Dead Ever After: A Fan’s Outrage

I want to start off this post by saying that I haven’t read the book and I’m choosing not to. For those that are intending to read it, I’m going to put the rest of this post under a cut so I don’t spoil any of it for you if you’ve been avoiding spoilers like the plague. Although, by the time you finish the book you may wish for the plague instead…

Let me just go back in time a little bit to just before the start of the second season of True Blood. I remember hearing all of these things about this show on HBO but I never really paid cable shows that much attention. I wasn’t really into the whole vampire thing (outside of Buffy) and it just never really seemed to grab my interest. But I had heard about the show being nominated for (and winning) all of these awards so I figured I’d give it a shot since the show was On Demand. I wasn’t even through the first episode of True Blood and I was hooked. I watched the entire first season in less than twenty-four hours I was so hooked.

I wanted more.

I wanted to devour everything I could about the show and its characters and the very next day I was at the library checking out every Southern Vampire Mysteries novel I could. I remember having to wait for Dead to the World and having a fucking hissy fit. I was checking my email and text messages constantly, hoping that the library was alerting me that my book had come back into circulation so I could go pick it up.

Before season two had started I had read everything I possibly could. I was positively hooked. I was in love with the characters and I was so excited about being able to immerse myself in the make believe world of Bon Temps. It was fascinating to see these characters that I had spent so much time reading about coming to life. To see them move, speak, fall in love, run for their lives… all of those things was just amazing. Falling in love with a fandom is a big deal, which you know if you’ve done it. Something just takes a hold of you and regardless of how silly it might seem to others, you just can’t get enough.

I was a total addict.

I bring all of this up because quite honestly, it wouldn’t be possible without the books. True Blood and SVM are quite obviously two very different entities, which took me a long time to digest, but my focus here is on SVM. Those books are the basis for a show that gripped millions of people and got them to read books that may never have been read otherwise. True Blood helped to make Charlaine Harris a notable author in a genre full of sometimes very campy writers. There was something unique to her work because unlike most vampire writers, Charlaine made her vampires public. She took them out of the coffin and made them more human, in a way.

She presented us with complex characters that clearly had their pros and cons. In the beginning, Sookie was this small town girl struggling to find love and acceptance after being saddled with one tragedy after another and a remarkable ability she saw as nothing but a disability. Even in the face of hardship, death threats and intimidation from supernatural beings that could kill her before she took her next breath, Sookie maintained her poise, strength, creativity and kindness to survive one sticky situation after another. Over the course of the series she is forced to go through things that would change anyone’s character for the worse, and it seems that is what happens.

Because Sookie is a human being she isn’t without her flaws and faults. She can be selfish, cold, self-righteous and argumentative. There are times when she appears ungrateful for the kindness bestowed upon her. Instead of saying thank you, or seeing the bigger picture, Sookie poo-poos away the things people say or do because it doesn’t fit her moral code. She sees things with the eyes of an idealist instead of the way they really are.

Yet, even when she’s excruciatingly frustrating, I couldn’t help but root for Sookie because I wanted to see her triumph and outsmart some of these arrogantly, supposedly superior, other beings. Whether it was Rene, Steve Newlin, Lorena, Marnie Stonebrook, Mickey, Charles Twining, Sweetie Des Arts, the fairies, Felipe de Castro, Victor Madden, Sophie-Anne, Andre, Alcide, Quinn, Bill or even Eric himself… I wanted to see Sookie come out on top. Of course it’s not logical for her to beat all of the odds and because of that Sookie did more of her share of suffering along the way. Whether it was being clawed be the Maenad, being staked in Jackson, being shot outside the library, having her house set on fire by Charles Twining or being tortured by the fairies, Sookie has suffered.

That’s not even taking into consideration the molestation and early death of her parents.

I wanted to see Sookie overcome these things, learn from them and see them make her a stronger person. There’s a group of bloggers I follow on tumblr that talk about how the abuse and the general treatment Sookie has received has made her behavior understandable. I don’t know that I completely disagree with that. Sookie has the choice to rise above the things that she goes through, but rather than actually dealing with her problems or the trauma she’s faced, she always puts it off for another day that never comes. In doing this, it makes her a meaner, more bitter person. As the books go on, she becomes less and less likeable a character for me.

There’s a part of me that wonders if the regression of Sookie’s character is because of her inability to cope with the trauma she’s suffered, or if it’s because the author began to despise the characters she created. Based on the things I’ve read about the way Dead Ever After was told, I’m guessing it was more of the latter.

The last complete book I read was Dead In the Family and it lacked the same energy and caring the other books had. Dead Reckoning was a fucking nightmare that I didn’t even finish. I’ve barely set eyes on a copy of Dead Locked and I have no desire whatsoever to read Dead Ever After.

I’m not sure what changed for Charlaine. Was it pressure from her publishers to keep characters around that she intended to kill off? Did she let True Blood interfere with the story she intended to tell? She always said she knew the way the story was going to end. The problem is that the heart of the story became a convoluted mess. There were so many unnecessary subplots and things that took away from the most interesting parts of the series. If the ending that she always intended was for Sookie to be with Sam she put absolutely no build up into it. From what I’ve read in spoilers and reactions from readers that have actually read Dead Ever After, Sam sounds like she’s settling and not like he’s the great love of her life.

Maybe Sookie’s okay with making her life with someone she has lukewarm feelings for because her sense of entitlement where Eric is concerned got the better of her. Maybe she doesn’t need to feel passionately about her mate. Maybe Sookie wants something that’s safe after all of the risks she’s taken.

Whatever her reasons for choosing Sam, of call people, it doesn’t make sense.


Truthfully, I didn’t expect her to be with Sam at the end. I always assumed that vampire politics would end up getting between them and cause them to go their separate ways. I figured one of two things would have to happen in order for them to stay together.

  1. Eric would have to turn Sookie against her will, which I don’t think he would ever do because he loves and respects her too much to disregard her feelings so severely.
  2. Eric would have to become the king of at least Louisiana so that he could keep her safe.

So no, it’s not surprising that they’re not together at the end of the series.

What is shocking to me is the way Charlaine went about breaking them up. It seems to me that this last book puts every character at their absolute worst. Eric whines about Sookie not using the Cluviel Dor to get him out of the marriage to Freyda (even though it seems like it would have been the logical thing to do if Sookie was truly in love with Eric). Sookie whines about Eric not trying hard enough to get out of a contract that was initiated by his rapist maker. It just seems to me like everything got turned on its ear for this last book and it doesn’t make a lick of sense. Everything she spent nine books building was destroyed rather haphazardly in the last two and a half books or so.

The final straw for me was Alcide laying naked on Sookie’s bed in Dead Reckoning. The breaking of the bond was a complete and total cop out.

:: CUE RANT ::

Charlaine has said repeatedly that she hated the blood bond because fans would ask her about it all the time. Well duh! She was the one who invented it and put it into her work. She’s the one that made it a big fucking deal. If she didn’t put enough thought into the mythology behind it that was her own stupid fault. This is the problem with her plotting on post-it notes and throwing in all of those bomb in the garden ideas of hers. I’ve done it before too. It sounds like a really great idea at the time, like you can’t pass it up, but then you have to figure out how to dig yourself out of the hole you’re in. Those ideas aren’t necessarily bad ones but they need to be explored more fully and she didn’t consider how the blood bond was going to comeback to bite her in the ass later on. She has no one to blame for that but herself, and by that point she had already built up Eric and Sookie’s relationship so much that it was expected that at some point they would become a real couple. Again, all her fault. That wasn’t fan pressure, that was her. To turn around and blame fans for having an expectation of Sookie choosing Eric in the end when she always planned for Sookie to choose Sam but built up nothing to make that decision logical? Well, I guess that falls under the realm of Sookie once again being unable to control her impulses and making a decision in the heat of the moment that she doesn’t completely think through.


Then there’s the issue of Charlaine’s rape apologist bullshit.

It pisses me off to no end that Sookie refuses to acknowledge what Bill has done to her and the way she excuses his behavior because he was experiencing bloodlust. It’s the same as saying, “Well, he was drunk at the time and he didn’t mean it so it doesn’t count.”

No means no, motherfucker!

