So it’s Monday…

As if you didn’t know that already…

I’ve been working on transitioning things over from so if you see things disappearing from there it’s because they’ve moved over here. Thank God you don’t get an alert every time I create a new page because I’ve moved a shit ton of stuff tonight.

But I do want to send this out for those that aren’t already reading and aware…

There’s a new story here that’s posting on Mondays called Crossed Out Name.

I’m only adding one chapter a week so you have plenty of time to read the chapter before the next one posts. Plus, it takes the pressure off of me to have a new chapter every day. It gets stressful after a while, let me tell you. The banner is linked, so if you click on it, it’ll take you to the summary so you know what’s going on over there. It’s a story in the True Blood universe, but it’s not really canon. But I hope you like it anyway.

I’ve got a few other things in the works right now as well, so keep your eyes out for a few new things that will be hitting my blog soon.

I hope everyone had a great Monday!



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