So It’s Monday Again…

And I actually remembered I’m supposed to post!


On a serious note for a second, I want to thank everyone that responded to last week’s post in regards to Scribe’s niece. She’s super psyched about all of the postcards coming her way. I appreciate everyone that’s “signed up” to be a part of this taking their time to do so. It’s super awesome of you, so thank you!


If you’re interested in finding out more about this check last week’s post for details. I would love to have the postcards here by March 25th because Scribe is coming up for a visit. This way I can send things back with her to give to her niece the next time she comes for a visit. It’s not too late to get in on this if you’re interested in being a part of this little pet project.

In other news, Scribe and I are almost finished with another story. Hopefully we’ll wrap it up this week so keep an eye out for a new story called “Over You” that we’ll be posting soon. I hope everyone has gone to vote for the Fangreader Awards. I’m nominated for a few of them, as are wifey and Missy Dee.

For those that haven’t seen her post, Missy Dee is currently on hiatus after having a stroke a few days ago. I can report that while feeling a little disoriented, she’s doing okay and will hopefully be released from the hospital tomorrow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her and she’s in my prayers.

And finally there’s the main event…

Crossed Out Name Chapter 8

Oh, and just for lolz, here’s my favorite gif this week:


You’re welcome!

11 thoughts on “So It’s Monday Again…

    • For the sake of me getting into trouble for running my mouth it’s sometimes better if I password protect things. I would love to share said password, but then what would be the point? Maybe someday I’ll unlock the post, but for now it’s best kept secret.

  1. Can’t wait for Over You – have been stalking you on Polyvore & have been dying to know if this was a story you’re going to post!!!

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