Sookie isn’t the only rape victim in this story, obviously. Eric is also a victim of rape, and just like with Sookie, it’s an issue that’s completely glazed over like it’s no big deal. I’m not suggesting that Eric and Sookie should have been skipping off to support group meetings together, but jfc…

I get the impression now that Charlaine never meant for anyone to see Eric as a hero. Perhaps some readers have romanticized him too much and they have this flowery notion of who he is, but again, that’s partially Charlaine’s fault. She presented us with this fascinating character with more than a thousand years of living under his belt. She made him dangerously sexy and built him up to be a Viking sex god. He’s got the greatest butt Sookie’s ever seen and he’s a hell of a kisser. He defends the woman he loves, gives her what she needs and saves her life more than once. He takes a bullet in the chest for her, gives her his blood when she’s staked, covers her body with his own during the attack in Dallas, offers up himself to be bonded to her in Rhodes so she won’t be bonded to Andre… the list goes on and on.

If Charlaine never meant for us to see Eric as a romantic hero then why did she build him up to be one?

I’m disappointed for Eric to get the ending that he got as well. Not necessarily because he didn’t end up with Sookie but because it seems his ending mirrors her own in that he’s really in no better position than when this began. He’s negotiated a contract for a 200 year ‘marriage’ that pretty much makes him a slave to a woman he doesn’t want anything to do with. Eric has two choices, as far as I can tell. He could either submit to this marriage, as his maker desired, r he can take his own life.

What lovely choices he has, huh?

I suppose it’s unfair to say that Sookie should have used the Cluviel Dor to stop this marriage, and that it was her choice to save Sam’s life. However, it seems like the more heartless of the two choices to make. I think that shows her lack of feeling where Eric is, and it’s always been that way. Regardless of any build up there was between these two characters in the books, at the end of the day, I have a hard time believing Sookie truly loves anyone but herself, and even that’s questionable. Actions speak louder than words, and despite her claims to love Eric, she’s been cruel to him every chance she gets.

What I’ve come away with, from this series, as that Sookie isn’t a very lovable character. I have a very bad feeling about her now. Yes, we can throw pity parties for her all day long and that’s fine, but she’s just not very likeable. Despite her inner monologue suggesting a lack of tolerance for some of the people she risks her life to save, she keeps going back for more. She’s become a martyr, in my opinion, and that’s not very attractive. The Sookie in the first half of the series owned her decisions and it stopped feeling like she really gave a shit.

Again, I don’t know if that was Sookie’s evolution or if it was because of Charlaine’s waning interest in her own characters. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t sit well with me and it leaves me feeling as if I wasted a lot of time on this series of books. I never thought I would see the day when I would say that True Blood is the better option of the two.

Now do I agree with the death threats being lobbed at Charlaine on her Facebook page? No, I don’t. I understand outrage, feeling cheated and being upset by the end of the series. I am and I haven’t even read it. Making death threats is a big no-no and pretty extreme considering this is nothing more than a story I’m upset over.

It does, however, anger me that Charlaine knew the reaction to her last entry in the series was going to disappoint a lot of readers and she’s opted to hide out and have her PR machine weave a tail of woe on her behalf.

Your book sucked, and the fans called you on it.

Even more upsetting is that she thinks there’s a small group of fans that are basically whiners because we didn’t get the ending we were hoping for, for the pairing we liked best. That’s a bunch of immature horseshit. Yes, I’m sure there are some that are mostly disappointed about Eric and Sookie not ending up together. I would venture to say that the majority of those that are dissatisfied with the ending don’t feel that way just because their ship was sunk; it’s because her ending made zero fucking sense!

She said she had an ending planned from the beginning and she intended to stick with it. If what she always intended was for Sookie to chase her tail and suffer through thirteen books, then I’d say she did it fantastically. Unfortunately, the ending she had all mapped out didn’t match the story she told and it ends up reading like a ridiculous cop out and yet another rash decision by a woman that’s proven she never truly thinks anything through. And maybe that’s Sookie’s biggest character flaw, her inability to process a complete thought. Perhaps she’s too caught up in her self-righteousness to see that she’s losing out on a lot of good things in order to hold onto that anger and sense of being ‘right’.

I would have preferred to see Sookie end up on her own, a strong, independent woman who doesn’t settle for whatever safe crumbs are thrown her way. Instead she chooses Sam with her tail between her legs. I guess he’s better than no man at all must have been the logic there. The ‘unpredictable’ ending she came up with worked, but only in the capacity that she made Sookie completely unlikeable, at least in my eyes.

I won’t be spending anymore money on this series, or any of Charlaine Harris’ future works.

At this point, all I can say is thank fuck for Wifey’s new story Stay, because at least that’ll give me something better to cling to than the horrible fanfiction that is our canon.

75 thoughts on “Dead Ever After: A Fan’s Outrage

  1. I think, above all the other bullshit, the rape denial is what really makes me angry.

    Sookie was raped. Period. I’ve read that scene over an over trying to see it from all angles, but the truth is she said no and tried to fight him off. It’s a horrific scene, truly.

    CH and her publishers have tried to diminish it, by calling it things like “an unfortunate incident” or “attempted assault” and that just makes me ragey.

    And the final nail in the coffin for me was the Sookie/Bill scenes in both DL and DEA. All the sexual inuendoes between them about “Miss America Tit”, “Olympic kissing champ” and the nude hidey hole scene. I just can’t. I’ve lost all respect for CH.

    • as someone who was almost raped and knows people who have been, these books have done nothing to further the cause for victims of sexual crimes. there is already a stigma attached to rape and SVM pretty much give the advice of put up and shut-up. disgusts me and anyone who accepts this plot line has lost my respect also

      • I would take it a step past put up and shut up to not only forgive and forget, but trust your rapist more than the man that has been honest and saved you more than once. I truly believe that both CH and AB hate smart and independent women and think we should all shut up and wait to be rescued by assholes that don’t think we can put two thoughts together in our pretty little heads. I’m going to read your next comment now, I totally agree with your first.

    • What makes it even more disgusting is that CH herself was raped, you think she would know a little more about it than to treat it as such. I have definitely lost all respect for her, not that I had much to begin with.

  2. I have written a VERY long review over on amazon detailing just 10 things that were wrong with this book. In fact, the majority of the 400plus 1 star reviews are quite detailed. the 100ish 5 star reviews though are mostly quite short, follow the same script, (loved the book. sad to see it go. thanks CH’s you’re brilliant. love you. the whingers have no right and are just sad eric didn’t win), and some even admit to not even having read the flipping book yet but are sure they’ll love it.

    add to the fact her fb page is one massive lovefest. ch swore once the book was released she’d take the good reviews with the bad and yet there seems to be a massive imbalance where the amazon reviews say one thing, but the posts on her page say another,

    and while i’m “whinging”, i’d like to take a mini poll: hands up anyone here who has ever looked at a person, found them attractive and thought to yourself, “phwoar! they’re gorgeous. gee, i’d love to slide against them like a seal later.” anyone? no? didn’t think so. worst. simile. ever.

    • I read that scene to my hubby and we had the biggest laugh. The seal part was laughable, but the “straining” just sounded painful.

  3. “Bravo! Bravo!”

    Everything you ranted is exactly how I feel. Did I want Sookie to end up with Eric?

    Does a bear shit in the woods?

    But I would’ve been okay with her choosing anyone or no one IF IT MADE SENSE. If CH had always intended for Sookie to end up with Sam, give me something more than a couple of kisses and a few lustful thoughts. Something. Anything.

    Argh…this could make me rant all day long.

    But instead, I’ll just take a deep Marlboro laced breath and go back into the unicorn filled world in my mind and pretend that’s not THE END.

    Oh no, CH…that’s not the end at all. 🙂

    • The only thing I can think is that Sam is the safe choice. He’s supernatural but they would still have human children. He’s a polite, kind, hardworking man that has similar values to Sookie’s and is just as rooted in the town as she is. But there’s a lack of passion there that just doesn’t do it for me. It’s like, “Well, I guess Sam’ll do. He won’t turn me into something I don’t want to be and we can get old and die together like normal people.” Uh, yeah, sure.

      Honestly, the more I think about it, the only time Sookie truly appreciated Eric was when he was without his memories because she could control him. And if you look closer at Dead to the World, their entire relationship there was like a series of date rapes considering the spell on him was something akin to him being high the whole time and not really knowing what he was consenting to. Sookie took advantage of Eric in a weakened state. The more I think about that book, the less I like it.

