Happy Birthday Wifey!

The Wish

Today is Wifey’s birthday! *passes out cumfetti for everyone*

This year I decided to honor kjwrit in two ways to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of her birth.

1. I tried my hand at comedy and created a character named Willa that has a lot in common with Secrets That We Keep’s Betty.

2. If you don’t know by now that Wifey has a thing for amnesia!Eric you must be insane.

So this year I give you both of those things with a dash of romance and a hint of snarky Pam.

Hopefully this helps to dull the ache of those fucked up DEA spoilers we’re all seething over because



I think that about sums it up. Anyway… back to Wifey’s birthday present.

Happy birthday, Wifey!

The Wish

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Wifey!

  1. Yep, lala means buziness! That hookeh Ms Harris better be watching herselves.
    Yay for people’s birthday! We all get presents!

  2. Oh I love the birthday gift that are passed around here. After all, you guys give us the gifts of your stories daily. Thank you. Thank You!!!



  3. Excellent gifs and what a birthday gift…. So good we all get to enjoy it – for me it’s part of the happyfanfic therapy to get over the DEA bullshit.

    Congrats on the Fangreaders awards for The Playground – such a great multidimensional story!

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