Happy Birthday Makesmyheadspin!

My birthday present from my Wifey. She’s so good to me. Thanks dearest!

Kjwrit Fanfiction

That’s right. It’s Wifey’s birthday, so you know what that means.


Yup. Eric in a tool belt.


I had to call it something different over on FFN because they’re all proper and shit, but you know that’s not the case over here. The story is the same, but this is the true title.

Pussy Wars

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15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Makesmyheadspin!

  1. Happy Birthday, young lady!!! Hope you have a wonderful day. What a marvelously CLEVER (and HOTT!) little story. You ladies are the cat’s meow, as always!! XO

  2. There’s a story? I need a bucket for the drool from the pic of ASkars in the toolbelt…can I have him when you’re done with him?

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday & practice blowing out the candles on something plentiful…

  3. Happy Birthday!

    This story had me LMAO in those hilarious scenes. The juicy lemon scenes were awesome! I never would have pictured Pam as a bad pussy cat. Her and Bob going at each other’s throat was funny! I loved the awkwardness when Sookie had a wardrobe accident or when Eric was sporting a large wood in front of her or being a Peeping Tom. Kjwrit is hilarious!! I bet she can write a very funny book and make great money of it. She’s a natural!! Thank you for sharing your gift!! 🙂

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