      So why don’t we just walk away from this hot mess of a series?

      Because Charlaine laid the groundwork for what could have been an amazing relationship. We can see the potential in it that she never fully explored. Instead of Sookie taking her head out of the sand to see what was right there in front of her, she shit all over someone that grew to truly love, admire and respect her. Not for the talent she had or because she had great tits, but because she challenged him and kept him on his toes. Sookie surprised him and for someone who has lived as long as Eric has to be surprised, that’s a huge deal.

      So yes, maybe we romanticized this relationship, but who took the match to the kindling to get the fire going?

      • Keep it up missy and Stay’s Eric will be all, “Uh…I don’t think so Sookie. I’ve had quite enough of your bullshit,” and then dump her ass at Sea World so she can get it on with the seals.

        Oh God… *senses another ridiculous alternate ending brewing in my brain*

      • You would never ship Sookie with a seal……….. unless there was a chance you could get Eric to yourself instead.

        In which case that bitch better get herself a lifetime pass to Sea World.

  4. I agree with everything you said. Another FF writer Alpha EN just posted her own review/statement as well and I’m going to say the same thing here that I said on her site. Why don’t you post this to CH’s FB page? Everyone over there is saying things are wonderful and that anyone disagreeing with them is just being mean to CH because Eric wasn’t the HEA. These people do not get it at all. I think at this point that even CH must have a clue as to why people are so upset but she is still pulling the “my book was outed early so that’s why people are so mad or I have a small but disturbed fan following that is causing all this trouble or because of all the crazy death threats I won’t tour with this book this time”. I have never seen a death threat posted on her site. I think that she is just saying that and using all of this to deflect from the truth and garner sympathy. By posting on her FB page it will let people there see why we are all so hurt and upset. These same people are even saying that because we are complaining that we must not really be true fans. Argh!!!!!!!!! Many people have posted to her site explaining our reasons for dissatisfaction but it seems to do no good. Perhaps people with a better grasp of writing/communication could get the idea across better. 🙂

    • I would post it on her Facebook page but I see little point in doing so. Negative comments are being removed and this way I know it can’t be taken down. She doesn’t give a single fuck what her fans think. She’s laughing all the way to the bank about this.

      • I so disagree. You are one of the best FF writers out there. Just reading your statement made me think, laugh, and lament the state of things. Your eloquence might make a few people stop and go “oh I never thought about that”. At this point anything to shake up the people with blinders on would be a step forward. Otherwise, she will get away with this and all of us perceived (Eric loving, fan fiction loving, just write a decent story loving) looneys will always be seen as complainers and troublemakers.

  5. Everything you said was dead on (no pun intended). I posted a review for DEA one of only 2 I have ever written. The other was very positive, obviously the one for DEA wasn’t.. I gave it one star only because there isn’t a zero star rating. I’ve been following the Amazon HEA Spoiler thread since the day it opened. A first for me. I have been blown away by the intelligent discussion of the problems with the way this book was written, the changes CH made to her own rules for the sookieverse and on and on. No one said, oh it’s crap because Eric & Sookie didn’t end up together. Universally they said, if Sam was the end game, then why wasn’t something written in previous books so the readers could see this as making sense? And as you say, the seals analogy for making love..ewwww.. CH wasn’t kidding when she said she didn’t know how to write love scenes when she started the SVM series. I am eternally grateful for writers like you and your wifey for giving us wonderful stories about these characters that you obviously love as much as those of us who read them.
    And I agree with you about “Stay”…
    Keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

  6. You took the words right out of my mouth. Wonderfully put.

    The last book I read was 10 and that made me sick to my stomach. Then every book review, especially this last one, has made me want to vomit. To take characters you have people invest in and just give them an outcome that makes no sense is such a slap in the face to the fans.

  7. Amen sister. I have spent money on reading 3 of her series. I first started reasons ths SVM series and loved it. I came into it late. I read the first 9 books. I move onto Haper Connelly. I really like the series until the last chapter. She just threw everything together and said The End. I was left with the feeling really….WTF. Then I started reading Auroa Teagarden. Well she never finished that series. Then book 10, 11 & 12 came out. By 12 I was ready to throw things at her. Book 13 I am no longer interested in reading. I thought maybe she would reframe herself and write a better story. It’s not so much that she didn’t end up with Eric. It’s that she built this great live affair between Someone who had been there done that and someone who was fresh and naive. Two people who could come from vastly different worlds to love each other. CH just took that and fucked it all over. It’s like she gets tired if writing her characters and takes it all out on them.
    Thank god for Fanfiction.

  8. Holy shit, I could’ve written this entire post myself! (But I’m glad you did it for me.) That’s exactly how I feel about it all. Deep down I’ve always known Sookie wouldn’t end up with Eric in the end, and I was actually prepared for that. But the ending CH did give us was a giant cowardly cop-out…a literary f**k you to all of her fans/readers. Nothing could have prepared me for that.

  9. Damn it! I had an entire reply written out & it disappeared!

    OK, so I read the book, enjoyed it, & came away with a completely different view of the HEA. HOWEVER, I am in complete agreement & total disappointment over what Charlaine Harris did with Sookie & Eric. How is it possible for her to write these two characters in such an unbelievable way? Thank God we readers have talented & dedicated writers such as you, kjwrit, MissyDee, scribe, and a plethora of others in Fanfic who will continue to use your creativity with these two wonderful characters for as long as you’re able. Like you, I hate DR. It was the worst book of the entire series. I loved the blood bond. I totally got it. Then Amelia breaks it? She couldn’t even make Bob a human again! Even if she had Octavia’s instructions, Amelia as a witch was a complete screwball. Don’t get me wrong, I love Amelia, but her being the most inept witch was one of the things I loved about her! Then to bring Alcide into Sookie’s home and allow him to wait in Sookie’s bed? So sorry, Amelia! Best friend or not, I’d be giving you the Debbie Pelt treatment!

    It’s so incomprehensible to me for Charlaine Harris to have written Eric’s character doing a 180 in these last few books. OK, I’m not in her imagination & I’m not a writer, but to take a character & change him so drastically makes no sense. This character has lived 1000 years getting by through his intelligence & wits alone. Suddenly he finds himself under a marriage contract made by his finally-dead Maker that in any other universe would be null & void? He can’t find a way to break it? This is the character CH wrote as the “master manipulator” who’s been undead & able to make it for 1,000 years and he’s stuck? Say what? Since when is Eric without a contingency plan or ten? Especially without Pam & Sookie backing him up, not to mention that he’s already married in the eyes of the entire vampire race. I’m just going to have to borrow from you to say this whole thing “makes my head spin!”

    Even Sookie could have helped without the damn cluviel dor – what a hot mess that a whole thing led to, huh? Why didn’t CH write her as calling on Niall for help? I’m sure she could have designed it in some way for Sookie’ great-grandfather to come back to set Freyda & Felipe straight in that Eric was already married to royalty since Sookie is/was a future Fae monarch in her own right?

    To reiterate, I did come away from the book with a different POV on the HEA – but, one thing I did think of was perhaps this was Charlaine Harris’ “Fuck you” to the publishing company for insisting she renegotiate her contract for 3 more books instead of the 10 as she originally wanted. She’s said in may interviews she had to do rewrite after rewrite to give them what they wanted, so maybe that’s it. All I can say is God Bless all of you ladies who will keep these two characters alive and growing entire lemon groves for as long as you wish! Thank you so much!

    OK, shutting up now so someone else can speak their peace!

    • I didn’t care for Amelia all that much to begin with, but that crap she pulled in Dead Reckoning?

      Her character did a complete 180 too! In Dead in the Family she was pushing Sookie to work things out with Eric and then in Dead Reckoning she was all against the relationship. What changed? Especially since Amelia took of for NOLA to grieve for a guy that she knew for all of what… a hot minute? I don’t get it.

      There are major issues with consistency all throughout this entire series. The continuity isn’t there.

      And no one held a gun to Charlaine’s head forcing her to extend the series by an additional three books. She did that to pad her own bank account and the integrity of her work suffered for it. Now maybe money won out over her integrity and she can live with that. As an author, I don’t think I could ever sell myself out that way. Perhaps I just have higher standards for myself and my work than she does, I really don’t know.

