Happy Monday!

Hello Lovers!

All kinds of good stuff to report this week. Just to get it out of the way, Chapter 9 of Crossed Out Name is ready for reads, so surf on over to take a look at that.

My continued to thanks to everyone that has signed up for the “Emma Meets World” project. Things are starting to show up in the mail and I’m psyched for Emma to receive them. If you haven’t signed up yet and are interested in participating please see this post for more details.

Over the weekend I threw together a worpress for my writing with Scribeninja and all of what we’ve published to date is already loaded there, complete with previous and next links. You’re welcome. The only thing I haven’t added is After the Storm because we haven’t finished writing that yet. Someday it will happen, I swear!

You can follow Brainmatesfic for updates on new stories. Which leads me to…

SUMMARY: Eric & Sookie have always been annoyed by each other. After high school he moved off to L.A. to pursue fame while Sookie remained devoted to her high school boyfriend, Jake, who just happens to be Eric’s best friend. Then a terrible tragedy brings Eric & Sookie back together. The events that follow will change both of their lives forever.

We finished writing this story last night I am about to post the first chapter of it. We’ll be updating it daily, so if you’re interested in reading, please follow our blog.

See you next week!


6 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Unrelated but!!! as there are no links for NEXT CHAPTER in at least 3 of the fics I perused I must inform you of how difficult it is to read them. I want to enjoy them! Do you know how to make it a little more reader-friendly?

    • As I’ve said in multiple posts that is something I’m working on when time permits. I have a massive amount of work to move over to this site and it’s time consuming. I do have a life outside of fanfiction so I work on things when it’s convenient for me to do so.

      Also, there’s no problem with this site if you’re on a desktop/laptop computer. It’s mostly a problem if you’re reading on a cell phone. I set this site up so that it’s primarily convenient for me. The chapters are there and accessible at all times. What works for some may not work for everyone. I can’t tailor this to each person’s specific wish list.

      When I get more time I’ll get back to adding links. Until then there’s the drop down menu.



      • Thank you for replying so quickly!!! Sorry to unknowingly adding to the bulk of people complaining over the links. I thought it was just me! Anyway, go at your own pace, take all the time you need. I´ll be here waiting!!! ;D

  2. Hei Meg, is your friend’s little girl still needs postcard? I’m from SEA(Malaysia but commute to Singapore weekly). Could you please email me your add? You are such a generous young lady.


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