Hey Look Who Remembered To Post Today!

Sorry y’all! I was busy last week with Scribe being here. To make up for it I’m double posting today on Crossed Out Name. In case I haven’t mentioned it yet or you just haven’t heard the buzz, I’m co-writing with Missy Dee, so follow our blog Dirty Lemons now before we start posting. We’re almost 25 chapters into our first story and we’re jazzed about it. We’re already in talks for another baby when this one is finished. Someone overdosed on the new BDB book *points to Missy* so yeah… should be interesting for us to write the new idea. We’ll see what happens. Stay turned for the date we’ll be posting the first chapter of our first story, Play With Fire.

And now because I have been a slacker where fixing the links on this page are concerned…

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll be back next week!



GIF of the week:


8 thoughts on “Hey Look Who Remembered To Post Today!

  1. BDB?!?!?! What am I missing out on?! Let me channel the Viking… “Explain.”
    And now Sookie is demanding that I use my manners… “Please and Thank You!”

    • BDB..Black Dagger Brotherhood. A fantastic vampire/erotic series. The latest book came out in March and I’m reading it now. I found the series a couple of months ago and read every book over a period of 6 weeks. I highly recommend it….and if you like it, there is another series. “The Midnight Breed” that is also very good. The two authors are J R Ward and Lara Adrian.

      • Aha! Thankyou for that! Definitely something I will look for now! Yay, more reading! I am very grateful, not sure if my house will feel the same.. New reading usually means housework gets neglected a little lol

  2. Loved that GIF… Excellent stuff (if slightly misogynistic but GoT is politically incorrect towards all genders, nationalities, sexual orientations etc.) and so true…

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