      Again, when you plot on post-it notes (which she’s admitted to doing) and don’t really think through those bomb in the garden things she likes to throw in for shock value or a dose of WTF was that, she ended up screwing herself. She wrote herself into a corner and instead of rethinking her approach to things, she just kept digging deeper and deeper into the hole.

      • It’s funny you mention continuity. In the first pages of the book where Charlaine thanks everyone who’s been involved over the years, she gives very great loquacious thank you’s & kudos to the woman who’s been her “continuity person.” I had to scratch my head & pause, thinking, “Duh?” & WTF? As far as I’m concerned, Charlaine Harris should be thanking the readers – we’ve been the best continuity people she’s ever had! Hers should have received a pink slip and no unemployment for the shit job done over the years. Were-lynxes became were-foxes, and numerous other mistakes made along the way we all caught, but the continuity folks? Nope.
        There are other authors I’ve been reading for over 20 years who don’t make these mistakes and don’t have the staff Charlaine Harris had at her beck & call. I’ve come to expect higher standards as well & maybe that’s just from being a reviewer even though I haven’t been doing it for long.

        And Post-It notes? Seriously? Very professional.

  10. I thank you for your rant. It’s exactly what a lot of us are feeling. What makes me so sad about the whole thing is that she took all of us for a ride all the way to the bank. Stringing us along just for the big bucks. If she was tired of writing these characters, she should have just ended it. I read somewhere that she continued writing them just to make True Blood a hit show. I guess it worked and her and Alan Ball are flipping us all the bird. It’s really a pity that they couldn’t show us, the fans that made the books and the show, big hits, the same respect that we gave them. Never again will Charlaine get my money. I will stick to FanFiction where we get what we want from authors who write because they love the characters as much as we all do. For that I thank you for you are one of the greats!

  11. Couldn’t have said it better. I haven’t read the last 2 books either for the same reasons. I also read the books after watching a few series and have always thought that the book sales were elevated thanks to the brilliant casting of Alexander Skarsgard. I don’t believe that she always had the happy ending in mind for Sam. I wrote on Amazon that if that is the case she is a poor writer. Although I have to say there are many writers (including yourself) that are much better writers than Charlaine Harris and they should be giving the characters other names and getting themselves published!

    I have always been amazed about CH’s casual attitude towards rape and bewildered that her editor/publisher allowed the books to go to print as they were.

    What really pisses me off is taking a strong character like Eric and bringing him to his knees. Makes me wonder if Eric was based on someone CH knew and later came to hate as she certainly seemed to hate his character in the last few books.

    Anyway I’m pretending that ‘Stay’ was the real ending!!!

  12. I have to say that I agree with everything you have to say I have all the SVM books except this last one and I will not be buying it or reading it and like you said CH is laughing it up all the way to the bank I also LOVE the “wifeys” story stay can’t get enough of it thank you for the rant because you have put into words what alot of the SVM fans are feeling.

  13. I completely agree with you and this is why I read your work. Because you love Sookie with all her faults and stupidity, you don’t write out your issues with her to turn her into a hateful character. I think that you and I love her because she is a caring, brave, resourceful person who, like everyone else, has her faults and limitations. And, yes, she’s stubborn and contrary, but if this were real life how many of us would deal well with the stuff she dealt with on a regular basis? Despite her complaining about vampire shit, she never failed to help and protect Eric and Pam because she loved them.
    I prefer a million times that she stay alone and be an independent person rather than the fucking mess we were handed in the last two books.
    I read up until Deadlocked and I absolutely refuse to read DEA. Just reading the spoilers hurts. It’s like watching people that you love get flayed in front of you. I had hoped that Eric and Sookie would resolve their issues or if not able to, at least part on good terms. Up until book 12, Sookie states that she loves Eric. And Sam is her friend, nothing more nothing less. Even when she went to his brother’s wedding, she went as a friend, nothing more nothing less.

    How we got from there to seal sex is beyond me.

    How CH could end Eric and Pam’s arc like that, is beyond horrible. She truly despises her characters and/or their popularity. I think I can speak for all of us that if we needed to wait one more year for a better, more well written and coherent book we would have. Instead we got this convoluted fuck up of a “book” that basically takes back every thing she wrote about and puts our girl right back where she started and not in a very good light.

    She astounded me on her Facebook page when she made a comment about her readers (after the spoilers were leaked) and made it sound like it was 4 or 5 miscreants who were unhappy rather than a great number of her readers. Yes, I ship Eric and Sookie but if they were to part, at least do it with some dignity and leave them with some kind of friendship or closure. Again, I would have preferred her to remain alone but, it sounds like a part of her has just given up and settled for Sam…the blandest, most boring and dark horse romantic lead in history. So, what does that say to her female readers? Love your rapist and settle for less than you deserve. WOW.

    Needless to say, I will no longer read anything she writes because she clearly doesn’t care about her creations just the money she makes off of them.

  14. I agree that the book ending with Sookie being with Sam is the worst ending ever. She spent all that time on Eric, building him up as the love of her life just to remove him, from the picture in the end. Then she ends the story with Sookie being with some one she does not really have any romantic feelings for and Eric being forced to be married to some one he does not want and being forced to move from his home and live in court. He does not like being in court, other than for short visits every once in a while. This ending must have been torturous for him.

    Plus I don’t think that the vampires (Decastro among others) would leave Sookie alone, just because she is with Sam. Or because she is no longer with Eric. They would want her for her talent, just like Sophie Ann did. I would say she might make it a few months to a year, until she was forced to live in some vampire court, as the resident telepath. I mean why wouldn’t a vampire want to kidnap her and keep her against her will? Eric is no longer married or bonded to her and I am sure all the kings and Queens found out about it quickly and would go after her. Plus Sam is not strong or smart enough to save her. Plus I am sure the reason that Decastro did not break the contract for Eric and Sookie, is because he wants them broken up so he can take her and force her to live in court.

    If she ended up with Alcide, she at least had some romantic feelings for him and he had a whole pack to help protect her. Even if I don’t personally like Sookie and Alicide he was a better choice. Sam is a lone were with no backup.

    If she choose Quinn, he would be able to physically protect her, since he was so strong and she had some feelings for him once. She just didn’t like playing 2nd fittle to his family. And he would not have a pack to help keep her safe. So Alcide is still a better choice, even if Alcide was required to knock up others in the pack, that is what sperm banks and clinics are for.

    Then there is Preston, Niall could have popped in and said that he arranged a marriage to Preston, since she was no longer married to Eric. I could see this, because Preston being fairy, would be able to protect her better and give her kids just like with Alcide and Sam. But he would have Fairies to help him protect her and fairy powers to help too. Not to mention that Sookie could go into hiding in Fairy if vampire came after her. Even if I did not like Preston. This option also made sense.

    I had hoped that Sookie and Eric would find a way to be together. Wither it was them attacking and killing Fredya or Felipe. Either way would have worked. If Eric killed Felipe, he would be King and could void the contract and not have to marry Fredya. Or if they worked together to kill Fredya, then that would have ended the contract. Then they could have rebonded and lived happily ever after. I like this option best.

    Buy the ending she wrote did not make any sense what so ever from what I have heard about it. I refuse to read the last two books and will not be buying anymore of her books. It makes me think that all of her books will end in a way that makes no sense what so ever.

    I also agree that she was way to forgiving of Bill and I liked the comparison of that scene to him being drunk. It does not excuse his behavior. Ever. She should keep him out of her life. I would not be surprised that he help Felipe and Fredya find Erics maker to use him against him in a contract. I could see Bill doing that, because he wants Sookie for himself and think that they only thing keeping her from him is Eric, rather than seeing it is him that is causing the problem.

    Anyway loved your rant!

  15. You took the words right out of my mouth. I refuse to read the last book because I’am avoiding the heartbreak. Right now I will settle for being pissed the hell off!

