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Okay so here’s the backstory on this little… geez, I don’t even know what to call this mess. I mean there’s only one chapter to it so it’s a one shot, but it’s not like anything I’ve ever written before. In fact, it wasn’t even my idea.

So there’s your summary, kind of, for what to expect here. I took on this challenge because Wifey was kind enough to take on an idea that Missy and I tossed her way because we were convinced she could do a much better job with it from a comedic standpoint. I tried to stretch a little on the comedy here. I don’t do it as well as Wifey does, but I hope you like it. This one is written from Jessica’s perspective, which I’ve never done before. Hopefully, you don’t hate it. Happy reading!

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Happy Birthday kjwrit!

I’m going to start with that gif because it had me in stitches yesterday and caused a makeup malfunction for Wifey while she was in the office. But from now on, anytime I have a bad day, this is my go-to gif for lolz.

Now that we got that tomfoolery out of the way we can get to the good stuff! About a week ago justwanderingneverlost put up a post on Instagram featuring this gem.

Wifey and I agreed that Girls Who Don’t Read are Skanks is our favorite, but ultimately it was Bibliobimbo that spoke to me. I had been through about 2154641 different ideas for her birthday fic. I thought I was slick back in February and might do something featuring Eric in spandex, paying homage to George Michael, whom both kjwrit and I are fans and were devastated to hear of his passing back in December. That didn’t work out, although the thought is still there so maybe at some point I’ll get a plot together that I actually like for the idea. Even Bibliobimbo had to get a reboot when I got about 3k words into the first version before I realized it wasn’t working. So I managed to get this written over the course of the last five days.

Maybe next year I won’t come down to the wire on Wifey’s present but it’s not likely. So, for your viewing/reading pleasure, I present


In addition to being Wifey’s birthday and Cinco de Mayo, the Cubbies are also playing the Yankees. What a day. I’m off to go cuddle GusGus. He’s getting so big!

Happy birthday Wifey! I hope it’s a great one!

Power to the People

I don’t want to get too political here because that’s not what this blog is for, but since this blog has the most followers I wanted to share something. If you’re planning on protesting tomorrow, Saturday or any other time please keep the following information handy. It takes just one person to tip the scales from peaceful to violent and then all hell breaks loose. So whatever side of the aisle you’re on, please be safe and peaceful. The message gets lost when heads get bashed. 

As far as I’m concerned, Love Trump’s hate. 

All my love,


GusGus Update


I got to meet GusGus today. He now has a name: Landon. He’ll always be GusGus to me. He is the sweetest little chunk. I’m telling you, 8lbs of pure cuddlebug. He loves being swaddled and he seems pretty even tempered so far.

That's Landon's mom.

That’s Landon’s mom.

I wanted to thank everyone who took time out of their day to say a prayer or think good thoughts on Landon’s behalf. This morning I was informed that the heart valve issue is correcting itself and the valve is closing. Landon will not need surgery.


He’s spending one more night in the hospital – NOT IN THE NICU! – to bring down his biliruben levels, which is why he’s got his shades on there. As soon as he was done eating, it was back in the tanning bed.


Look at that tiny foot! Gah! I’m so in love with this little sweetheart. I’m going to see him on Wednesday and bring his parents some homemade meals they can put in the freezer (and do whatever chores his mom needs help with).

So again, thank you all for your good thoughts and well wishes. Landon is doing very well and we are all eternally grateful and blessed that he was a short stay in the NICU.

I’m going to go stare are his cute face some more. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!

GusGus Has Arrived

This sweet little boy came into the world this morning sometime between 5 & 6. He still doesn’t have a name but I’m calling him GusGus after the fat mouse in Cinderella. He’s my cousin’s son. Her first baby. We knew before he was born that he had a deformity in his aorta. We knew that he was going to need an ultrasound at birth to determine just how severe it is. Everything looked fine. He’s fed and he’s needed diaper changes. His color is good. He’s 8lbs and 5oz of pure cuddlebug. 

He’s also in the NICU now. I’m not sure what happened to cause the transfer. He’s not on life support, his heart didn’t stop or anything like that. I’m pretty sure he’s breathing on his own. His poor mother is scared out of her mind and exhausted from the whole birth process. Right now his grandmother, my aunt, is looking into cardiologists here in Chicago that would be willing to accept him as a patient. Odds are, this little angel is going to need surgery. 

