hot for Teacher and Blood Buzz. I have .pdfs that I created using Storymaster but .mobi is great for my Kindle.

  3. Thank you, so kind of you to do this! I’d never downloaded to my kindle (other than from Amazon) before doing Storiesforevy’s and lucky for me they just popped onto my kindle without me doing anything. The Playground went straight to my kindle but I keep getting an error message for Get Over You. Is there something else I need to do as I’m still green with downloading to mobile?

      • ooh, forgot to say I’d love to download whatever you can convert as I’ll read them all again. I wish you could make some money out of your writing or change names and submit? I’d happily pay if you published work electronically.

      • I would have to look into the process for how that works to make sure I’m not stepping on toes legally. It would be easier to do with my AH stories than with the canon ones. I’ll keep everyone informed if I decide to convert to original fiction. If I do that, the stories will be pulled from my blog prior to publishing, though. We’ll see what happens.

      • Yes your AH stories stand alone so you should be ok legally. After all the stories are yours and you’re only borrowing the character names. You could do future AH stories with their characters in mind but use different names. I bought Deborah Court’s Virgin Dancer through Amazon.

        When I read Fifty Shades trilogy I was amazed at how much they reminded me of quite a few earlier fanfiction stories for SSVM, right down to certain sayings all through the books. I’ve always wondered if SSVM fanfiction was her inspiration.

  4. You are amazing! I’m so excited that you helped out Evy and got her amazing stuff back up for all of us loyal fans, and I’m super excited that you’re doing the same! Is there a way to set up a donation for you guys? Because I would love to help fund your creativity! You are among the few that are fantastically more talented than most published writers 😉 Here’s my favorites that I would love to be able to download (even though I would actually download it all if possible)
    Hot For Teacher
    Buried Alive By Love
    Burning Down the House
    Can’t Stop This Thing We Started (plus out takes)
    Everything’s Not Lost

    (Is there a way to put a bug in MissyDee’s ear, hint, hint, her stories would also be a treasure to be able to download)

    • Unfortunately it’s against the law for us to charge for fanfiction, so as much as I appreciate your willingness to pay for the work I can’t legally accept the money. But thank you, though. That’s very sweet of you.

      I can certainly make files for Burning Down the House and Everything’s Not Lost but they aren’t complete. If people REALLY want them, I can do it.

      As I said, Hot For Teacher will take a while because I know it needs editing. The same can be said for Buried Alive By Love. I can probably get Can’t Stop This Thing We Started ready by the end of next week.

      I’ll mention it to Missy. I’m working on putting Crash Into Me together because that’s my favorite Missy Dee story. I’ll email her the file when I have it and if she wants to make it available for downloading, that’s up to her.

  5. THANKS so much for providing these in mobi format which is so handy for travelling, wifiless places…

    There is one story I was never able to find (or I was just not looking in the right place) which I think was called The Vampire Series? I think on FF there is still part 4 (the vampire bride) but I could not find other parts…

  6. I love all your stories from you and Scribeninja. I would love them all to download. I know I’m greedy but you two are in my top 5 writers that I love.

  7. These are fantastic! I am enjoying reading The Playground agin 🙂
    Just a note, it went straight from the end of chapter 33 to the start of chapter 35. Not sure if the chapter has been misplaced elsewhere. I can’t find the chapter heading by doing a search. As far as the ‘Table of contents’ at the end is concetned, there doesn’t appear to be any other chapters missing.
    Thankyou so much for this! This is amazing!

  8. I would love if you could add.

    Everything’s Not Lost
    Hot for Teacher
    Blood Buzz
    Burning Down the House

    These are a few of my favorites off the top of my head!

    Thanks, Meg x

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