  16. I have to say, I totally saw the Sam ending coming the entire time. I agree with everyone that says it doesn’t make any sense and she didn’t properly build it up, but there was that annoying way she kept Sam around all the time. I stopped reading CH’s work part way through Dead Reckoning and didn’t read much about the last two books other than what you and the reviewers have written here. For me, it is not just the lack of giving a shit about rape that is the worst. I have experienced that and it is an event, it is something that happens in your life, but you can survive it and get past it (not turn around and roll around naked with your rapist that’s F’n ridiculous…I digress). For me, the worst part is that here is one more person telling women that they should settle in their lives. Rape is an event in a life, but what CH does is has Sookie spending her entire life not just settling for someone that she doesn’t have feelings for, but that someone doesn’t truly see and appreciate all that she is. In my mind, Sam is not just “safe” as people describe, but he is weak and vapid. If he loved Sookie all this time he sat there and watched her date all these other guys while he said nothing, while he did nothing to improve himself or herself or either of their standing in the world. Not to mention, the bigger travesty of all this is that CH never had Sookie progress at all in any way. She kept claiming all along that this wasn’t supposed to be a romance and she had wanted it to be a series with the mysteries, etc… She also has stated in the past that Sookie couldn’t have ever been that smart because it’s not smart to date vampires. Now, I’ve admitted to not reading the books and not reading any other info except what you wrote up top, but I’m sorry does Sookie end up waitressing for her husband Sam? Seriously? And, we are supposed to believe that all the earlier machinations for Sookie’s talent and blood just end because she decided to let herself get humped by the shifter and shove out some puppies? I suppose I agree with you that she hates all her characters and I can only imagine that if there was ever an epilogue to this story it would be a ‘be careful what you wish for’ recap by Sam of how horrible it is to finally get the object of your affection to give in only to spend your life in a loveless marriage. So, basically she ended the series with Sookie being married to Sam because why? Sookie staying in a town where everyone has made fun of her forever because why? Eric married to Freyda for 200 years (why 200 and not 100 like normal?) because why? Bill still lurking around because why? Pam …. I have no idea but no way she’s happy. Felipe not trying to get Sookie to work for him because why? The thing that disappoints me the most is that the characters and universe could have been brilliant. I never even knew fanfiction existed before I became so incredibly angry a couple of years ago. I have been angry with CH and AB for 2 and a half years now. To have the possibilities of these characters and not just the romantic ones, but the reason people are upset is because you have this woman Sookie with a talent that she has despised. Then you have Bill and Sam that want to keep Sookie who she is as some idealized version of a weak poor ignorant church-going housewife. Then you introduce Eric, a man that has 1000 years of wisdom and can see the possibilities and all that Sookie could achieve in life not only with her talent, but how much she could grow if she would ever allow herself to leave that ridiculous town that has always beat her down. And then, in the end, we decide to tell women that they should throw away their possibilities and settle for no education, no new experiences, no great love, but just remain as a small minded hick who hates herself and seemingly believes she deserves to be raped and have people make fun of her. Instead of using the experiences that could make her in to a strong woman they decided to break her and throw her away in the backwoods. I’m sorry this is so long, it’s the first I am letting this out.

  17. You said it all perfectly, I don’t have anything else to add. I’m just glad to be done with this woman now, she has pissed me off for too long, this was the final straw. It’s truly sad that I now prefer the show, good thing for fan fiction. It’s the only thing keeping me sane at the moment.

  18. Excellent. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. The continuity was for shit, so many contradictions between different books.

  19. so happy with your review. I am totally confused as to who CH is and what her real agenda was. Supposedly she had an agenda besides the fun reading. I think it was about discrimination. I don’t know how she rationalizes the last books with this agenda, but if supes were discriminated against, she absolutely made it clear we are supposed to be against them. Part fae telepaths may try to make something for themselves but need to be stupid, small minded and spiteful. All vamps need to have an unhappy ending, shifters aren’t worth much more, and fairies are evil and manipulative and not to be trusted. I guess the only ones who are worth anything are the small minded bigots that don’t care about anyone else. I won’t buy another book, not even an anthology that features others writers I like if CH has a story in it. I read for pleasure, not to get pi**ed about a story that makes no sense at the ending.

  20. I liked DEA. I always knew Eric was out for himself and idk why other people romanticized him so much. I thought at one point maybe they could make it work but there was a turning point I’m not sure when, when I knew it just wasn’t gonna work. Im happy she took the good guy cause I felt like she was always choosing these risky guys when she had a stable, loving guy right in front of her all along. I’m not going to lie after the 8th book I hated the series, I didn’t like how Eric was acting or Sookie but I think the final book reaffirmed my views about Eric (come on we’ve been warned that vampires rarely change from day to day)and redeemed Sookie(she was getting a little immature and naive after making so much progress, now she took a big step forward).

      • I would say she must be a Bill lover or some sort, but whatever, I care nothing about the SVM books no more. Since the day I knew what happen in the last book, I cringed every time I read quotes from previous books. I decide to forget characters of CH’s vision. I will stick on fan fiction. Hell, there are lots of fanfic writers (makemyheadspin, kjwrit, and Eros) even better writing than Charlaine Harris. What a shame, Charlaine Harris. What a shame.

    • Hi parable88!

      I also liked DEA, and I can agree with your opinion of Eric in some ways. I certainly understand why we readers have romanticized Eric; it’s easy to do because of the way CH wrote him to be the greatest passion of Sookie’s young life. However, Eric was a vampire & it’s their very nature to put themselves first & foremost – this was written over & over again about all the vampires – but of all of them, he did allow himself to be vulnerable to Sookie & open himself up to her emotionally at great risk. This was risk for himself, Pam, the vampires of Area 5 under his fealty, and Sookie. As for those who continually bash Sookie for immaturity, give her a break! At the start of these books, she’s a sheltered, over-protected, innocent (I don’t mean because she’s a virgin), ignorant (in that she really knows nothing of the world beyond Bon Temps), very young, 25-year-old girl with an ability to read the minds of others who are pretty much as ignorant as she, and she works as a waitress in bar thinking she’s pretty much reached the pinnacle of her career. 25 is young, and it’s still naive no matter what one may believe – you’ve got a long way to go & lots of mistakes & lessons to learn before you get where you’re going, and unaviodably, that’s old age if you’re lucky. CH wrote her books in first person with Sookie as the narrator for a reason – they were about her – all of the other characters were just that. Other characters who came in & out of Sookie’s life and stayed for awhile. While they were there, not only did they take on her these fabulous, supernatural adventures where she often stuck her foot in where it didn’t belong, they saved her life, but she often saved theirs as well. She was a most loyal friend when she didn’t have to be & tolerated so much from those in her hometown whom were truly frightened of her ability, but the way in which CH wrote this character made her withstand all the hate & misunderstanding. She was unique and she knew it. She was a simplistic person who wanted simple things in life, like her run down farmhouse, her friends (whatever they were), and her waitressing job. Eric never understood this about her no matter how many times she would tell him.

      All in alll, what I took from the end of the book was the HEA was Sookie standing on her own, being able to take care of herself independently, recovering from her broken heart after losing the love, the greatest passion of her life to another woman, and moving on slowly with another man who is her best friend. He also represents everything Sookie has ever wanted – home, family, Bon Temps; the familiarity of everything she’s ever known. She’s just fine with taking it slow. She’s still learning from past mistakes, and for Sookie – this is growth. Who says we’re supposed to stay with the one who’s the greatest passion of our lives? Sometimes this isn’t the best thing, or the safest thing. Sometimes these relationships are toxic as hell – but the passion is so intense. Passion is an ironic emotion. It’s nearly tangible in it’s most primal form. It can be as white hot as the most searing of flames yet doused just as suddenly; stoked well enough it can burn on & on as long as it’s given the proper attention & fuel…the wrong type is what may make it poisonous enough to kill you.

      So, my take on the HEA is that it’s not the man – it’s Sookie. It’s been her all along, and I like this idea. I like Sookie. She’s always had qualities I admired, some I didn’t, but I always thought she was funny as hell & I spent a good time laughing while I read these books – all of them. Still disappointed she & Eric aren’t together at the end, but that’s why we’re on this wonderful blog!

      My apologies again, Meg, and to other blogger for taking up so much space. I just couldn’t let this one go & sorry for the length & verboseness!

  21. Bravo & thanks for this, it’s exactly how I feel. I read the first ten books back to back & got totally lost in this world. And to me it was a slow burning love story. But I could’ve handled an ending that didn’t put Eric & Sookie together if it made sense & respected the characters & gave them a future. I just can’t handle the sadness & misery & completely ooc writing that the last 3 books apparently are – I couldn’t read after DR as that book left me feeling really down & that’s not why I read. I just don’t understand why CH had to crush her strong & interesting characters so badly, never mind all the other shit. Anyway thanks to you & many other fine writers out there who continue to entertain us.