I don’t like asking people to pray because I don’t like to assume anyone’s religious beliefs, but I am a huge believer in the power of positive energy influencing a person’s ability to heal and the universe giving back good things when you put good out there. So if you wouldn’t mind thinking good thoughts for this little guy, I would be ever so grateful. 

Thank you.

Mysterious Ways

Alright, so yesterday I was engaged in a conversation with a friend in regards to someone we follow on Facebook. If y’all don’t know who Chris Crocker is, I would strongly advise looking up his videos. A lot of them are really funny and we both get a big kick out of how sassy he is. Lately, things have taken a rather dramatic turn for him and he’s getting some backlash over his decision to have some cosmetic procedures done. Because of that, he’s taken to making videos to call out the haters.

Yeah, he's the "Leave Britney alone!" guy who was having a total meltdown when Britney Spears was a decade ago.

Yeah, he’s the “Leave Britney alone!” guy who was having a total meltdown when Britney Spears was a decade ago.

So my friend and I were discussing how close we were close to unfollowing his page until the bullshit blows over. I don’t like getting caught up in internet drama. It’s silly and a pretty big waste of time, in my humble opinion.

Over the years I’ve had to learn to deal with people who are nasty to me because they can be. They can hide behind an anonymous review and say hateful things for no reason other than they feel entitled to it. Learning how to deal with that negativity isn’t easy. It’s one of the risks I take by posting the things I post. I had to come to accept that not everyone is going to love everything I do and I can’t make everyone happy. Sometimes a negative reaction is a good thing, depending on the reason why it’s negative.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not victim blaming here. What I am saying is that writers, entertainers, bloggers, vloggers and anyone else who put themselves or their product out there has to take responsibility and own the things they post or present. If someone throws shade at you, so be it. No one likes it (except the drama queens, but this post isn’t for you lol), but it’s part of making yourself a public figure. You have to expect that at some point someone is going to have something vile or downright nasty to say to you.


How you choose to handle it is up to you. Chris has chosen to clap back through videos and comments on those videos. I don’t know if I agree with what he’s doing, but that’s his choice. He needs to handle it how he needs to handle it. It’s my decision whether or not I choose to stick around and watch. I’d like it if he just let it go, but that’s not up to me.

So then this morning, just as I’m about to get in the shower after my yummy breakfast of cinnamon vanilla pancakes with blueberries on the side, I get an email. I swear, it’s like the Lord is testing me on the things I said to my friend yesterday. I got a scathing, mean review from some anonymous person on the first chapter of Full of Grace (which was nominated as an all-time favorite story in this year’s Fanatic Fanfics Multifandom Awards, by the way).


Immediately I spammed the review because I’m not the type of author who needs to have my friends go harass someone for me. The drama is unnecessary, in my opinion. I’m just too old for that shit.

Once the shock wore off over what was said, I contemplated email this person back because WordPress gives a commenter’s email and IP address to the owner of the blog every time they comment. It wasn’t an email address I recognized, nor a screen name. So I have no clue who this person might be. Regardless of all that, I went through several drafts of things to say to this person, but deleted them all.

Why? Well, because I decided that this person, whoever they are, has already made up their mind about me. Frankly, I don’t give a fuck what they think of me. This person knows nothing about me. They chose one story, read one chapter, and decided they had me all figured out. Okay. Cool story, bruh.


I thought about the things that I just got done saying about how Chris was handling haters and I decided I had a choice. So I took screenshots of the nasty review that was sent to me, and I forwarded them to Missy, Wifey, and my friend I was talking to yesterday, who we’ll just call Mrs. Dixon (ol’ girl has the biggest crush on Norman Reedus ever). My initial thought was revenge, because that would be so much better than emailing them, cussing them out.

Instead, after talking with Mrs. Dixon and Missy I came to another conclusion. Missy suggested I email my new Annie Wilkes with the lyrics to Eminem’s “Puke“, but I don’t need that person having my email address. Mrs. Dixon, on the other hand, suggested I reply with Taylor Swift lyrics. Now, I don’t know too many Taylor Swift songs. I kind of make it a point not to. But as soon as she mentioned Taylor, something popped in my head. It made me laugh, which, in turn, made me feel better about this garbage heap of a situation.

So rather than hating on this person who had nothing better to do today than be mean to me, I’m going to dedicate this in their honor. Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a wonderful day.