  22. Excellent comments from all and I couldn’t agreed more It’s the lack of sense that bugs me and treating readers like fools as well as her own creations with contempt and not caring about her self as a professional.
    There are plenty of good series and authors out there CH does not seem to understand that.

  23. Perfect rant is perfect. I started to to dislike Sookie from D&G when she refuse to listen to Eric’s concern about her safety and when she got kidnapped(a plot that Ch use again and again without fail after this book) she blame Eric for not coming for her rescue. I was screaming at my book saying you stupid woman, he ask you to stay with him so he can protect you, now you blaming him? Unfuckingbelievable. Then CH have to add that cliffhanger where Niall said, the vampire is not a bad man, he loves you and stupidly i preorder DR from amazon. And DR was absolute shit i refuse to buy DL. thank god for that because it is shit as well. I read it free and still feel like throwing my netbook to the wall. Someone wrote an excellent review on DL and it highlight CH book perfectly. Sookie becomes so self righteous that I begin to wonder what does Eric saw in her that makes him want to be with her. Despite and all that Eric have done for her she still thinks the worst of him and yet she gives Bill a pass. The thing i don’t understand Sookie’s reaction is that she’s more angry at Bill for the mission, not the rape and draining. Dude, he rape you and almost kill you and you think the misssion is worst? There’s so many things i heard about this latest book that makes my blood boil. What and hypocrite Sookie and CH is and what a pathetic she looks now that her BFF and her husband have to give 5 star review for DEA and start berrating other readers who said the book is crap. No offense to those who like the book but I can’t buy another book where an establised writer recyled the plot over and over again. The plotting by were woman to kill or hurt her and another woman wants her man and the famous kidnapping plot and the detail account of her cleaning, tanning, cooking and shopping. We are not stupid and are insulted by this lazy writing. All those more exciting plot that she could use like the vampire politics, fae breeding, Bill the ratbustard and so many other is just forgotten. She’s too lazy to work on other plot, too much thinking and only work work on Sookie and Eric’s romance. Lets face it the mysteries are not mysteries at all. Most readers figured it out even before the book come out if you follows her book forum. Most people like me, keep reading the pirated copy for Eric. Despite what other characters said about Eric, his action shows that he really love Sookie, care for her and an honourable man capable of deep feeling. What did Eric said in DTTW? They were human once, capable of all the feelings humans have. In fact Sookie behaves worst in this book, no compassion whatever for Eric’s fate as a sex slave. She just discard him to his horrible fate without a second glance. I don’t understand how some people can say, he deserve it. What is it that he do to Sookie to deserve this fate? Even Bill still exist without having to answer to his crime. It makes me question CH morality. I know i shouldn’t judge her, i don’t know her, but the people who read the book said it sound like the reader have been preached about Christian morallity in this book. Such a big dissapointment for a book that starts with tolerance theme and the rights of the minority to find out that the heroine doesn’t really believe in it. i would never suppport this view being in an interacial marriage myself. I understand it’s her book, she can do whatever she want but it have to be believable and don’t just pull it out of your arse and don’t preach. Fuh! Sorry to take so much space. I hope you don’t mind. i don’t review much but i follow your stories via your tumblr. i love those teenagers angst type of stories and your playground was hot. At first I’m scared to read it but when i start i love it. I guess i’m kinky, i just don’t want to admit it before;)


  24. I have been reading your ( and wifey’s) stories for a while because I was looking for an alternative to SVM. I agree with your thoughts. I have not liked Sookie for the past few books and figure she got what she asked for and deserved. I choose to think if Eric survives his sevitude, he will come out better knowing the bear trap he escaped. With our luck, though, Harris probably kills him off in the Coda out of spite. Keep up the good work. I truly enjoy it.

  25. I was so excited for this book. I had been checking the internet for spoilers off and on since the last book was released. When I finally found my spoiler a week before the release date I was sick. I have always been an Eric fan in the series. I wasn’t upset that Sookie and Eric didn’t end up together in the end, but I was upset that she ended up with Sam. If CH had that intended the whole time, where was that story? There was only a small flicker of romance in the earlier books. I say if she knew the ending the write me the story leading up to that ending. That is where CH failed. She made the character I grew to love into filler. I always lumped Sam into the friend/brother area because that is how he was written. I am so sad that this great series had to end this way. I feel like this is the ultimate slap in the face to her hard core fans. I told my husband there were rumors that they might kill Eric off this season on True Blood. That will be like just twisting the knife in further. I am grateful for CH for creating these characters that I grew to love over the years but I am just disappointed in her as an author and I will not buy anything else she writes. The ratings on this book speak for itself barely 2 1/2 stars on Amazon with over a thousand reviews.

    • Eric isn’t being killed off in this season of TB, rest assured! ASkars signed a 5-year contract during Season 2 that keeps him comiitted as long as Stephen Moyer & Anna Pacquin who both signed 7-year contracts at the beginning as well as some of the other regulars. I don’t know if this means we’ll be seeing a 7th season of TB; I guess that’ll depend on the ratings. It’s all about the ratings.

      • You’re so welcome! Yeah…ASkars & a few others continue to keep me interested. Hoping for good things from the new headwriter, but I’ll keep the convo for a TB thread. Glad I could help! 🙂

  26. Hear,hear!! Way to kill a fantastic ride. Just picture Sam & Sookie 5 years from now..Sitting on the couch, he’s watching football drinking a beer & she’s thinking about Eric swinging his sword.

  27. Most of this is exactly what I was thinking about the last books. I started really hating sookie in dead reckoning for the reasons you just mentioned, I mean I know some characters have flaws but like you mentioned Sookie was very different in the beginning and she could’ve dealt with her issues instead of putting them off, making her into a bitter person making her flaws the definition of her character instead of just being a part of it. Just everything you said is exactly what I felt. I stopped reading the books since dead reckoning, but like you, someone told me the last two books and I was really glad I didn’t waste my time with them. I don’t regret reading the first books because in the beginning it had a lot of potential, so even if CH threw that away I got to read fantastic ff authors like you make up for it and really use all the potential the book had when it started.

  28. My take on this is that Harris is and always has been a midlist writer and accidentally found herself with a bestseller on her hands. And then had no idea what to do with it because if her fans had any idea of the story she was really writing, she’d be right back at midlist where she obviously belongs. We gave her far too much credit.

    For me, it clicked after a comment made by another poster on the Amazon Spoilers thread about Sookie deciding to “pass” as “normal” in Book 13. I know this is only my personal take on it, but frankly, I never would have bought past Book 4 had this occured to me then. The outcome was a foregone conclusion and a disappointment in light of where Sookie would end up and who she would become.

    Harris was writing the banal story of the life of an Octaroon (1/8th Fae, right?) woman near the end of the 1700’s, slapped some Vampires into the place of the Creoles (wealthy landowners), slapped the tags “Werewolf, Shifter, Fae” onto anyone whose “blood” made them less than accepted by “normal” society, set it into today and called it a Paranormal Romance Mystery series.

    This page gives a description of that particular Louisiana society :

    Note the references to marriage by knife, Marie Laveau (Hadley’s possible relative), finding a “protector” and how some of these woman went on to marry a “coloured” man after losing their “protector”, how they accepted life as they found it without trying to change it and how these “affairs” were usually terminated when the “protector” got married. Sound familiar to anyone else?

    I’ll add that Louisiana went from French (SA) control to Spanish (FdC) control in 1762.

    So sadly, CH probably DID write the best book she could, because well, she’s a midlist writer and that’s exactly what we got. A midlist writer on the bestseller list with a not-so original story labelled as something else. One that could only end up one way because she was filching the storyline from history and didn’t want her book sales to suffer by admitting to it.

    I’d be willing to bet that in the Coda, FdC gets overthrown by a French Vampire about 35 years down the road. And that a few years later, it gets sold off to an American monarch.

  29. I am not going to read that book. I am a Sookie and Eric fan, but I know that in the end, he wouldn’t be the reasonable choice. Sookie didn’t want to be a vampire, etc yes yes. But that was a horrible send off for Eric. I really like Eric as a character (more than Sookie, actually), and I would’ve thought he would’ve been given the ending he deserved.

    I really wanted Sookie to end up alone, a stronger person, who learned from all her experiences. But apparently not. And wtf, Sam?!

  30. I loved Sookie’s breakup in the book series with Eric because their relationship was one of those relationships that was over the top and exciting, but once the excitement ran out it wasn’t going anywhere. They both protected each other when they needed it, but they never really seemed in love. Just two people trying to stay together. I LOVED the idea of her and Sam, because they’d both sort of missed out on each other as love interests because they were too busy. They were great friends. There were no secrets between them. They did the same job, and respected each other. They’d both screwed around with other people and learned what love wasn’t. My disappointment was that there should have been an epiphany, a catharsis. That with Sam it was her time to live for herself, with someone who she truly loved with all her heart and took away her pain. I always saw Sam as innocent and sweet, and after so many books of people fighting for Sookie, she ended up slightly less miserable than usual. Meh. Why include all the stories of people around her growing up and having families (Tara, Amelia, Jason) if she was just going to “take it slow” with Sam. UGH. Unsatisfying! Be sure about something!

  31. I have not read the book and I do not plan to. I was planning to buy her other books and read them, but now I do not see the point in doing so, since I was so unhappy with this ending. The reason I don’t agree with you is this. Sookie settled for less then love. Sookie worked for Sam for 5 years before any vampires entered the picture, he never made a move. Never asked her out. They never even hung out, outside of work. 5 years of knowing a man, who does not make a move, clearly places that man well in to the friend zone. Once a man is in the friend zone there is a 95% chance he will stay there and never be a boyfriend. If they stay in the friend zone long enough, they move into the brother zone. Sam was friends with Sookie for a long time, through out all of the books and she interacted with him like a brother. Sam had clearly been moved into the brother zone. He was so in the brother zone, that I find the mere thought of Sookie being with him to be gross. I am not saying that I don’t understand about Sooking and Eric needing to beak up or that it was wrong for Sookie to choose herself. But if she was truly choosing herself, she would have told Sam she was not interested and left her open to meet someone new. Maybe she could have started to date a new were who just moved to town. He could have been a vet or a doctor or worked with Alicide or a lone wolf, who bought and took over Trays shop. Someone she did not have brother like feelings for. In this ending, it feels the same to me as if Sookie married her brother Jason, or Claude or Demot. Her relationships with Sam was the same as those 3 family relationships. It is just gross. I don’t understand why Charlene could not have brought Sookies perfect match into the picture, even if it was not Eric. Instead she had Sookie give up passionate love and settle for someone who she knew was in love with her, but she was not in love with. Her heart was so beat down, she felt it was not worth it anymore to look for real love. Then after Eric after try to do right by Sookie for 12 books, saving her life, trying to keep her free and be a better man for her (or at least the best he is able), is now a sex slave to a Queen. This is something he hates more than anything in the world, after what his maker did to him as a newborn and on top of that he loses Sookie because of it. Sookie stays in a town that treated her badly all her life, gets with Sam, who she had brother like feelings for, for over 12 books. Then if they have babies together, the whole town will make fun of there kids, just like they did to Sookie as a child. She could have moved to Monroe for a new start. No she stays in Bon tomps. This is not good ending for Sam either. He is with a woman he loves, but she doesn’t truly return the feelings. She only returns his feeling because of the magic of the stone. That is not fair to him, Even if the magic stone, sudden made her think she loves him. It is fake love, not real love. What happens if the stones magic wears off? I bet Sookie will be just as grossed out as I am, by what she has done with Sam.

    • So I’m curious what part of that rant you don’t agree with since I said, “From what I’ve read in spoilers and reactions from readers that have actually read Dead Ever After, Sam sounds like she’s settling and not like he’s the great love of her life. Maybe Sookie’s okay with making her life with someone she has lukewarm feelings for because her sense of entitlement where Eric is concerned got the better of her. Maybe she doesn’t need to feel passionately about her mate. Maybe Sookie wants something that’s safe after all of the risks she’s taken.” I’m just wondering where our opinions differ there lol

    • Ooooh okay. Now I gotcha. Of course they’re complaining you didn’t read the book. Rather than admitting that the final installment of a highly anticipated series was disappointing to a great number of fans they’re simply blaming it on us not getting our preferred pairing together in the end when that’s only like #45487657 on the list of things that’s wrong with it.

  32. This is what was said when I posted my posts from this site on to Charlenes site.

    Quite honestly, a review from someone who hasn’t read the book has no value, no meaning and no place on the author’s site. Or anywhere, actually.

    If you read the book you are more than welcome to come back and discuss it with us; however, you are not welcome to post when you have no experience with the actual text and are basing your comments on what you have “heard about the end of the book” as well as making assumptions and directing the author how to address situations. As such, your post is being deleted.

    • You know, I would agree with their assessment about people making judgments based on what they heard except for one thing… THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE SAYING THE SAME THING. It’s not like there’s some big conspiracy out there to ruin Charlaine’s career and a group of people got together to make up atrocious lies about the end of the book to make her sales plummet. It’s actually fun to me to see her PR machine spinning its wheels and scrambling to remove all the negative press they possibly can while their client is their own worst enemy because she just can’t seem to shut her fucking mouth.

      If you read the book you are more than welcome to come back and discuss it with us;

      That’s a load of horse shit if ever I’ve heard it. I haven’t been to her website in, oh, I don’t know… ever, but my understanding is that all negative reviews or complaints have been deleted from her site one by one so that there’s nothing but a lovefest going on. Hey, I guess if you’re okay with Sookie settling for a guy she has lukewarm feelings for and you like a main character that has learned fuck all after thirteen books, then yes, I guess DEA was very well written.

      For me, and for many other readers, that simply isn’t good enough. And the fact that there’s still a Coda coming in yet another book she’s trying to squeeze money from us for? That just really makes me want to throttle this woman. What a greedy bitch.

  33. This is some of my other posts on Charlenes site besides the ones I have already posted here.

    Post 2: Besides I have read books 1-10, 20 times and book 11 once.

    Post 3: I read reviews on Book 12 and on Book 13 instead of reading the books since I was so unhappy with book 11 and felt it was a waste of my time and money. So I read the review to see if A)Sookie and Eric worked together to fix things. Or B). Sookie meet someone new that was her perfect match. Love and safe or C). She ended up with Alicide, Preston or Quinn. Any of these options I would have bought the book and read it. But I will not waste any more of my money reading a book were she sells herself out and takes the “safe” unreal (fake, “magic induced” )romantic relationship with Sam. It is the same as if Amelia cast a love spell on Sookie to make her Love Sam. It is an unhappy ending.

    Post 4:That is fine I will post my reviews on Amazon, borders and all the other book ordering web sites I can find instead. Where you do not have the right to delete posts or reviews. Since I am not “allowed” to post here and you think that since I refuse to purchase a garbage book, in a series that used to be excellent and my favorite. I did not curse or insult the writer, just stated my unhappiness with her choice of ending.
    It is my First amendment right and all to review, weither it was good or bad. In case you don’t know, let me tell you. The first amendment is the freedom of speech, petition, press, religion and assembly for all.
    I just thought that other readers would like to know about the story from my point of view before wasting their hard earned money on an unhappy ending. I will be sure to let the other 250 readers on the book site I am a member of, who asked me and others to post here, of you deleting my post and insulting me. Let me just say that about 95 percent of the people on the site agree with me about the ending. The other 5 percent agree with you about Sam. As a matter of fact I am coping and pasting it now to the site. Done. I wonder what they will say. I am sure they will just “love it”. I will also post it to the 10 other reading review boards I am a member of. Enjoy the unhappy ending you love so much 1360sonofnorway and being a review dictator.

  34. This was an incredibly well reasoned, well-written critique. I too started reading the series after binge watching the first 3 seasons of True Blood because I wanted more. I wanted to immerse myself more in this world and with these characters. The first time I read Dead Until Dark I was unimpressed. But several months later something made me go back and try again and it worked. I was hooked. I devoured the first 11 books in a matter of weeks while commuting to and from work.

    That said, as with True Blood, I had mixed feelings about the series. I loved the universe and the characters, but neither the books nor the TV show were completely satisfying. There was always something missing – like neither was living up to its potential, to the richness and depth waiting to be explored. Reading your critique above I feel like I have an answer to the piece that was missing for me, at least in the case of the book series.

    (To be fair, I have only read a couple of interviews with CH so I am very unfamiliar with her own thoughts and comments on the series and decisions she made.) To have you confirm that Charlaine Harris did not really have a master plan (aside from how it would end) actually makes me feel better about the series and my view of it. Now I know my issues do lie with the author and not how I viewed the material. It bugged me that I connected with it so much, but had many reservations as well, particularly character development, which you spoke to eloquently above. My biggest issue, especially after reading DEA is – why make Sookie supernatural if she was never really going to deal with that side of herself? [A perfect contrast, to me, is Buffy gradually accepting her slayer side and then coming back around to embrace her humanity (I refer to the TV show only in this case, not the comics cannon)].

    Thank for helping me work out the questions in my head. While I have many friends who are pop culture junkies like me and I discuss things with, no one reads this series. It was nice to do so here.

  35. I had completely forgotten that the last book had been released. Unlike most of my friends, I hate to be surprised with inconceivable resolutions, so I chose to do a google search for reviews, before deciding whether or not I would read the final book. This is how I came across your post. Let me start off by saying that I did not finish the series. Frankly, the books were becoming such a disappointment (imo) that I decided to just save myself the trouble. It just felt like she began rushing to get the books out, instead of taking her time to publish a well-written novel that she could be proud of (although it seems like she has no shame so she probably doesn’t care either way). I have had several issues with the book series, and though I LOVE Eric, the lack of Eric/Sookie hea is not one of my major issues.
    1) As you mentioned above: Sookie’s character regression was very frustrating. It became downright depressing. In the beginning she had sooooo much potential and I was excited to see her development as a person.
    2) The RAPE: I stress the word b/c there are tons of fans who refuse to acknowledge it and call it what it was, and I blame CH for that. Acting as if Sookie being raped wasn’t a big deal, and that it wasn’t Bill’s fault, is a slap in the face to real people who have suffered through something like that. Sorry to Bill fans, but I actually find it disgusting that people were even “rooting” for a reunion with Bill.
    Unfortunately, I lost all excitement for the books a long time ago. I just wanted to confirm that I made the right choice when I stopped reading, that there wasn’t any hope for a respectable end to the series. Like you, I began to read the series after watching True Blood. I found myself wanting to know what came next, which was a surprise to me, because i am not a fan of the vampire genre; at least not the new fad of romanticizing them… to the point of making it unbelievable- So I tend to stay away from any book or tv series that’s vamp related. I also tend to be wary of book series that are unfinished, especially if the series has become a tv show or film. In my experience, that means that the author may feel pressured or lose interest, also meaning that the series will end badly. Unfortunately, I thought that this time things would be different. I was sadly mistaken.
    As I’ve heard many times, she is the author and the characters are hers so she can do whatever she wants with them, but as a former fan- I feel offended.

    Am I an Eric Fan?- YES (forever!) Did I want an Eric/Sookie ending?- Initially, yes, but after reading and hearing about the last few books I didn’t think that they were a good fit (just based on how CH was ruining their relationship). I find the end of the series frustrating, b/c Eric became this whiny character, a shell of his former self. CH wasted our time, building him up and letting us fall in love with him, only to wreck him in the end.

    I found your post really helpful, b/c it helped me clear up a few things and you made some very good points that I didn’t even think of for my “major issues/Reasons why I now hate CH since she took advantage of my feelings” list. It was sad to see the series end this way, because my inner bookworm will never forget this, which means that now I’ll be even more cautious of incomplete book series 😦

    BUT, I am happy that the world of fan fiction has many different endings for this series, heck, an ending to fit every preference I could have had. I’ve read many of your stories and also some of your wifey’s stories, and I only wish that CH could have taken hints from you guys and done the characters justice. For now, the fan fiction world has endless possibilities to keep me busy.

  36. To put it plain and simply, DEA reads like an essay written the night before the due date. CH had no interest in writing a book worthy of the fans that supported her because she was bored with it. I’m so annoyed to hear this ‘Oh I have always known how I was going to write the last book.’ Fuuuucking bullshit woman! Why is it, then, that there are so many questions unanswered and issues not resolved? If she was so sick of writing the books and was tired of Sookie (which certainly comes through in her writing of her character) then maybe she should have just written a more simple mystery narrative, where sookie didn’t make uninformed decisions based on ridiculous morals e.g. It’s cool to be friends with a person that raped me but my boyfriend expected me to use a magic fucking wish to save our relationship… Well forget that that’s against my morals. Ohhh gawd this book was the fucking worrrrsst!

  37. Everything you wrote about this dang series is true!! I’ve been reading this series sence I was 16 I will 22 in 3 weeks. I feel like I’ve wasted all these years. Being so in love with these books waiting for the next one for what? a hot mess that she threw together!! I think she just wanted to be done with it so thats why its a big mess of bullshit! She’s didn’t care anymore I wasted all these years for nothing

    Nothing about this last book made any sense to me…

  38. I am not sure if any of you would be interested or not, But I started a poll about what we as readers think about DEA. It also has our ages, Since Charlene thinks that only teenagers are unhappy with the ending. It also has our education level, since she said we were not “reading it right”. I am just curious how many people dislike this book and feel burned by it. I am also curious how many people truly loved the book. So Please Vote. I hope you don’t mind me posting this here makesmyheadspin!

    • Hi ncmiss12! I took the poll & it was fun! I also left a reply that I’m sure your readers won’t find too popular, but it’s my opinion & as long as I’m asked to reply, I will. Don’t worry! It’s nothing rude – I never lead ruse comments. I just don’t agree with all the venom, vitriol, and “Betrayal” talk. I don’t understand how it’s possible to “betray” your readers when you’ve created the characters – characters that are emulated & imitated everyday through FF & other blogs through the imaginations of some very talented writers who do the exact same thing – use their own talents & imaginations to create stories in their own way for our reading pleasure. It’s the same thing CH is being accused of, so I guess that’s what puzzles me.

  39. I am totally heartbroken by the way charlaine harris has treated both her characters and her readers. all I can say is thank goodness we have such talented writers like you, kjwrit, scribeninja, missydee, ericismine, and others, who share their talent with us! thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart. now, i’m off to read about OUR special couple! much love. x

  40. *Shows up six months late carrying Starbucks*

    You know Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers’ SNL bit where they look at how some morons are handling a social issue and sit there saying “REALLY?” over and over? Yeah. That was me, reading DEA spoilers. I can only conclude that the Sookie Stackhouse series is a romantic tragedy, but that may just be because I’ve read CaliforniaKat’s “Enduring” about twenty-two times. Sookie and Eric are a tragic love story, or at least they could have been if Charlaine gave a crap about her characters. The least Charlaine could have done was give Sookie independence: give her a stupid, Buffy-like “cookie dough” speech, let her leave the series on her own. Instead, Sookie forgets everything she learned about love and acceptance and tolerance and settles. What if Buffy settled for Xander? I would lose all the respect and admiration I have for her, because she didn’t buck the system like she does and follow her heart, no matter where it led her. She settled. Sookie settled, and knowing that coming into the fandom as I did three months ago, I can’t help but only like her in fanon/fanfiction.

    As to Charlaine’s reaction to her fans’ dismay: I do television/media/fan studies. I read a lot of critical theory and apply it to popular culture. And in 1967, Barthes declaired the author dead. Fuck Charlaine. Fuck Alan Ball, Brian Buckner, and whoever it is who was showrunner in between the two. I reject your reality and replace it with my own, because deconstruction everything is a collaboration that builds on the narrative that goes before it. I can hate the ending. I can hate what she did to Eric, Sookie, et al. I have every right to, and the fact that she whines about “entitled fans” infuriates me on a professional level, because it shows how completely out of touch she is with her audience. If media is created to be consumed, she just left a flaming bag of shit for her consumers. Why even write it at all? I’m grateful for what I do like, but I think she was out of line in blaming readers for their own responses to DEA. She deserves every gripe she gets, and instead of owning it, she throws a fit. Yes, death threats were inappropriate, but a fan is allowed to react however they want to a media product. So I think my point is that Charlaine Harris reacted wrongly to her fans as a writer, therefore I have every right to say fuck it all and have Just a Little Heat be my headcanon conclusion to the Sookie Stackhouse story.

    And just reading spoilers has made me squicky about seals. Just… eww.

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